Why did Daily Mail use the word ‘frazzled’ in story about Secret Service? (frazzledrip)?

An image of a woman with blood on her face.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 4, 2020 at 1:20 P.M.

According to officials, a laptop that was owned by former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, which was seized by law enforcement, contained a video of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin skinning the face of a live screaming girl.

Daily Mail chose an interesting word when describing the state of affairs with Trump and Pence’s Secret Service where many agents suddenly tested positive for COVID-19.

They used the word ‘frazzled’.

The word ‘frazzled’ does not appear to be connected to any quote from any spokesman or official, yet, it was bracketed in a fashion to draw special attention to it.

There may be an explanation.

On June 27, 2020 Timothy Charles Holmseth reported Did film producer Steve Bing film FRAZZLEDRIP?

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11 thoughts on “Why did Daily Mail use the word ‘frazzled’ in story about Secret Service? (frazzledrip)?

  1. Why two women who were proved doing that to a child haven’t been executed by now is beyond my understanding.

  2. The words frazzle and frazzled are used commonly in my family of whom several were British and Canadian born. “You looked frazzled” means you look worn out and tired.

    1. A common term within English And How She Is Spoke. Confirmed. Yes indeedy-do.

  3. That picture makes me sick. Please Lord Jesus strengthen these men and women who seek to serve justice to these evil people. President Trump: it is time sir!

  4. Remember. A real human being would never do this to a child. I repeat. I REAL human being would never do this to a child.

    1. Do we know who posted the pic of the little girl and originally claimed Hillary killed her? I’m just curious who brought the pic to light for us all to see. Thanks!!! 🙂

  5. It is fact, Sarah. They are not humans. We live in a world of angels and demons, powers and principalities and utter darkness. We must not be fence-sitters, and never fear. We are victorious in this Holy War being fought one soul at a time.
    Prayers to all the saints.

    1. I agree. When I see pics of Hillary Clinton as a baby and as a little girl she looked precious but how did such a precious baby/little girl become so evil? What happened?

  6. Theese women should be publicly executed in the most painful way possible. Lord above please help theese children, please help everyone be aware of the evil satanic things that surround us in theese days, and stop theese evil people that are doing theese things. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  7. the point is someone used this word because they are making a sicke reference to the video of huma abedin and hillary clinton who filleted the face off a little girl in satanic ritual abuse then wore the skin on their faces laughing etc as then the little girl was murdered,this was the video insurance policy on weiners laptop which made veteran law enforcement break down in tears and sickness.the new york police dept was going to do a live press conference on this but the police dept was threatned by loretta lynch obamas doj that police officeers would be blackmailed,suicided etc this is fact.this is real and most of these people in the spotlight in politics and hollywood are involved in the same things.there have been many attempts on our great presidents life because hes going after these people.these people are losing their minds because if this comes out its over amongst all the other evil corrupt things they are doing,human trafficking,organ harvesting,transhumanism,as we speak we are all being slowly killed by our food,water,etc its an all out assault on humanity people need to turn off the mainstream media take a couple hours a week and start researching educating yourselves.this is all very real and we are lied to constantly.i am an independent researcher and i want to thank you tim for all your work you are the best in my book.i pray for america our president and his family and all of us who want to live free

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