Field McConnel tells Wisconsin court he’s been kidnapped – Pentagon Pedophile Task Force agent advises Pierce County Sheriff the Phantom case “doesn’t exist” in Florida

Pentagon phantom task force the mysterious phantom case against field mccollum.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 2, 2019 at 8:38 P.M.

The mysterious ‘phantom case’ against former U.S. Marine and 911 Whistleblower Field McConnell is on hold for now after a court hearing in Ellsworth, Wisconsin today – a court hearing where nobody stood when told to “all rise”.

The State of Wisconsin’s attempts to extradite McConnell to Broward County, Florida to face three felony counts that were manufactured without a Grand Jury is on hold after the State’s prosecutor requested an extension.

“The State of Florida, through the Broward County State’s Attorney’s Office, is diligently working on obtaining the Governor’s Warrant, but requires more time to assemble the necessary documents for extradition,” said Assistant District Attorney David Olson, through a written Motion.

Olson reportedly did not appear in person and a female attorney arrived in his place – 40 minutes late.

According to a member of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force the female State attorney told Judge Joseph D. Boles she had received a ‘Governor’s letter’ supporting her argument. Boles acknowledged the letter and stated it was in the court file.

Field McConnell, 70, who has been in jail for approximately a month with no bail, appeared by video from the jail and made it clear he has been kidnapped and is being held against his will. He made it clear for the record that there shall be no “presumptions” or “assumptions” of anything.

Following the hearing, the Task Force member asked the female State’s attorney for a copy of the Governor’s letter she referenced during the court hearing. The female State attorney said the Task Force member would have to go to Florida to get it.

“I went into the Clerk of Court in Pierce County before the court hearing and purchased all documents on the case. I bought everything that was in the record. There was no Governor’s letter. There was no Affidavit of Support for the Warrant. Nothing,” the Task Force member said.

The Task Force member noted that today was the fourth time the Task Force member had attempted to speak to the Sheriff’s Office and see the Warrant used to arrest McConnell.

Today, the Task Force member approached a lieutenant with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office and asked if he had seen the Warrant used to arrest McConnell. The lieutenant replied ‘no’. The Task Force member then told the Lieutenant to go look for it in the Florida court file, adding, “It doesn’t exist”.

Exhaustive efforts were made by the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, including assistance and participation from the American public, to locate the criminal case using the number that was hand written on the suspicious looking Arrest Warrant for McConnell, but no case whatsoever could be located in the Broward County, Florida Clerk of Courts system.

The ‘phantom’ case against McConnell began when paperwork was filed against him in the Broward County ‘Family Court’ by somebody McConnell has never personally met. An order was issued against McConnell in the ‘domestic violence division’.

According to Chris Hallett, CEO, E-Clause LLC, Florida, who does loss prevention for the government of the United States of America under direct consent of U.S. Congress, the Florida court order was fraudulently obtained through fraud upon the court and constitutes emoluments violations.

McConnell, who hosts the online radio program The Field Report, came under fire by Broward County, Florida after he began reporting about child sex trafficking staging out of Florida that involved babies and children that were being moved through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

McConnell had just begun broadcasting reports for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and was preparing to air real victims stories of CPS kidnappings which was requested by President Donald Trump – McConnell’s abrupt arrest put the CPS stories on hold.

Learn more about CPS kidnapping children – – –  U.S. Marines Rescue 2,100 Children From Underground Bases in California

For members of the public who would like to search for the phantom case against Field McConnell – the case number on the Arrest Warrant is – 19-0782AF10

Other observations by the Task Force:

  • Gold fringe on the flag (gold fringe denotes Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction)
  • Four armed deputies in the courtroom
  • Approximately 15 court-watchers appeared to support McConnell and provide their contact information to Kirk Pendergrass, E-Clause LLC (E-Clause LLC does loss prevention for the government of the United States of America)
  • Nobody stood up for the judge (which means those in attendance did not recognize the court’s jurisdiction or authority) (the Clerk yelled it twice)

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