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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on December 24, 2023 – USA

We have received a draft copy of a Petition to Congress that was drafted by federal RICO witness Jessie Marie Czebotar.

Jessie Marie Czebotar is named as an eyewitness in a RICO case authored by Attorney Steven Scott Biss, Virginia, that sets forth details of a rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism event that involved children being chained to the floor and scalded with hot water to raise their adrenochrome level, whereupon Hillary Rodham Clinton ripped the Pineal gland from a little girl’s head and ate it. Attorney Biss drafted the RICO complaint for his client Randi Lynn Erickson and has advised Erickson he is prepared to the file Complaint through an attorney in Minnesota.

Randi Erickson possesses a copy of the RICO Complaint.

Jessie Marie Czebotar’s name appears in a communication sent by Timothy Charles Holmseth to Sheriff Tom Spangler, Knox County, Tennessee, as well as to the Office of the Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, and others.

“You may recognize Attorney Biss’ name from headlines, as he is the attorney of retired General Michael Flynn, former House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (CEO of Truth Social), former National Security Council Advisor – U.S. Attorney Kash Patel, former CIA agent Robert David Steele, as well as being my attorney (Timothy Charles Holmseth). The RICO, which Attorney Biss said (in my presence) he is set to file with an attorney in Minnesota, sets forth an eyewitness account of a rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism event committed by several men, who assisted Hillary Rodham Clinton in her desire to eat a child’s Pineal gland (which she did) – all of which was observed by Jessie Marie Czebotar. Jessie Marie Czebotar has been deemed a “credible witness,” Holmseth said.

Czebotar has stated she will be officially filing this Petition in the next few days.

~begin Czebotar Petition~


December 23, 2023

On Behalf of We The People

TO: United States Congress including:

Attention: Jim Jordan, Chair– Judiciary Committee

2056 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515-3504

Phone: 202-225-2676


Attention to the following committees: Weaponization of the Federal Government; Committee of Oversight and Accountability; Committee on the Judiciary


TO: United States House of Representatives

Attention: United States Speaker of The House: Mike Johnson

Attention: Kevin McCarthy Washington D.C.

Attention: Congresswoman Harriet Hageman (WY)

Attention: Congressman John Barrasso (WY)

Attention: Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis (WY)

Attention: Senator Jim Anderson (District 28: Natrona County, WY)

Attention: Senator Brian Boner (District 02: Converse/Natrona County, WY)

Attention: Senator Anthony Buchard (District 06: Laramie/Platte Counties, WY)

Attention: Senator Evie Brennan (District 31: Larmie County, WY)

Attention: Senator Ed Cooper (District 20: Big Horn, Fremont, Hot Springs, Park, Washakie Counties, WY)

Attention: Senator Affie Ellis (District 08: Laramie County, WY)

Attention: Senator Lynn Hutchings (District 05: Laramie County, WY)

Attention: Senator Bob Ide (District 29: Natrona County, WY)

Attention: Senator Bill Landen (District 27: Natrona County, WY)

Attention: Senator Charles Scott (District 30: Natrona County, WY)

Attention: Senator Stephan Pappas (District 07: Cheyenne County, WY)

Attention: Senator Tara Nethercott (District 04: Cheyenne County, WY)


Attention: President Donald J. Trump

Mara Lago: 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480


RE: In the Matter of FEDERAL CASE: 3:22-CV-00912

  1. A) Middle District of TN/ RICO

Timothy Charles Holmseth vs Levi Page et al

Case 3:22-cv-00912

  1. B) Federal Court Filing in MN District Court/ SEALED Affidavits

Erickson vs REDACTED

Case 0:21-CV-02536-ECT-ECW

Judge: Eric C. Tostrud


Case numbers: 9:22-MJ-08332-BER and 5DC19-3383

(Affidavits submitted to: Tickton Law Firm Group/ 270 SW Natura Ave/ Deerfield

Beach, FL 33441)


Affidavits submitted to: (Attorney Lindsey Halligan/ 511 SE 5 th Ave/ Fort

Lauderdale, FL 33301-2984)

  1. D) Tribunal number: 42-2016-DR-3626-HJ


Dear Mr. Speaker,

This is my second time petitioning to come before Congress and the Honorable Judicial Committee “Weaponization of the Federal Government”, “Committee of Oversight and Accountability”, and “Committee on the Judiciary”.  My first petition outlines matters of National Security and crimes being committed against children in the United States of America and the State of Wyoming by a foreign military and government.  It also outlines the weaponization of this foreign government against children. It is my desire to share my testimony and grievance against the weaponization of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Military by a foreign government and military and their crimes against me and thousands of children.

