GHISLAINE MAXWELL, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, and (others known and unknown, would and did, knowingly transport…)

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 4, 2020 at 5:56 P.M.

An international child sex and human trafficking operation is crumbling.

On Thursday July 2, 2020 the U.S. Department of Justice announced federal felony charges against Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, for the sexual abuse of minors.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell


That wasn’t all.

There’s much more – and many others – who are in the cross hairs of prosecutors.

According to the charging documents, Maxwell and Epstein are also charged with trafficking children in interstate commerce with others “known and unknown”.

The U.S. DOJ and U.S. Department of Defense possesses actionable intelligence and evidence regarding international child traffickers which it received from special operators and civilian investigators under Joint Special Operations Command.

Many more arrests are expected.

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22 thoughts on “GHISLAINE MAXWELL, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, and (others known and unknown, would and did, knowingly transport…)

  1. Maxwell, seen in a number of fotos partying with friends: POTUS and FLOTU. That’s how that works.

  2. Timothy, that’s EXCELLENT news!! Finally, the wheels of justice are turning faster!! KEEP EM’ COMING!!

  3. Any “TROLLS” posting on this website, BEWARE you are being monitored….

  4. Has it ever crossed your mind that Trump in those days was working as an undercover whistleblower for the “good guys” in washington who were investigating Epstein and that the “good guys” needed someone to tell them all the information on Epstein’s connections, what was exactly happening on the Epstein Island and who was Epstein really working for?! It’s like playing chess, every move had to be carefully planned for many years to get these assholes of the cabal. Do you not think Trump didn’t know what he was up against?! Yet he did it anyways! Trump is on a mission from GOD, to help bring PEACE on this earth!! (Would make alot of sense why Trump showed up in photos with Epstein way back when. Also if Trump was a bad guy, why would he try to destroy the whole child trafficking ring, if he was truely involved?! If Trump was a bad guy, why would these evil people try to kill him on over 60 attempts?! You know why these evil bastards can’t touch Trump?, because he is soooo protected by soooo many “good guys, even those ON HIGH”!!!) Trump is doing this for ALL of us on this planet! TRUST THE PLAN!!!!!!!

    1. Possibly. Or he was one of them and was smitten by conscience and repented.

        1. Hey kirby. Did you know that the NSA can trace trolls through their email address(es)?

          1. Being hyperbolic fits you to a tee. Carry on, sailor, sailing whithin the dry dock, perpetually. Enjoy your passage.

    2. What people do not get is that by taking a photo at a party with criminals does not make you a criminal. How many people visited the pope and had a photo taken with him and yet they are no pedophiles!

  5. es gibt Einige negativ eingestellte Menschen hier , ja ……aber was solls die Wahrheit siegt

  6. sollen sie doch überwachen……… ja Nichts verborgen …..
    sie werden sich verantworten müssen

  7. There seems to be evidence Trump was a freemason. His towers contain a lot of the symbolism of the cult. It’s disturbing. Perhaps God has brought him out of it. Its scary times ahead Folks. Hang on to our heavenly Father!!!

  8. Katie, Trump left Freemasonry after the 3rd degree. That’s when you’re still allowed to leave. My grandfather left Freemasonry after a year. What happens at the higher degrees (allegiance to Lucifer, Satanic Ritual Abuse, child trafficking, human sacrifice) is kept from those in the lower degrees. Masonry at the lower degrees is equivalent to an Elks Lodge. Freemasonry didn’t begin as a Luciferian cult, either. It was infiltrated and taken over by the Illuminati after their 1776 public decoration of a New World Order.

    Trump is not a part of the “club”.

  9. Jesse I am relieved to hear that!..I thought that might be the case.I believe God is in his life now, not the stinkin devil.

  10. Trump was part and still is part of the sting operation with the good guys in the FBI, to help take down Epstein, Maxwell and the rest of the gang involved. That’s why there are pictures of Trump with epstien. Trump was not part of the nefarious things they were doing. “TRUST THE PLAN- Q”

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