“SEX WITH THE DEAD” – U.S. TAXPAYERS PAID FOR LUCIFERIAN BROTHERHOOD & U.S. MILITARY PROGRAMS – “all the kids in cages were fed from these massive cisterns of mutilated bodies. Those in the cistern learn to survive by cannibalism and consuming human feces, blood, and urine” – Jessie Marie Czebotar

Donald trump's face with the words,the knows.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on August 31, 2023 – USA

Jessie Marie Czebotar is releasing information she says she “buried with Jesus” for years until such time the Lord God would prepare the world to hear her.

It is important to understand that Jessie Czebotar’s affidavits of truth regarding kidnapping, torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism by the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, satanic cults, and the Luciferian Brotherhood, was originally an integral part of a diabolical plan called “Dark to Light” devised by EVIL men to usher in the GREAT AWAKENING under the guise that those evil men were heroes that were saving the children.

If their plan would have worked – the world would have believed these evil men were saviors (when in fact they were the murders and cannibals all along).

The GREAT AWAKENING is happing right in front of you on TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS – for free.

On February 22, 2018, Timothy Charles Holmseth received a telephone call from Lawrence Dean O’Bryan. O’Bryan provided Holmseth extensive details of MK Ultra ritual satanic abuse he endured during training to be a super soldier where he became a “hit- man” for President George Bush.

“Part of my training was to be handcuffed, roped, or duct taped to chairs and watch them cannibalism infants on the five satanic points of the Pentagram. Winter and Summer Solstice, and Halloween eve. Five times a year they get around a table and they cannibalize an infant or a small child – sometimes alive – just bend over with their faces and rip it apart with their teeth while playing opera music read loud to drown out the screams of the infant – taking ecstasy and snorting cocaine so they can have fun while doing that shit,” Lawrence Dean O’Bryan told Holmseth.

NOTE: O’Bryan said he watched U.S. Congressman and others commit cannibalism and murder. The recording quality it is somewhat fuzzy, but you can listen to determine who O’Bryan names.

In 2019, David Lester Straight told Holmseth he (Straight) was a former Navy SEAL and U.S. Secret Service agent and had TOP SECRET clearance to view classified documents. Straight said he viewed videos of Mike Pence raping a little boy. Straight told Holmseth he guarded “President Bush”. Straight told Holmseth, on multiple occasions, that if someone became a problem he would “kill em’ in their kitchen”.

In 2019, Holmseth traveled to Oregon too meet Straight and report under Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) for a task force that Straight said was being headed-up by Melania Trump.

Holmseth was quietly infiltrating Straight’s involvement with a PSY-OP called “Q” and/or “QAnon”. Straight showed Holmseth a photo of himself from the 1980’s with Lawrence Dean O’Bryan in Panama.

Straight claimed to speak to Melania Trump about the task force in front of Holmseth on the phone. Holmseth suspects the voice on the other end may have been Straight’s would-be fake wife Bonnie Thomas, who was a master at doing voices. In 2021, Bonnie Thomas did a voice for Holmseth that sounded just like Melania Trump.

Straight also spoke to a U.S. Army General in front of Holmseth. Straight also met in private with a U.S. Court Judge in Washington (State) in effort to obtain a favor regarding the custody of Marcella Crandall’s children.

An old man standing with two girls

A collage photo of two people  

A mugshot and personal details of an arrested person

A mugshot and personal details of an arrested person

Straight’s background as a man who will kill someone in their kitchen, in conjunction with the photo of himself with O’Bryan during a mission in Panama, was consistent with the two men being assassins for a U.S. President (i.e., O’Bryan saying he (O’Bryan) was George Bush’s number one hit-man.

In fact – O’Bryan told Holmseth he (O’Bryan) was the real shooter at Ruby Ridge and was present when the Waco fire was started. O’Bryan told Holmseth the fire at Waco was started with a U.S. Army issued flamethrower.

In 2019, Straight told Holmseth he assisted the U.S. Marines with the transfer of 2,100 children from cages underground in California to a U.S. military base. Straight said some of the children were essentially genetic mutants and better off dead. Straight said 300 of the children died. Straight later told Holmseth the children were moved through Johnson County, Texas. Straight also told Holmseth about hundreds of children held in mining caves.