I am directing this petition to the Senators of Wyoming who have a “duty” to the people to hear, be aware of such issues, and stand true to their oath of office.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So, help me God.”

I have provided two affidavits. The first speaks specifically to certain individuals and areas surrounding Casper, WY and the crimes committed against me and other children in those areas. The second deals with crimes I experienced at Yellowstone National Park. I want to bring to the attention of Congress crimes that are being committed against children and individuals in Wyoming by the U.S Government and the U.S. Military; along with a foreign government and their Military.

These grotesque crimes include sexual exploitation, human trafficking, rape, torture, satanic rituals, organ and adrenochrome harvesting, cannibalism, and the weaponization of children. Those behind these crimes are an organized System disguising itself as a religion called the Luciferian Brotherhood and their military which is called the Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars. The Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars have targeted me and those supporting my testimony and those helping me to bring it forward publicly and before the courts. Their targeting efforts include Timothy Charles Holmseth  and Randi Lynn Erickson. Timothy Charles Holmseth is the (War Correspondent/Journalist) who has rights to publish my affidavits. He has published the extensive collection of affidavits on: TimothyCharlesHolmseth.com. Randi Lynn Erickson (Escrow Agent) being the one who escrowed my affidavits.

I was one of the little children trafficked through the schools in the Casper, Wyoming area starting at age 4 ½ by Nazi Michael Karkoc and Col. Michael Aquino, as well as Luciferian Brotherhood and Sisterhood who live in the Casper, Wyoming area. These schools receive federal funding as well as funding through land “Trusts”.  It is my belief that these funds have been used to pay for the crimes that the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military have committed against children in the Wyoming area.

I was trafficked by the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military through the Wyoming schools to U.S. Military bases in cohorts with Nazi Michael Karkoc (from 1981-1984) and Nazi Col. Michael Aquino in the U.S. Military through the Casper, WY area (from 1982-1987) while simultaneously engaging in training at multiple locations which included Military Bases, Public and Private Schools, private homes, and National Parks to name a few which I have previously identified. This includes being trafficked to other states and internationally, which is against state statutes. The individuals who were part of that trafficking were “employed” by the State of Wyoming at the time that I experienced, and eye witnessed the crimes they engaged in.

In 2021, I submitted my testimony of eyewitness accounts of crimes by the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, Politicians, and Presidents in affidavit form with evidence sealed through Randi Lynn Erickson to the JAG at Fort Campbell Military Base. The affidavits and evidence are now sealed in the District Court of MN.

I want to exercise my right to bring my grievance before Congress about the corruption and weaponization of the media, judicial system, and courts as an effort to thwart my testimony against individuals in the U.S. Government and U.S. Military, who I experienced and witnessed committing crimes against children. Due process has been repeatedly denied to me, this includes in the giving of my testimony about the crimes that I witnessed and experienced by our government and military against children, and the reporting process of such crimes. I’d like to start by reporting crimes committed by those serving the State of Wyoming against me and other children. It is my express desire to share my experience and to ensure legislation is made that protects the children in the State of Wyoming.

Due to the nature of my complaint and death threats, I am asking that all petitioners and personal addresses (including mine) be kept confidential and not put on public record.

Thank you

Special Note published by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on February 18, 2023

“Jessie Marie Czebotar has authored and submitted a formal request, supported by a Petition, signed by Americans, to appear and testify before United States Congress regarding weaponization of the federal government.

We have reported extensively on Czebotar and her story, which began when she was a small child being groomed and trained to fill a position in a satanic system called “Queen Mother of Darkness”.

