FBI Man: Timothy Charles Holmseth may have met with accused Delphi murderer Richard Allen

Richard Bell, Delphi Murders Suspect and Timothy in Delphi

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on November 2, 2022 – USA

Evidence submitted to the Indiana State Police today reveals a man in FBI clothing wearing a laminated FBI badge suggested on Twitter that investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth may have met with accused Delphi double-murderer Richard Allen, in advance of Allen’s arrest, to strategize.

The following was sent to the Indiana State Police, today.


Timothy Charles Holmseth

808 Carmichael Road

PMB 156

Hudson, Wisconsin




In Re: Threatening message from Alexandria Goddard to Timothy Charles Holmseth regarding tip Holmseth submitted in Delphi murder investigation

November 2, 2022

Indiana State Police

Douglas G. Carter – Superintendent

100 N Senate Ave Rm N340

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Superintendent Carter,

The task force investigating the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German announced they are seeking tips and information.

October 2, 2022 I submitted evidence to you that included a photograph of a small naked female.

As a news reporter I am covering the Delphi murder investigation and I announced you received the evidence I submitted.

Yesterday, Alexandria Goddard, the Martins Ferry, Ohio woman who texted the photo of the naked girl to Randi Lynn Erickson, logged into Twitter and posted a screenshot of my press release. Goddard announced she is going to have me criminally charged for publishing my news update. SEE ATTACHED

Goddard said she was going to have me referred for “additional charges” from her local “police department” which is presumably Martins Ferry, Ohio. I have never been to Martins Ferry, Ohio in my entire life. To the very best of my recollection, I have never communicated with Alexandria Goddard in my entire life. I am not from Ohio.

I am enclosing a copy of the video published on You Tube by Websleauths wherein Alexandria Goddard and Levi Page appear to discuss the Delphi arrest. You will heard Goddard talk quite extensively about “snuff” films; she speculates a “snuff” film was made of Abby and Libby; and how lucrative they are on the Dark Web.

Goddard’s activities fall under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, as well as the HOBBS ACT.

As you will see, this is not the first time I’ve been threatened with arrest for my news reporting on the Delphi case.


I am enclosing a story published on TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS FROM June 2021. It is entitled “DEVELOPMENT: Delphi Police Chief receives telephone call from man with voice that sounds like suspect”. The story features claims by a man named John Taylor (firemanjohn628) from Virginia who said he telephoned the chief of police. The following is a segment from the article:


“I spoke to the Delphi police chief for an hour. This guy was so pissed off. And they don’t even handle that murder case. But that’s their town. And to have this asshole (Timothy Holmseth) muddying up, ya know, accusing Murt (William K. Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida) of being involved in the murder,” Taylor said.

During Taylor’s bizarre rant he suggested that Holmseth is going to be arrested for reporting on the Delphi case. Taylor said there are “pending felonies” in “Indiana” and “those cops in Delphi are pissed”.

Taylor said the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana and FBI are handling the Delphi murder case.

Taylor said the Sheriff and/or FBI can now go to a judge and have Holmseth arrested for “obstruction”. Taylor’s assertion that Holmseth can be arrested for “obstruction” and ‘interfering with a murder case’ is a regular theme for Taylor when he calls into You Tube programs.

Taylor’s obsession with Delphi murder case, and his aggressive assertions that an investigative journalist gathering evidence or reporting on the case is going to be charged with a felony is curious, if not flat-out suspicious. Law enforcement released video and audio to the public and asked for help in identifying the killer(s).


The story contained a video link to a video entitled “BREAKING NEWS IN DELPHI BRIDGE MURDER CASE (TWO MEN WORKING TOGETHER AS A TEAM?).” I will enclose a video file of the video on the USB flash drive. In the video you will hear John Taylor, Alexandria Goddard, and Levi Page discussing the Delphi case. You will hear Taylor say he is going to “talk to those detectives” about me. Taylor referred to me taking a photo of myself in front of the Delphi sign. Taylor said, “they can take that and go to a judge and get a warrant for interfering in a murder investigation and that’s a felony and they will get his ass”.

I’m confident you will find investigatory value in the fact that there is an organization involving itself in the Delphi case and is claiming that a news reporter on the Delphi case can be arrested for “obstruction of justice” despite the fact law enforcement is requesting tips and leads.

It’s never a good look when suspicious people publicly claim they can affect a murder investigation by having inside tracks to a “judge” – especially considering the Probable Cause affidavit for Richard Allen that was signed by a “judge” is sealed and the public has been given absolutely no information about why Allen was abruptly charged with two counts of murder after 5 years.

I’m confident you will find investigatory value in the alleged conversation between the Delphi Chief of Police and John Taylor about Timothy Holmseth facing felony arrest for reporting on the Delphi murder.


You will note the name William Murtaugh came up in the John Taylor story regarding the call to the Delphi police chief.

murtwitnessone live
William K. Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida

Yesterday, “TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS published BREAKING! FBI IMPERSONATOR FROM FLORIDA ANNOUNCES HE BELIEVES HE’S A SUSPECT IN DELPHI MURDERS”. The publication pertains to William Murtaugh. The publication was simply a link to a video entitled “BREAKING! FBI IMPERSONATOR FROM FLORIDA ANNOUNCES HE BELIEVES HE’S A SUSPECT IN DELPHI MURDERS”. I will provide you a copy of the video on an enclosed USB flash drive.

I am also enclosing a screenshot of a Twitter post by Murtaugh wherein Murtaugh claimed that I may have traveled to Delphi, Indiana and met with the alleged killer (Richard Allen) to “help plan his defense in case he was arrested”. So – Murtaugh is suggesting that because I am acting as a news reporter on the Delphi case, I am a conspirator in a murder. SEE ATTACHED

So that makes three separate acts of extreme intimidation against me (Goddard threat, Taylor threat, Murtaugh threat) for simply reporting on a murder case.


I am enclosing on the USB flash drive a video entitled “ALLEGED FBI SERIAL KILLER TALKS ABOUT DELPHI MURDER [THE WALKING MAN] & [THE TALKING MAN]”. The video provides a video comparison of William Murtaugh and the man walking on the bridge. The video also provides an audio comparison of John Taylor’s voice and the voice of the man who told the girls “guys, down the hill”. This updated version actually contains audio of John Taylor saying some of the exact same words that the alleged killer said, such as the word “hill”.

I am also enclosing a fabricated image created to make me appear to be the Delphi killer that was published by law enforcement in a sketch, which was published by William Murtaugh and then Tweeted by his agent Laurie Kennedy (@VerigoKennLove) on Twitter.

I am quite confident this information will be very, very useful to your investigation.

Very respectfully submitted,

Timothy Charles Holmseth

War Correspondent/News Reporter/Investigative Journalist/Author/Publisher/Credible FBI Witness

Enclosed: USB with Walking Man-Talking Man video, Tweet from Goddard threatening Holmseth, Tweet from Murtaugh suggesting Holmseth conspired with alleged murderer, Video Murtaugh published entitled “Delphi”,  Video entitled BREAKING NEWS IN DELPHI BRIDGE MURDER CASE (TWO MEN WORKING TOGETHER AS A TEAM?) that contains John Taylor on Levi Page’s “Crime and Scandal” program, Websleuths video of Goddard talking about snuff film.

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