Field of Honor with Robert Horton (War Castles) (Russell-Jay: Gould -7th Angel of Revelation)

Timothy charles homseth field of honor report.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 14, 2019 at 7:41 A.M.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019 I (Timothy Holmseth) was joined for an in-camera discussion, as well an interview with (former) Sgt. Robert Horton, Psychological Operations Specialist and Special Operations with the U.S Army.

Horton, who is well known as “War Castles” online, is a colleague of other special operators and high-level sources whose arranged for our meeting, but, are not named for security reasons.

Robert Horton

Horton and I (Timothy Holmseth) arranged to discuss on-going special operations connected to former U.S. Marine Field McConnell who was kidnapped off the street in front of his radio studio in Plum City, Wisconsin by Pierce County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Pierce County conspired to kidnap McConnell with underworld operators including a man called “Agent 19” from Kentucky who boasted about the plot online after McConnell was kidnapped. Pierce County possessed no valid arrest warrant and were caught in the act of using a criminal case number from Florida that does not even exist in the Florida court system.

McConnell was kidnapped shortly after he made changes to his radio format and began to prepare for recorded interview with CPS victims that were going to be viewed by President Donald Trump. McConnell was also preparing to address the Book of Revelation and where we are in the End Times.

Horton and I (Timothy Holmseth) were joined by Kirk Pendergrass who is an agent of E-Clause LLC, Florida. E-Clause does loss prevention for the government of the United State of America.

Pendergrass and other witnesses were present when McConnell was grabbed in Plum City. Pendergrass had opportunity to ask the deputy for a “warrant” which the deputy could not produce.

Pendergrass (E-Clause) does not “represent” McConnell (i.e. does not have Power of Attorney or file court documents for McConnell) but is conducting an audit of the court and/or bad actors in government in Pierce County, Wisconsin.

During the public segment of the briefing we discussed a major emerging figure – :Russell-Jay: Gould who captured the American flag in 1999 (e.g. the flag is now leased from :Russell-Jay: Gould by the U.S. Navy) and :Russell-Jay: Gould owns the Courts (including Wisconsin).

We discussed the attack on our nation by foreign and domestic enemies, and touched on the brand new government quantum system that has been set up by :Russell-Jay: Gould who worked with :David-Wynn: Miller and corrected the system of the grammar fraud that originated from the days of Nimrod of Babylon and is/was being used to enslave humanity along with a Birth Certificate system.

Note: Executive Order on Establishing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee

“The big secret was that Russell-Jay: Gould fulfilled the King James Revelation 10 and biblical prophecy of the 7th Angel,” Horton said.

We also discussed international crimes against children and humanity. I (Timothy Holmseth) touched upon the story that I exclusively reported of the 2,100 children rescued by U.S. Marines from underground bases in California. “That was an interesting operation there for sure and I’m sure those kids weren’t just from other countries – I’m sure we had quite a few here – quite a few probably from our own country as well,” Horton said.

“For anybody who thinks there’s no Pentagon Pedophile Task Force [or it] isn’t real let me just tell you it’s real. I called the Pentagon switchboard and talked to somebody of a JAG (Judge Advocate General),” Horton said.

Below is a bullet point reference list of the discussion.