During this time period Sgt. Robert Leroy Horton (a.k.a. War Castles), a special operator for the U.S. Army, telephoned Randi Lynn Erickson. Holmseth was present in the room and introduced himself to Horton. Horton seemed shocked and said, “THE Timothy Holmseth? The legend?”

Horton publicly stated during a live interview that he telephoned the “Pentagon” and spoke with a “JAG” officer. Horton said the JAG officer confirmed the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” was “real”.

On August 30, 2023, we published, “THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK” & “TRULY EVIL PEOPLE” – President Donald J. Trump – – – “We were forced to choose a cutting utensil and cut off the penises of the dead men, and then rape the toddlers anally with a frozen penis. One boy refused and he was held down as an unknown military man forced a frozen penis in his mouth” – Jessie Marie Czebotar

The August 30, 2023, article shows the connections between Straight, Attorney Lin Wood, a Fusion Center set up on Wood’s South Carolina plantation in the months prior to January 6, retired General Michael Flynn, Attorney Sidney Powell, and a gaggle of Navy SEALS, that plotted the events of January 6, 2021. The article provides details of a sovereign government Straight formed in Keene, Texas in 2021, after their attempt to incite President Trump to call in the military on January 6, 2021, failed. Straight told Holmseth he was meeting Attorney Wood in Washinton DC on January 6, 2021, and explained how he drafted indictments which were going to be used to arrest members of U.S. Congress and “hang them”. Straight also said “Juan” O’Savin was going to be there.

On January 4, 2021, Wood tweeted a MEMO to President Trump wherein Wood encouraged Trump, and millions of people around the world, to read a MEMO authored by Timothy Charles Holmseth that warned Trump about Pence and an FBI agent that was running a black-market baby sales operation through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Twitter article by timothy being shared by Lin Wood



In the years leading up to January 6, 2021, David Lester Straight was gathering intelligence from victims and witnesses around the United States who had suffered Satanic Ritual Abuse and/or had been human trafficked by Cartels and/or the Government’s prison industrial complex.

Holmseth uncovered a plot by Straight, members of the U.S. Military, and others, to hijack Trump’s MAGA movement, through a full spectrum psychological operation against the World that involved claims Straight was one of the 144,000 referred to in the Bible; that Straight’s girlfriend Marcella Crandall was “Mary Magdalene” carrying the Jesus Strand of DNA; that Straight was working with “JFK Jr.” who, Straight told crowds, is still alive; and the opening of a foreign embassy in Keene, Texas where Straight claimed he was a “Colonel” of the Republic of Texas – Texas Rangers. Straight set up the embassy with his fake wife Bonnie Thomas. David Straight and Bonnie Thomas traveled to Hawaii in summer 2021 where they got so-called married. They were at Mark Zuckerberg’s house. Thomas called herself “Bonnie Straight” and handed out business cards that she was “Counsel General” for the Republic of Texas. While inside the embassy, Bonnie Thomas (Straight) told Timothy Holmseth she had “President Donald Trump’s” telephone number and could call him anytime she wanted. David Straight and Bonnie Thomas were attempting to set up a ‘government’ with its own courts, juries, and judges.

Calling cards from Texas Ranger

The plot involved a plan to dramatically announce and reveal to the American public (and world) evidence of crimes against humanity had been discovered. The evidence, which was going to be filed into David Straight’s ‘court’ in the Republic of Texas, was to come from multiple sources, but the bulk of the eyewitness testimony was to come from Jessie Marie Czebotar. Czebotar was trained as a small child for the position of “Queen Mother of Darkness’ and witnessed unthinkable, horrific acts of evil, torture, and cannibalism, that are so horrible they defy logic and understanding. Czebotar provided David Straight with affidavits of truth that detailed her memories of torture and cannibalism by U.S. President and world leaders.

Straight was an ally of Flynn and coordinated events with Flynn.

Czebotar, who details her years of NIGHTMARE torture and training by the U.S. Military under notorious figures such as Colonel Michael Aquino and Nazi Michael Karkoc in her affidavits, also NAMES and IMPLICATES “Michael Flynn”. The glitch in the plan was kept hush-hush as things moved forward.

