“THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK” & “TRULY EVIL PEOPLE” – President Donald J. Trump – – – “We were forced to choose a cutting utensil and cut off the penises of the dead men, and then rape the toddlers anally with a frozen penis. One boy refused and he was held down as an unknown military man forced a frozen penis in his mouth” – Jessie Marie Czebotar

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on August 30, 2023 – USA

President Donald J. Trump cannot step up to a podium and tell the world that rogue elements of the U.S. Military strap toddlers down and have them raped by goats. It would cause mass hysteria and pandemonium if Trump told the American people that former U.S. Presidents harness a child to a table and eat the child’s brain while the child is still alive and watching. U.S. Military Veterans would totally lose their shit if Trump told them how a veteran was kept in a torture chamber and was slowly eaten alive over a long period time as his feet and legs disappeared from his body. The American population would come out of their homes with pitchforks if Trump told the people how women are forced to have their arms and legs amputated so they cannot run, cannot die, and are used as a “human fuck doll” for vaginal, anal, and oral rape.

President Trump wants to Make America Good, so, he cannot simply blurt out these truths because it was cause chaos – and chaos is what the enemy (Satan) wants.

The people of the United States are dumbfounded and confused by the relentless Witch hunt against President Donald J. Trump which knows no limits. The maniacal hatred for Trump and non-stop persecution and prosecution against Trump does not make sense to the average person, because it does not fit into any historical political paradigm and has simply been called ‘Trump derangement syndrome’.

When Trump was elected President in 2016, he achieved access to TOP SECRET military documents which included reports and videos etc. Upon becoming President, Trump quickly began issuing Executive Orders to STOP transnational human trafficking and crimes against humanity.

Trump has also received sworn affidavits from cannibalism witness Jessie Marie Czebotar.

Trump’s messaging to the American people regularly includes the phrases “These people are sick” and they are “truly evil people”. Trump warns against listening to the “TV Generals”.


Michael Thomas Flynn is a retired Lieutenant General of the United States Army and worked in military intelligence for 33 years. Flynn was a National Security Advisor for the first 22 days of the Trump Administration. In an ever-so-convenient twist of fate that served to embarrass Trump, Flynn was charged for lying to the FBI about his communications with a Russian diplomat. In 2017 Flynn formalized a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to plead guilty to a felony count and agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation. The fiasco dominated the headlines as the never-ending news story was pumped out on a daily basis through the on-going court shenanigans surrounding Flynn and his plea deal coming out of the U.S. District Court of Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Trump, who was clean as a whistle, was made to look dirty because of slimy Flynn.

“I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies,” Trump said on Twitter.

What was really happening is more easily understood if one sees General Michael Flynn, Vice President Mike Pence, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Judge Emmet Sullivan, and the FBI as CO-CONSPIRATORS in a secret diabolical PLOT against Trump. The idea that Flynn was in trouble and going to prison was only an illusion. As part of the plot, and strategy, Flynn was required to admit he did something wrong involving “Russia” – which made Trump look like he (Trump) was involved with “Russia” by extension.

JANUARY 6, 2021 

In 2020, Attorney Lin Wood abruptly purchased a Plantation in South Carolina called Tomotley. In the months leading up to the 2020 Election, and then to the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington DC, Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, a gaggle of Navy SEALS, and others assembled a Fusion Center at Tomotley where operations were formed and launched.

In the days before ‘January 6’ David Lester Straight, who claimed he was a former Navy SEAL, with the U.S. Secret Service, who watched videos of Mike Pence raping a little boy, as well as claiming he served on three Presidential Commissions under President Trump as he assisted the U.S. Marines in mass-rescues of children in cages, telephoned Timothy Charles Holmseth and told Holmseth he was meeting Lin Wood in Washington DC on January 6. Straight said he (Straight) drafted indictments for members of Congress. Straight said they were going to arrest members of Congress, try them, and “hang them”.

On January 4, 2021, as part of the plan (unbeknownst to Holmseth), Lin Wood launched a Tweet storm exposing child rape and murder by high level leaders. Wood led the Tweet storm with a Tweet to President Trump that directed Trump and the world to read a MEMO authored by Timothy Charles Holmseth that Holmseth sent to AG Jeff Sessions warning Trump about Pence and an FBI agent running a human harvesting operation through the Ukrainian Embassy in DC.

Twitter article by timothy being shared by Lin Wood


In the years leading up to January 6, 2021, David Lester Straight was gathering intelligence from victims and witnesses around the United States who had suffered Satanic Ritual Abuse and/or had been human trafficked by Cartels and/or the Government’s prison industrial complex.

