EXCLUSIVE: REAGAN, BUSH(S), CLINTON, OBAMA, PENCE, BIDEN MILITARY TORTURE CHAMBERS “…cut off the penises of the dead men, and then rape the toddlers anally with a frozen penis”

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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on August 29, 2023

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The testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar witnessing the torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism of a child by Hillary Clinton, with the help of a high profile former military person and federal agent, was found credible by Attorney Steven S. Biss, Charlottesville, Virginia. Biss has drafted a RICO complaint against various Defendants on behalf of his client, Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota. Biss is the attorney of retired General Michael FlynnTruth Social CEO Devin NunesCIA agent Robert David Steele, and Timothy Charles Holmseth.

While Attorney Biss tells his client Randi Erickson that his RICO Complaint is ready to file – Biss simultaneously knows his other client, retired U.S. Army General Michael Flynn is named and implicated in Czebotar’s affidavits. Biss received $30,000.00 from Erickson to file the Complaint. Biss told Erickson he was using an attorney from “Minnesota” to file the Complaint in Minnesota. However, when Erickson asked Biss the name of the attorney, Biss would not tell her.

Biss told Erickson to tell their witness, Timothy Charles Holmseth (also a client of Biss) to STOP writing about Michael Flynn. Biss also said he did not want Holmseth to write about Devin Nunes.


Today we are reporting never before published information authored by federal crimes against humanity victim/witness Jessie Marie Czebotar regarding demonic “magik” used by operators of the rogue U.S. Military, Witch covens, and others in the Luciferian Brotherhood.

~begin segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~

Part 5:

I testify that there are horrors too dark to ever speak of that have been committed by the Luciferian Brotherhood and the U.S. Military individuals who are members of that brotherhood. I chose to never speak of these memories till now. Prior to this, I chose to share my testimony by bringing out select graphic memories that could were easier for others to hear along with humor from the programs because that is how I coped and survived the nightmares I was forced to live. I am choosing to bear testimony of that which I call “buried with Jesus” because it is time for the Luciferian Brotherhood and the U.S. Military members working for them to be held to account for crimes against children and humanity.  Just from the start of my abuse, Brotherhood Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr, Barak Obama, and Joe Biden all have had knowledge of crimes being committed against children and chose to do nothing about it. The memories I am sharing, highlight some of these individuals, there were many others involved in each event, but I am choosing to highlight those I can name.


Late 1981, these horrors began for me and Douglas John Killrush Mysecko after we graphically watched members of the System connected to law enforcement rape his eight-year-old sister on their home lawn. After that, they took us to a barn outside the city of Rockford Illinois and murdered his father, mother, and sister by hanging and gutting them.  This was just the beginning. Time seemed to stop and the nightmares that I have buried with Jesus began.


a)      Time after time, I watched as little boys were sexually abused by elite members of the System while visiting Military bases including: Col. Michael Aquino, Col. John B. Alexander, VP Mike Pence, Bill Clinton, and George Bush Jr and many unnamed men in military uniforms. I witnessed Hillary Clinton also raping children on the Bases. For the boys, she would wear a “pegging device”, which is a dildo strapped on the body. What these individuals participated in was more than just a sex orgy. First, they liked to target the top students in the programs. There were unspoken protocols in the sexual magik and rape. Aquino, Alexander, and Pence chose the boys who were circumcised because they were considered “clean” during project and experiment times. There were some men who chose the Mexican or boys from third world countries who were uncircumcised because they were “unclean”. The classification of “unclean” meant they could do whatever they wanted to them up to death. The “clean” boys were not to be killed.



Farm Days Memories

There were Farm Days on the military bases as well Zoo Days. For Farm Days, local individuals would supply animals to the U.S. Military. For Zoo Days based on location I experienced the following supplying animals for bestiality to U.S. Military Bases: Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Gerald Malcom Durrell, Associates of the Baraboo Circus and Museum (when in the Midwest). This was more than just bestiality. The owners benefited financially from the use of their animals in rape, torture, breeding, dismemberment, cannibalism, and death.


My job in the System was to open gates. In training, the System had an old way of opening the gates by using two fields. The first field was called the electromagnetic field. This consisted of a group of witches and warlocks engaging in sex magik to create the energy, frequency, resonance, and sound needed to open the gates. This is called Sexual Revels. The second field is called the magnetic field and consisted of demons engaging with humans, children, and animals in sex magik to the same end. This is called Demonic Revels. There were certain times in the year when beasts (usually goats) would be brought in for Revels. When I came on the scene, the fields were not necessary for the gates to be opened because I could open them by prayer. When I chose not to open the gates by prayer, Col. Michael Aquino would be forced to use the old ways of opening the gates with the fields. There were times, he would use the old ways just to spite me.