The plan for the GREAT AWAKENING and MEDIA BLITZ of propaganda show-trials to overthrow Donald Trump and move Michael Flynn and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the Presidency, was to include the work and testimony of Timothy Charles Holmseth as the investigative journalist who uncovered the international human trafficking and child exploitation operation (Holmseth was infiltrating the black-op and had NO INTENTIONS of participating). The plotters also planned to use former Minnesota truth and taxation judge Randi Lynn Erickson as a “judge” (which Erickson flatly refused to do when David Straight brought it up).

The ‘Plan’ which was called ‘Dark to Light’ suffered a body-blow when Holmseth and Erickson publicly confronted David Straight about committing Treason.

Erickson was asked by Czebotar to escrow her (Czebotar’s) affidavits, which Erickson did by using her professional licensing through the State and Department of Commerce. Czebotar’s affidavits were filed into the U.S. Court by Erickson and turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division of Fort Campbell, as well as the Office of the Texas Governor.

What effectively happened was Randi Lynn Erickson, Timothy Charles Holmseth, and Jessie Marie Czebotar rejected the lies and deception being disseminated by what Czebotar calls the “Luciferian Brotherhood”. This premature release of devastating evidence and information about U.S. Presidents, U.S. Military, FBI, and others, RUINED the plan to release the evidence during trials in Texas that would be broadcast, whereupon figures such as retired General Michael Flynn, David Lester Straight, Attorney Lin Wood, Juan O’Savin, and others, would appear to be heroes of humanity as Flynn was moved into the Presidency.


The testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar witnessing the torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism of a child by Hillary Clinton, with the help of a high profile former military person and federal agent, was found credible by Attorney Steven S. Biss, Charlottesville, Virginia. Biss has drafted a RICO complaint against various Defendants on behalf of his client, Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota. Biss is the attorney of retired General Michael Flynn, Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes, CIA agent Robert David Steele, and Timothy Charles Holmseth.

While Attorney Biss tells his client Randi Erickson that his RICO Complaint is ready to file – Biss simultaneously knows his other client, retired U.S. Army General Michael Flynn is named and implicated in Czebotar’s affidavits. Biss received $30,000.00 from Erickson to file the Complaint. Biss told Erickson he was using an attorney from “Minnesota” to file the Complaint in Minnesota. However, when Erickson asked Biss the name of the attorney, Biss would not tell her.

Biss told Erickson to tell their witness, Timothy Charles Holmseth (also a client of Biss) to STOP writing about Michael Flynn. Biss also said he did not want Holmseth to write about Devin Nunes.

Today we are releasing, for the first time, more information from Jessie Czebotar as part of the true GREAT AWAKENING that had for so long been “buried with Jesus”.

You will note Jessie Marie Czebotar describes these demons from hell playing “classical music” as they commit their atrocities. This is consistent with Lawrence Dean O’Bryan saying they played “opera music” as they ripped infants up alive with their teeth.

~begin segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar~

Demonic Relics at Ragnarök Bases

Colonel Michael Aquino

The Ragnarök Bases are the main places where training for necromancy occurs in for the hierarchy children in the Luciferian Brotherhood. The psychological tortures are unfathomable. Training is a controlled environment. The natural reaction of a child when they experience a similar situation is to expect that the results will turn out the same. Because of that expectation, many of us would go through a process where we began to access the details in our environment in an effort to be preemptive in meeting the attacks head on. It took me years to break the habit of entering a space and immediately accessing to see all the entrances, exits, dangers, and items I could use as weapons if I needed to protect myself or others. The Luciferian Brotherhood wants you to feel “safe” but it’s a false feeling. Once you feel safe, they will change up what happened.

The Demonic Revels at the Ragnarök Bases occur at:

a) The Subterranean Antarctica Base

b) The second Antarctica up North located near Greenland.

c) The Subterranean Alaska Base (I believe this to be located under the Aleutian Islands)

For initial training before fully entering into the Looking Glass program with the U.S. Military, a hierarchy child will do a stent of training at four of the main training centers. These stents are like visits. The Brotherhood wants to see where the child fits in best and how they react to events.