Czebotar’s story is the personal experiences, and eyewitness accounts of, inhumane, unthinkable, unspeakable, sadistic torture, crimes against children, crimes against humanity, and inhumane military experiments, which involved cannibalism, committed by agents of the United States Government, United States Military, heads of State, world leaders, and U.S. Presidents.

This story is perpetually developing.”



I am asking for Congress to read my affidavits and to investigate and address the issues occurring in the State of Wyoming. I am asking according to Congress’s scope of authority for a public investigation to be made in every Wyoming school and to look at both sets of records (original and hidden) for funds and expenditures. There are fund records that are meant to appear good and up to auditing standards. There is another hidden set of books kept by the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military. As a child, I observed these books being kept by the Treasurers in connection to the Masonic Lodges in the area, some of these Treasurers also worked at the schools and for the Catholic Churches. I knew them as Patrons (if male) or Matrons (if female).  I would like the number of students who have gone through the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military programs, those trafficked by the Wyoming schools to U.S. Military bases, to be made public. I would also like the School Systems to give an account for every child that has been sexually trafficked through their schools within each district’s jurisdiction. Congress has the power and authority to request such action.




  • Members of the Luciferian Brotherhood and the Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars (who I will identify as foreign government and military from this point on) are employed by the United States of America and using public funds and their offices to commit crimes against children and humanity.
  • This foreign government and foreign military proudly display their foreign government and foreign military symbols of allegiance (flags, sigils, colors, and emblems) on United States property such as government buildings, public and private schools, publicly owned lands, and public service buildings and property (such as Nature Reserves, National Parks, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Public Health). This includes the “Pride Flag”, which really is a flag representing the female Masonic order of the Sisterhood called the Eastern Stars.
  • This foreign government and military have built vast tunnel systems underground for access between public buildings whereby they transport children through these tunnel systems. These tunnel systems also connect to private residences and public properties.

(See “Initiates of the Flame” by Manly P. Hall for Solomonic Symbol indicating allegiance to the Sanhedrin in Israel and the Nazi Swastika signifying allegiance to Germany.)

  • This foreign government and military have bio-chemical warfare; I have reported decommissioned Poseidon missiles stored under Yellowstone National Park and areas they use for training in the United States of America.
  • This foreign military and government solicit funds from the federal government to pay for and profit from their crimes. At the end of the day, the State of Wyoming EMPLOYED members of the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military and gave them access to children through public institutions. This soliciting of funds includes paying for a secondary teacher to remain with students while the main teacher leaves the classroom to transport children being trafficked within the community and U.S. Military Bases.
  • Since the scope of abuse in the Sovereign Military training program occurs from ages 4 ½ to age 10, I am asking for all teachers (and volunteers) especially those who are escorting children from school property to be investigated and held to account. This includes Pre-K programs and extra activities. I am requesting all video footage from the school entrances to be examined and tampering or covering of evidence of crimes being committed to children to be brought forward. I was trafficked to military bases during school hours, I left Crest Hill Elementary from the side gym door exit and returned through the same.
  • I have followed proper procedures for bringing a grievance before Congress. On February 17, 2023, Congress received my petition to testify before Congress and the Weaponization Committee about these matters.

On February 17, 2023, Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports reported and documented that my petition had been received by Congress and The Weaponization Committee. After he reported receipt of my Petition, hundreds of individuals who support my voice being heard on these matters called Jim Jordan’s office to request that I be allowed to speak. To this day, I have not received any contact with Jim Jordan or The Weaponization Committee. The fact that I have not been contacted by Congress to address these grievances is a matter of National Security.

  • I now am requesting that Congress, The Weaponization Committee, Committee of Oversight and Accountability; and the Committee on the Judiciary add to this investigation the politicians, individuals, organizations, and counties noted below with regards to crimes that were committed and are continuing to be committed against children in the State of Wyoming.

I have identified the following individuals that I witnessed present during rituals and trainings with locations where crimes were being committed against children in the local Casper area and Wyoming surrounding areas.