Some of my most graphic memories are of these sex scenes with children as young as toddlers. Aquino liked to have his victims see his face and often choked them during intercourse to cause their spirit to leave their body. The goal was always to open gates. It was forbidden for others to touch me because of my position. I was considered off limits. However, I was forced to watch and still participate to some extent in these events. Part of my torture as a child was to see the sex all around me but to never be touched, desired, or sought out in these events. When I refused to open the gates, those in the orgies (who I called the Witchy force) would have to revert back to the old ways to open them which included using young children in sex magik. If I cooperated, less children were involved in the sex magik.


There were many times that Aquino or the others went to far and the toddlers died in sex magik and could not be revived. I remember Aquino using a big old fishing net at some of the Military Bases during these events. It would be hanging from the ceiling full of children who were crying and screaming to get out as we hierarchy children entered the room. We would be forced to stand at attention before Aquino entered the training space. Aquino would always make an entrance and ask, “Why are the little children (or sometimes he called them sodomites) screaming? That is not how we do things around here.” Usually this was followed by a brief sarcastic episode of his quirky off colored humor about some otherworldly event that brought terror. As he told the story, he would randomly select one child who would be pulled from the net and then killed in front of us. When he was done, he would say, “Who’s next?” Every child was silent for fear of being chosen next.


I remember one time I refused to open the gate and what I witnessed next could be comparable to all the children in the net being squeezed like a grape. Blood and flesh exploded everywhere. I was dragged to the mess and given a couple rags and a bucket of water. I was told that I could fill my bucket up with clean water as much as I needed as long as the floor got clean. When I gave a look, the response I got back was, “If Mickey Mouse can clean the floors with magik, surely you can.”

About every three months, whatever Base we were at would have Farm Day. A knee-high wood platform that was about 15 feet long and wide, was rolled into the area in front of the spiritual gate that was to be opened. Farm Day was always held on the same day as demonic revels day on the Satanic calendar. So there usually was a petting zoo set up in the room. On these days, if the toddlers were in the net, they would be brought down from the net, otherwise, they would be brought into the room by a teacher in nice little school group lines. They would laugh and play with the goats that were corralled. There would be games of “catch me” and “freeze tag” as we all ran around the room, some even jumping and running over the platform.


This incident I am speaking of occurred at the Chicago Base. One expendable two-year-old little girl looked to be of Mexican descent. Her straight black hair curled up at the tips and her bangs sat above her beautiful brown eyes. She flashed me a smile that caught my attention as a little white goat with brown spots nudged her face causing us to both laugh. After the petting zoo, it was time to open the gates.  The toddlers were placed on the platforms on their stomachs. They were in a position where they had knelt and bent over the side of the platform with their arms stretched out over the top. They were secured with a rope over their back, their feet were tied and then their hands around the wrists strapped down to the platform. I’m sure many of them thought we were still playing a game.


There are stages to this training. The first few times, the toddlers receive what looks like a black police wand anally in their butts. The wands are dipped in the urine of female goats that has been collected. I testify that Col. Michael Aquino and U.S. Military members of the Luciferian Brotherhood (working with Col. Michael Aquino), forced me and other hierarchy children in training to rape toddlers with wands with the urine of female goats.  If we did not do what we were told, one of us would be forced to graphically kill all the toddlers and then a second set would be brought in. Most of the time, we had to take this punishment as a group. So, if one person rejected, we all suffered the punishment over and over until we all were in compliance.


Each time we refused to do what we were ordered to, the horrors got worse. We had to start over, the same process with a new set of toddlers. So once again, we were handed wands and told to dip them I the female goat urine and then put them into the toddlers’ butts. This time, when I refused, frozen dead men were rolled into the room along with a cart that had saws and hunting knives. We were forced to choose a cutting utensil and cut off the penises of the dead men, and then rape the toddlers anally with a frozen penis. One boy refused and he was held down as an unknown military man forced a frozen penis in his mouth. This scene grew more graphic because ice cold and warm flesh do not go together. I remember my hands had turned bright red and were numb with pricklies from holding the cold penis. Not only did the extreme cold affect us but the removal of the penises caused anal tearing, bleeding, and crying. Thus began the next sick phase of training. The hierarchy children’s job is to get the spiritual gates open. The gates operate from frequency, sound, and resonance. In order to get them open, you must get the toddler to a moment of ecstasy. When the toddlers cried, we were told by Aquino to work our magik and make them enjoy it.


As if all that had not been enough. I was the one chosen to have to go open the goat gate. I will not get into the graphic details of the goats raping the toddlers.

~end segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~

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