1)      Chicago Dumb Base

2)      Carderock Maryland Surface Warfare Naval Center

3)      Ragnarök (Antarctica, Greenland, or Alaska)

4)      Palisades CA Base

I remember there being a several vast hanger type areas at the Ragnarök Bases. Several of these areas were considered the “Dark Land”. There is not a horror movie to compare these places to. I believe one of them is connected to a Nursing facility because I would see maimed and mutilated elderly people aimlessly wondering the halls. There was an aspect of Demonic Revels that would be replayed over and over. The situations in hierarchy children found themselves in often had an element of similarity, yet, always with that element of the unknown and unexpected. It is easiest to just share the little snippets of that which varied in my memories of Demonic Revels.

a)Many times, the scenario was set up similar to what I experienced at Chicago for the first Demonic Revels. What can I say to share with you the depths of emotional struggle I and countless other hierarchy children in the Luciferian Brotherhood U.S. Military programs have gone through in this training. It is a fight to keep your ethics and morals. There are moments you compromise with hopes that it will be the victory that you need. At Ragnarök, I remember other hierarchy children and myself entering the room where Revels was to take place. We saw the usual set up. We stood at attention waiting for Aquino while observing what was around us. The net was hanging on the ceiling empty which meant the toddlers would be brought in by a teacher. The platform was set up. The box marked “U.S. Military” which contained the ropes and items used to secure the toddlers to the platform sat midway up the right-side wall. The corral of animals was in the back right area of the room. As Aquino entered, he told us we were going on a field trip. We followed him to a stair way that led to a lower base level. I remember the doors from the room we were in being on the left. They were double wide metal doors. The entrance to the stairway was down the hall to the right.  The stair well had metal grated stairs and what felt like iron or metal handrails. Once we got down this initial set, I remember a green colored door. As we entered that door, I felt a shift in the air. It felt heavy and dark. There was very little light. I believe this was the entrance to a gate on the base that lead from the physical dimension of the base to the spiritual dimension. The walls were wide grey cement bricks. We followed the hallway to the right and it opened into a large area, into the Dark Lands.

To the left was one of the massive cisterns where the U.S. Military Luciferian Brotherhood keep the mutilated and maimed who are dropped and left to survive until they die. It could be compared to a massive compost pile consisting only of the dead and those surviving off the dead. There were times large wine barrel vats were brought in for overflow. There were several times I witnessed the kids in cages receiving dead bodies or aborted bodies in the feeding troughs outside their cages. I assumed as a child that all the kids in cages were fed from these massive cisterns of mutilated bodies. Those in the cistern learn to survive by cannibalism and consuming human feces, blood, and urine.

Since Ragnarök is where ice magik training occurs, there is a room for this in the Dark Lands. For this event, men were brought in that were naked. Those who were expendable, or defectors were often displayed to us this way. There were ropes about their feet and their hands were chained together behind their backs. The darkest part of necromancy and blood magik is that the top-notch practitioners learn to manipulate blood both inside and outside of the body. How do I put into words what transpired. Countless naked men were brought in of various ages as the hierarchy children that specialized in ice magik learned to use blood magik to give the men erections and then freeze them from the inside out. The box of sharp items was brought in and the command was given to remove their penises. The sharp item box consisted of saws, chisels, scissors, thin metal wires, and hunting knives.

The first time we experienced Revels, the men were fully dead, we expected the same outcome. However, when the first child took a saw to the first man’s lower regions, we were horrified to realize they were not fully dead. The freezing magik had not been done properly and there was no help. Our teachers disappeared to observe, and we found ourselves fighting mutilated men for our lives. As we fought, classical music with dark tones filled the air. Several of the men had chains suddenly fall off and with their hands free they got a hold of weapons and began to go after the hierarchy children. Knowing that the cistern of mutilated were cannibals, we fought till the men were weakened in their mutilated state and then trapped them in the cistern to be cannibalized alive.