Politicians employed by the State of Wyoming: (some may not be deceased)

  1. Former Vice President Dick Cheney
  2. Senator Liz Cheney
  3. former Secretary of State Thyra Thompson
  4. former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson
  5. former Speaker of Wyoming House Representative Colin M. Simpson
  6. former U.S. Senator Milward Simpson
  7. former U.S. Senator Malcolm Wallup
  8. former Governor Edgar Jacob Herschler
  9. former Sheriff John Barrett
  10. former Sheriff William Estes Jr.


Individuals (some may now be deceased):

  1. Lynn Cheney (wife of former VP Dick Cheney)
  2. Kathleen Colter Herschler (wife of former Governor Edgar Jacob Herschler)
  3. Bishop Hubert Joseph Hart (St. Patrick’s Parish and Diocese of Cheyenne)
  4. Bishop Michael Francis McAuliffe (Diocese of Jefferson City in Missouri)
  5. James O. Neill (Cathedral of St Mary’s in Cheyenne Wyoming).

Organizations and Locations of Operation: (Many of the individuals working in higher positions in these facilities were part of the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military but I have not identified their names yet.)

At these locations, I experienced the following crimes: rape, sadistic torture, satanic ritual and murder, organ and adrenochrome harvesting, ritual abortions and infanticide, inhumane spiritual torture, and cannibalism.

  • Natrona County High School (including the pool and underground tunnels)

930 S. Elm St/ Casper, WY 82601

  • Kelley Walsh High School (including pool)

3500 E. 12th St/ Casper, WY 82609

  • M.C.A of Natrona County (including pool)
  • per Mountain Rd/ Casper, WY 82601
  • Centennial Junior High (Had Baphomet statue underground)

1421 Waterford St, Casper, WY 82609

  • Pine view School (Connected by tunnels to St Patrick’s Church and under Graveyard.)

639 Payne Ave, Casper, WY 82609

  • Crest Hill Elementary 4445 S Poplar St, Casper, WY 82601
  • Diocese of Cheyenne
  • Capital Ave/ Cheyenne, WY 82001
  • Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas

12615 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66109

  • Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri

2207 W. Main Street Jefferson City MO 65109-0914

  • Patrick’s Catholic Church (This Church has ritual ground underneath with Baphomet statue.)

400 Country Club Rd/ Casper, WY

  • Cathedral of St. Mary/ 100 W 21st St, Cheyenne, WY 82001
  • Wyoming State Capital (Gate 1)

200 W 24th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

  • Herschler Building (State Capital Gate 2)

122 W 25th St, Cheyenne, WY 82002

  • Wyoming Supreme Court Clerk Building (State Capital Gate 3)

2301 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001

  • Governor Mansion located at Warren Air Force Base

Lincoln Hwy 33/ Cheyenne, Wyoming

  • Warren Air Force Base

Randall Ave. at W. Pershing Blvd. Cheyenne, WY 82001

  • Anthony’s Catholic Church and School (near homes used by elite to sexually exploit children in area. This Church and School were used for intensive training with Nazi trainers).

604 S. Center St/ Casper, WY

  • Lions Camp (Wyoba) 9350 Casper Mountain Rd/Casper, WY
  • Casper Mountain Fire Department Fire Hall No 1/ 1000 Lemmers Rd/ Casper WY
  • Girl Scout Camp called Sacagawea on Casper Mountain
  • Eadsville Mine on Wyoming Mountain
  • Casper Planetarium (used to align children to the zodiac).
  • Life Steps Campus (used to be the old Casper Orphanage near graveyard with tunnels underground that used to get to ritual ground under graveyard.)

1514 E 12th St, Casper, WY 82601

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Old Faithful Inn (One of the socialites gathering places before human hunts).