* * * * *

  • (Former) Sgt. Robert Horton – Army – Special Operations – Psychological Operations Specialist
  • Kirk Pendergrass, E-Clause LLC
  • Field McConnell
  • BAR Association
  • Tim journalist – international child trafficking – Ukrainian Embassy Washington DC
  • U.S. Navy Seals targeting human trafficking and child trafficking
  • Elected officials trafficking
  • David Wynn Miller
  • Russell Jay-Gould
  • The land of the courts
  • Nimrod – trapping men’s souls
  • The land of the dead
  • Birth Certificate system – the mastery schools
  • Vatican
  • Admiralty/Maritime law
  • Illegal courts – unconstitutional
  • Foreign and domestic enemy BAR
  • Child trafficking rampant – CPS lawyers – many involved
  • Stealing kids from mothers
  • Arkansas – Miami – Ukraine Embassy
  • CPS lawyers – black market babies
  • Lawyers taking babies – doctors involved
  • Shipping kids – its all about shipping cargo
  • Satanic rings
  • Timothy Holmseth and Field McConnell case
  • Ukraine – Wayanne Kruger – Hillary Clinton – Holmseth – Dossiers – Fake Pastor
  • Polk County, Minnesota
  • Fake court order from Broward County Family Court
  • Kirk Pendergrass
  • Tim publishing public records – arrested (kidnapped)
  • E-Clause LLC – Executive Order from Trump
  • Executive branch audit
  • Chris Hallett
  • BAR is monopoly – can’t license the practice of law
  • Declaration of Independence
  • E-Clause approved by Congress
  • Loss prevention
  • Secret private constitution – foreign law
  • Foreign domestic enemy
  • Idaho Supreme Court exposed BAR – Idaho code is not law – corporations are fiction
  • United States is a federal corporation – people don’t know
  • Agenda 21
  • Islam in disguise
  • Republican form of government v Monarchy and Barristers
  • Islam has five pillars of law – socialism – social workers
  • Eating babies
  • Tim’s evidence – Kirk saw evidence
  • Nimrod – Ham’s son – Noah – godless system set up by Nimrod – Luciferian ideology and doctrine
  • New World Order is Babylon – we need to get out
  • Get rid of birth certificate and CUSIP number
  • Wizard of Oz alleges to federal reserve – a heart courage and a brain
  • Patriot channels
  • People believe TV news is backed by government – private corporate news – television is an entertainment device – nothing coming out of it must be real
  • You Tube – arresting over you tube video
  • Food Water Air – necessities
  • No full disclosure on birth certificate ‘contract’
  • Women gives birth – kidnapping
  • Act of War to kidnap someone’s baby
  • Sell you on stock exchange
  • Ken and Barbie fiction system
  • Insanity
  • Human trafficking
  • Law of Air – trust of souls – Vatican – ministerial enemies – Esquires – human trafficking the world
  • Robbing the National Trust
  • You are a piece of cargo – they pretend you are not here as living man
  • Eisenhower warned
  • Tim arrested for publishing
  • Minnesota police
  • Tim kidnapped
  • Police upholding policy for private corporations
  • Foreign Agent Registration Act – BAR member – International BAR in London – allegiance to the BAR
  • Law of Contracts – Admiralty/Maritime
  • War for souls
  • Good people have been duped
  • Wicked – nothing to do with Jesus Christ – nothing to do with God
  • Russel Gould
  • Grammar used for fraud – all caps – Latin – remove hyphens – dog Latin and its only art
  • TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH is art – contract grammar fraud
  • Kids not taught this in school
  • Post Office is a private corporation
  • Tim talked to Russel
  • Under Martial Law
  • BAR invade the courts with fake constitution – fake rules
  • Fiction system – nothing to do with Congress
  • Treason
  • Field McConnell is cargo?
  • Congress had no authority for reconstruction acts
  • Oath
  • War of 1812
  • 1871 new constitution written
  • We are enslaved by 14th Amendment
  • Federal Reserve
  • CIA
  • Field is cargo at dry dock
  • Big awakening coming to America through Field McConnell
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Pedovores
  • Big event needed?
  • People feel powerless
  • Russel told Tim about Provost Martial
  • Provost Martial can arrest judge
  • Courts acting for corporations
  • Tim not allowed to talk about Constitution to jury in Polk County, Minnesota
  • Pentagon
  • U.S. Martial at Tim’s court hearing
  • Marshal’s protect cargo – Tim was the cargo
  • Shipping channels
  • Russel told time about shipping
  • Watch David Wynn Miller and Russel Gould
  • War Castles moved from You Tube to Bitchute
  • Justinian Deception on You Tube
  • You Tube violating U.S. Constitution
  • Trump and Q
  • You Tube going away – do-do bird
  • Q – great awakening
  • Trump took office – Q’s coming out of the White House
  • Transparency
  • Q is honest
  • Skull and Bones – Jesuits – Vatican – warfare operation against people
  • Justinian Deception
  • Spell casting – sorcery – wicked
  • 911 – Patriot Act – ‘War’ on Terror – every two years they declare war
  • You can’t have a war on terror
  • You have to have a known enemy
  • Conspiracy is a fact – theory is a guess – you can’t have a fact-guess
  • Our leader is Jesus Christ
  • Foul mouthed nursery rhymes
  • Private corporation’s rape, plunder, and pillage
  • Separation of Church and State – this is a Christian government
  • How a nation is created – ideology comes from the Bible
  • English Common Law
  • State is not a land mass – it’s a State of being
  • The Bible shows how our form of government is supposed to be
  • Each State is like a man
  • Territory is the land mass
  • The land mass of a State is actually a ‘country’
  • War Castles is on Bitchute
  • Russell Gould – birth certificate system
  • Russell Gould fulfilled the King James Revelation 10 and biblical prophecy of the 7th Angel
  • What’s been hidden from 1999
  • Luciferian using our army
  • Brand new government Quantum system has been set up by Russel Gould – grammar was used as act of fraud – corrected by Russel Gould
  • Spell casting by Nimrod – Russel and David proved it was fraud
  • Factual system – it was genius
  • Took over the ‘Land of the Courts’
  • He quantumized the system
  • Constitution was not changed – it was fixed
  • Maji
  • Music is spell casting
  • U.S. Navy leases flag from Russell
  • Yellow fringe on flag is like Wonder Woman lasso
  • Piracy
  • High water mark on mountain in Colorado – their trick is that we are all on the high seas
  • Bankruptcy – roads are considered inland water ways
  • Inland piracy is a “hangable offense”
  • Christ is our King
  • Help on the way for Timothy
  • Capitol Hill involved
  • Pentagon involved
  • Get behind Field McConnell
  • IPOT
  • El Chapo
  • “For anybody who thinks there’s no Pentagon Pedophile Task Force [or it] isn’t real let me just tell you it’s real. I called the Pentagon switchboard and talked to somebody of a JAG (Judge Advocate General)

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