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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 5, 2020 at 11:31 A.M.


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  1. So the president is in hiding? He said some very rich people don’t like what he is doing? Can you put out more info on the human trafficking operation that is happening? Drop more pics of the kids? Some arrest records? That will shake things up even more. We already tell people that the president is fighting for these kids. Give us more ammo please.

    1. He cant right now. It will be made public when the arrests are made. If pictures started flying around the internet the people responsible would move to A country without extradition. Its not gonna help to tell us everything right now

      1. Javier didn’t ask for everything, he ask for something, anything. A reasonable request, but the request goes ignored or unanswered. What’s that tell you? Yeah.

  2. javier, more solid information is definitely and urgently required. Thank you for your important and thoughtful comment, let’s hope it’s acted upon.

  3. Funny that you say that, I was just going to ask you the same question. I guess fools seldom differ.

  4. This craig sawyer guy is so full of shit!
    He denying tunnels underground, they probably send him to go after non connected human traffickers. He’s all blinking and squinting his eyes. Looks like he’s totally lying. He probably would deny pizzagate too!
    Hey craig! We dont like you! Cant believe this guy was on infowars.
    They will let any crackpot on infowars it seems.
    Crackpot Craig! Btw tunnels exist, pizzagate exists and much more. Take a hike!

  5. AJ exposed CPS too. He told the Senator Nancy Schaeffer story. She was on it and was trying to expose it all. I did not like how AJ turned on Lewis. Maybe there is more to the story? The Sawyer tweet is freaky. He said these are our enemies of V4CR, but the enemies listed are all known truthers on the Internet who are exposing the child traffickers. So how could they be against you if you’re both working toward the same goals? He should have been helping Kappy. Domestic terrorists in disguise.
    In the video clip he said 2020 is gonna be a great year with great things coming keep the faith, with that used car salesman smile.
    Interesting note: Fox News had a little segment on the hidden costs of Covid 19– child trafficking! I caught the tail end of it but it wasn’t a real exposé. This topic is only discussed on the Internet by people like Mr Holmseth! Usually the internet will force mainstream media to finally cover a topic so they can try to control the narrative. Maybe some big news is about to break?
    I hope CPS is broken into a million pieces.

  6. Thank You Tim! Everything You sre reporting means everything! Your heart and soul is pure and reporting whats been found underground is what everyone in the world needs to hear! People need to know the truth! You are the name We can trust. These monsters that have been doing this for so long are being exposed! Their threats and ignorance has been exposed!! They will and are being taken down and the public will get to see names and charges very soon! Thank You Tim! Your a good Man. Mr and Mrs Trump are the reason these Children around the globe has been saved! Thank You again Sir. This means everything. God sees and knows all!!! God Bless You

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