3200 Old Faithful Inn Rd., Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  • Crimson Dawn and Casper Mountain in Casper, WY



  • RAGNAROK: Consists of Alaska DUMB off the Aleutian Islands, South Pole DUMB, and DUMB near Greenland
  • Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Maryland
  • Chicago DUMB in Chicago, Illinois
  • Asgard Nazi Military Instillation under Yellowstone National Park
  • Warren Air Force Base Randall Ave at W. Pershing Blvd; Cheyenne, WY


  • I want to ensure that no more children are trafficked through Casper Wyoming and surrounding Wyoming areas; this includes through the school systems.
  • I want to ensure the safety of our children which means that oversight and legislation be made and enforced to ensure foreign agents, governments, militaries, and members thereof are removed from public offices, grounds, and institutions of authority and power.
  • I want a way paved for victims of the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military to be able to come forward and for them to be able to pursue justice for crimes that have been committed against them. They need a safe way to report about the crimes they have experienced without retaliation or fear of death to themselves or loved ones.
  • I request all tunnel access and ritual grounds below Wyoming and in the surrounding States be destroyed so that they can never again be used for the transportation, exploitation, and trafficking of children in Wyoming. This specifically includes tunnel systems under Casper, Laramie, Douglas, Cheyenne, and the Capital building in Cheyenne. (See affidavits for specific locations.)
  • I request justice for the victims in the form of protection, prevention, and prosecution for those they identify as being involved in human trafficking and crimes committed against children.
  • I request according to The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA), Pub. L. No. 106- 386 that the State of Wyoming create an Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking. Further, I request that Congress require the President to establish an Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in the State of Wyoming, particularly in Casper, Wyoming.


Requiring the President to establish an Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking (PITF), a coordinating task force comprising cabinet-level officers chaired by the Secretary of State, and directed it to carry out activities that included measuring and evaluating the progress of the United States and other countries in preventing human trafficking, protecting its victims, and prosecuting its perpetrators.”


  • Since this issue involves FEMA and immigrants in the State of Wyoming, I am requesting a special Task Force to investigate immigrants being brought into Yellowstone National Park. It is my belief and experience that the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military have used the underground areas in Yellowstone National Park as a holding ground for children. If this is the case, then it is no longer an immigration issue. Rather, immigration is being used as a cover up for the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military to traffic children.
  • I ask that the grant programs established by the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003 be investigated to ensure that funds are not being used to “re-traffic” victims. I also ask that all trusts of Wyoming schools be investigated to ensure they are not being used for “re-trafficking” or to support “crimes” being committed against children.
  • I ask that the U.S. Advisory Council review the following federal laws: 18 U.S.C. § 2423 and 18 U.S.C. § 2423(f). These laws prohibit transportation and travel-conduct involving illegal sexual activity with children. I propose these laws be amended to include the transportation of children for the purposes of experiments, programs, projects, training, and matters of National Security. (This includes the transportation of children for the purposes of torture, satanic ritual and murder, organ and adrenochrome harvesting, cannibalism, and weaponization.) I propose that any form of participation in these with a minor be seen as a form of “forced labor”.
  • Lastly, I propose a Constitutional question: are the laws and systems we have in place and the powers of authority able to adequately process such crimes?
  • I’d like the matter of bio-chemical warfare addressed.


  • Jessie Marie Czebotar Affidavit on Casper Wyoming
  • Jessie Marie Czebotar Affidavit on Yellowstone National Park



  1. On February 18, 2023, Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports reported, “Survivor of Hitler Experiments Jessie Czebotar Petitions U.S. Congress Weaponization of Federal Government”.



  1. Wealth of Evidence documented by Timothy Charles Holmseth-United States District Court Eastern Tennessee-3:22-cv-00912 (RICO)



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  1. Reported by Timothy Charles Holmseth: “Jessie Czebotar said she provided a list of “Locations where I witnessed the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military Order committing crimes against children”. The list included “Old Faithful Inn (One of the socialites gathering places before human hunts) and “Yellowstone National Park”.”


  1. On October 14, 2023, Timothy Charles Holmseth discussed State and National Parks on TRUTH SOCIAL in a post called “THE WARRANT DOME” – – – HUMAN HUNTS ON NATIONAL PARKS AND FORESTRY LAND

Petitioners Signing with Jessie Marie Czebotar

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: An extensive list of names and addresses appeared in Czebotar’s document. We are not publishing those names for safety reasons.

~end Czebotar’s Petition~


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