In 2019, Timothy Charles Holmseth effectively infiltrated David Lester Straight’s involvement with a PSY-OP called “Q” and/or “QAnon” by accepting the role of War Correspondent under the United States Army Intelligence Support Activity that reported to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

Holmseth uncovered a plot by Straight, members of the U.S. Military, and others, to hijack Trump’s MAGA movement, through a full spectrum psychological operation against the World that involved claims Straight was one of the 144,000 referred to in the Bible; that Straight’s girlfriend Marcellas Crandall was “Mary Magdalene” carrying the Jesus Strand of DNA; that Straight was working with “JFK Jr.” who, Straight told crowds, is still alive; and the opening of a foreign embassy in Keene, Texas where Straight claimed he was a “Colonel” of the Republic of Texas – Texas Rangers. Straight set up the embassy with his fake wife Bonnie Thomas. David Straight and Bonnie Thomas traveled to Hawaii in summer 2021 where they got so-called married. They were at Mark Zuckerberg’s house. Thomas called herself “Bonnie Straight” and handed out business cards that she was “Counsel General” for the Republic of Texas. While inside the embassy, Bonnie Thomas (Straight) told Timothy Holmseth she had “President Donald Trump’s” telephone number and could call him anytime she wanted. David Straight and Bonnie Thomas were attempting to set up a ‘government’ with its own courts, juries, and judges.

Calling cards from Texas Ranger

The plot involved a plan to dramatically announce and reveal to the American public (and world) evidence of crimes against humanity had been discovered. The evidence, which was going to be filed into David Straight’s ‘court’ in the Republic of Texas, was to come from multiple sources, but the bulk of the eyewitness testimony was to come from Jessie Marie Czebotar. Czebotar was trained as a small child for the position of “Queen Mother of Darkness’ and witnessed unthinkable, horrific acts of evil, torture, and cannibalism, that are so horrible they defy logic and understanding. Czebotar provided David Straight with affidavits of truth that detailed her memories of torture and cannibalism by U.S. President and world leaders.

Straight was an ally of Flynn and coordinated events with Flynn.

Czebotar, who details her years of NIGHTMARE torture and training by the U.S. Military under notorious figures such as Colonel Michael Aquino and Nazi Michael Karkoc in her affidavits, also NAMES and IMPLICATES “Michael Flynn”. The glitch in the plan was kept hush-hush as things moved forward.

The plan for the GREAT AWAKENING and MEDIA BLITZ of propaganda show-trials to overthrow Donald Trump and move Michael Flynn and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the Presidency, was to include the work and testimony of Timothy Charles Holmseth as the investigative journalist who uncovered the international human trafficking and child exploitation operation (Holmseth was infiltrating the black-op and had NO INTENTIONS of participating). The plotters also planned to use former Minnesota truth and taxation judge Randi Lynn Erickson as a “judge” (which Erickson flatly refused to do when David Straight brought it up).

The ‘Plan’ which was called ‘Dark to Light’ suffered a body-blow when Holmseth and Erickson publicly confronted David Straight about committing Treason.

Erickson was asked by Czebotar to escrow her (Czebotar’s) affidavits, which Erickson did by using her professional licensing through the State and Department of Commerce. Czebotar’s affidavits were filed into the U.S. Court by Erickson and turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division of Fort Campbell, as well as the Office of the Texas Governor.

What effectively happened was Randi Lynn Erickson, Timothy Charles Holmseth, and Jessie Marie Czebotar rejected the lies and deception being disseminated by what Czebotar calls the “Luciferian Brotherhood”. This premature release of devastating evidence and information about U.S. Presidents, U.S. Military, FBI, and others, RUINED the plan to release the evidence during trials in Texas that would be broadcast, whereupon figures such as retired General Michael Flynn, David Lester Straight, Attorney Lin Wood, Juan O’Savin, and others, would appear to be heroes of humanity as Flynn was moved into the Presidency.


The testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar witnessing the torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism of a child by Hillary Clinton, with the help of a high profile former military person and federal agent, was found credible by Attorney Steven S. Biss, Charlottesville, Virginia. Biss has drafted a RICO complaint against various Defendants on behalf of his client, Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota. Biss is the attorney of retired General Michael Flynn, Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes, CIA agent Robert David Steele, and Timothy Charles Holmseth.

While Attorney Biss tells his client Randi Erickson that his RICO Complaint is ready to file – Biss simultaneously knows his other client, retired U.S. Army General Michael Flynn is named and implicated in Czebotar’s affidavits. Biss received $30,000.00 from Erickson to file the Complaint. Biss told Erickson he was using an attorney from “Minnesota” to file the Complaint in Minnesota. However, when Erickson asked Biss the name of the attorney, Biss would not tell her.

Biss told Erickson to tell their witness, Timothy Charles Holmseth (also a client of Biss) to STOP writing about Michael Flynn. Biss also said he did not want Holmseth to write about Devin Nunes.