What is worse, is that Aquino and those on the base with him recorded the events and would remind us he had them when we were not in compliance. Within the System they have what is called quotas. These quotas follow the hierarchy children throughout their training and lives. The demons you make alliances with, and Lucifer have demands. Usually, the demands are general. They don’t care how you sin. They just want to make sure you are in a state of unrighteousness. So, there are a lot of options. However, as you make choices in sin, you can never go back. Meaning that the demand always increases. Every time you engage in that area of sin, the demands will get worse and worse. I believe this is part of the training we went through. We always experienced an increase of evil. Just when you thought it could not get worse, it did.

The next time we experienced Demonic Revels, we expected to fight mutilated men but what we did not expect were commands that were more than we could bear. Those who knew blood magik were told to give the men erections. Then toddlers were brought in. There was not a hierarchy child that obeyed the command to hand the toddlers over to the men to be sodomized. How many nights did we quietly grieve within? As bad as it sounds there are moments one thinks, “But, if only…”. Things always got worse. When the disobedience abounded, the evil abounded more. The toddlers were given to the men to be sodomized. The male hierarchy children were given erections through blood magik and were commanded to give the toddlers oral sex while they were being sodomized. They were told if they did not that their penises would be cut off and they’d go into the mutilated vats. The toddlers could not breathe.  Every time I think of what happened next, all I can do is cry out, “God forgive me”. I am the one who cried out and started ripping toddlers away from men because they could not breathe. When I did this, Aquino and his men came in and put plastic bags around the toddlers’ heads and suffocated them. When the toddlers and men died, there were times the hierarchy children were forced to have sex with mutilated dead in order to get relief from the blood magik causing erection.

Sex with the dead also occurred when we were taken to the Hospital or other morgues used for training. I remember this occurring most in the Madison, WI area.

There were so many times we tried to stop what was happening. I believe that goodness resides in every child and is a natural reaction. When we hear others cry out or see their suffering, we naturally “come to the rescue”. The hierarchy children in training learned to work together while simultaneously working individually. There were moments when Aquino would put us into situations where we had to react towards one another as enemies. Even when we had to be one another’s enemies, there were moments when we worked together to open spiritual gates in an attempt to remove the toddlers from the situation. There was nowhere we could hide them to keep them safe. It was like they had trackers on them.

So many questions plagued my heart. Why did these grown men not fight their sexual urges? It was like a light bulb had switched on and suddenly they were in an animalistic trance, and they could not stop themselves. How long could this go on for? The answer is: all day. It could and would go all day until training was complete for that day. When training was finished for the day, we either ended up in our homes or at school. And for a couple hours, we had normalcy in our cover lives. We were convinced that even if we could have told, no one would believe us. It was as though this other world did not exist and we were bound to the code of silence. There were times the hierarchy boys who received erection through blood magik were forced to go back to their cover lives in that condition. They had to hide it or masturbate to find relief. Unfortunately, the relief did not come until those doing blood magik on them released them or they learned to work their own blood magik to stop it.

I submit for the record that members of the Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military engage in child dark web porn and buy, sell, and trade that porn on the dark web. The porn chronicles hierarchy children being forced to have sex with other children, as well as rape, torture, satanic ritual and murder, mutilation, suffocation, cannibalism, and organ and adrenochrome harvesting.

I submit for the record that I witnessed Luciferian Brotherhood members, U.S. Presidents, Politicians, and U.S. Military engage in grotesque sexual acts and cannibalism of the dead. I also witnessed them participate in a form of soul torture by sexually raping the spirits of those who had just died. After these toddlers and men died, the Luciferians would use Astral projection or enter the spirit world where they would use their own spirit to commit crimes against the spirit of those who had just died. I also testify that I witnessed them forcing hierarchy children in training to engage in such immorality.

I submit for the record that Col. Michael Aquino embedded the “sex magic” symbol in his books; including the “Mind Wars Trilogy”, which is used by the U.S. Military as a War Manuel and “Fire Force: a Star Wars Parody”. The sex magik symbol is on the cover of Mind Wars. It looks like a “W” with an “M” overlapping on top of it. You also see this symbol at the beginning of chapters. (See EXHIBIT)

I also submit for the record further testimony about the projects and programs run by the Luciferian Brotherhood and Col. Michael Aquino in video form.

~end segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar~


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