President Donald Trump repeatedly messages to the American People that his enemies are sick and evil.

The following are excerpts from the testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar.

“I remember one time I refused to open the gate and what I witnessed next could be comparable to all the children in the net being squeezed like a grape. Blood and flesh exploded everywhere,” Czebotar said.

“There are stages to this training. The first few times, the toddlers receive what looks like a black police wand anally in their butts. The wands are dipped in the urine of female goats that has been collected. I testify that Col. Michael Aquino and U.S. Military members of the Luciferian Brotherhood (working with Col. Michael Aquino), forced me and other hierarchy children in training to rape toddlers with wands with the urine of female goats.  If we did not do what we were told, one of us would be forced to graphically kill all the toddlers and then a second set would be brought in,” Czebotar said.

“This time, when I refused, frozen dead men were rolled into the room along with a cart that had saws and hunting knives. We were forced to choose a cutting utensil and cut off the penises of the dead men, and then rape the toddlers anally with a frozen penis. One boy refused and he was held down as an unknown military man forced a frozen penis in his mouth. This scene grew more graphic because ice cold and warm flesh do not go together. I remember my hands had turned bright red and were numb with pricklies from holding the cold penis. Not only did the extreme cold affect us but the removal of the penises caused anal tearing, bleeding, and crying,” Czebotar said.

“System while visiting Military bases including: Col. Michael Aquino, Col. John B. Alexander, VP Mike Pence, Bill Clinton, and George Bush Jr and many unnamed men in military uniforms. I witnessed Hillary Clinton also raping children on the Bases. For the boys, she would wear a “pegging device”, which is a dildo strapped on the body,” Czebotar said.

“I remember there were Elite men who came into the ritual room from the tunnel system underneath the sanctuary with white chef like coats and hats. They were laughing and joking. Some of the faces I remember in the white coats were George H. Bush, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton,” Czebotar said.

“Returning to memory, Clara Odelia Acker approached George H. Bush with a box that contained what I can best describe as three ancient surgical tools sitting in what looked like red velvet. George H. Bush took the tools that looked like a curved machete, the length was about half an adult’s arm length. I submit for the record that these children are not given pain meds. They did have a paralyzing drug. They are fully conscious. The tool was displayed above the children’s faces so they could see what was coming. Then they were told they would be dinner. Women in the group began to gather plates and set the table around the children just on the one long side. There were some other tables present that the lower members sat at. I believe there were about 10 people sitting at the long table I was at.

After the table was set and the taunting was finished George cut the top of the skull off the first child and using a different tool that was kind of like a melon baller, served pieces of his brain slowly so the child knew he was being eaten alive. George H. Bush, served other members at the table, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Msg Thomas Brady, the Cheney’s, the Pence’s, and the Kerry’s- George H. Bush moved from one child to the next as High priests and Priestesses from the surrounding tables began to line up and he served the children’s brains and other body parts like a Holiday meal.

When they were done, I had not eaten Clara Odelia Acker Church commanded one more little girl to be brought out. She was about 8 years old, She was naked and was pulled by a rope around her hands into the room. Her feet were tied together giving her just enough room to take close steps. Clara got into my face and said,“ You shall make a mighty queen. ”She took the scalping tool and held it up to my face, turning it sideways and rubbing blood from the blade across my face.  When I refused to take it, she grabbed my wrist harshly pressing her nails until they cut into my skin trying to force my hand open so she could put the tool in my hand. I still would not take it. She threw me on the ground in front of the little girl. I was kneeling. Then standing behind her with the girl’s head in a vice grip she began to cut the girl’s scalp. The girl fought. So did Clara. James Volpe (Beatice Hellenbrand’s Protector) st00d right
behind me holding my head (His hands were basically wrapped around my chin, so that his thumbs were at the base of my head so l could not tilt my neck and his hands under my chin so l could not turn my head.) He told me l had to look and could not turn away. He threatened that if I did, more children would die.

Forgive me, I can’t share all the details of this memory. All l can say is several 0f the adults with white coats present with Clara Odelia Acker Church secured that girl to the floor with railroad pegs to finish the job of taking the top of her skull off. They are skilled at all forms of witchcraft and medical torture techniques. So they knew exactly where to cut so shc remained alive for longer time. Thcy ate small pieces of her brain but did not fully consume her to death. Then they ripped her body up through the railroad ties and threw her on her back before me. The blood was all over me and the surrounding areas. Clara Odelia Acker Church came over. James Volpe released my head and Clara took my chin in her bloody hand. She looked me in the eyes and said, “You will sacrifice.” I shook my head loose and then Clara turned and with all those present lei me in the room with the bodies and kneeling in a pool of blood”.


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