HYBRIDS-HALF HUMAN-HALF ANIMAL – WHO/WHAT are the “unclaimed victims” FOX NEWS reports being buried on Hart Island in New York?

Timothy charles holland reports for the peterborough philanthropy task force.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 11, 2020 at 8:00 A.M.

WHO and/or WHAT is being secretly buried on Hart Island in New York?

WHO and/or WHAT are the “unclaimed victims” being reported by FOX, CNN, and CBS News (all outlets attributed in one publication)?

Is the world being lied to about those remains?

Are the remains actually dead children and other ‘beings’ that are reportedly being brought up out of the tunnel systems under New York’s Central Park?

In October of 2019 I reported U.S. Marines rescued 2,100 children from underground in California. My source used famous movie titles to describe what the soldiers found including “It” “The Wizard of Oz” “The Matrix” and “Back to the Future”.

According to a source it was “best” some of those beings did not continue to live.


Is it impossible to identify the remains of thousands of deceased persons including children and infants that were born underground for genetic experiments, Adrenochrome production, and sex slavery?

How do you mark the grave of a once living being that is part human and part animal as result of mixing genetics?

FOX NEWS reports “unclaimed victims” of the Coronavirus are being buried on Hart Island in New York.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio responded Friday to concerns that mass burials would be necessary because of the high number of bodies caused by the pandemic. Drone photos appeared to show groups of caskets being covered with dirt in long trenches on Hart Island,” FOX reported.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a tweet, “The heartbreaking numbers of deaths we’re seeing means we are sadly losing more people without family or friends to bury them privately. Those are the people who will be buried on Hart Island, with every measure of respect and dignity New York City can provide.”


Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to tell you the Coronavirus is killing massive amounts of people who have NO FRIENDS and NO RELATIVES to privately bury them.

Is there a list of their names?

Because every human being has a name and a life history.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command.


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  1. Thanks Timothy… ??

    Chimera Genetics is very real folks! ?: https://www.britannica.com/science/chimera-genetics

    The XenoBots use Genetically engineered Frog legs for [their] insidious Robotic Mind Control Transhumanism Agendas:

    Massive Lawsuit should be evidence enough of this Dark Agenda exists:

    [they] had evil plans…


    Welcome to The Days of Noah Patriots!!!

    God Bless ??

  2. hello, thanks for this report. could you put the subtitle on the video youtube,for people from other countries? thank you

  3. Timothy, will the president help those of us who had children taken by CPS, get our children returned? I knew about all of this through people like Cathy O’Brien,Ted Gunderson, Brice Taylor, Nancy Schaefer,and victims who described personally to me, being involved in ritual abuse. My grandchildren are with a woman in Celina, Texas. I have fought for years to get them. I am the Connor, in Connor vs. Deckinga, in the United States District Court, Fort Worth, Texas. I promise they falsified six favorable reports on me. This means the Attorney General’s Office of the state of Texas is involved in perjury in my case, as well as in the 323rd District Court. The 323rd District Court murdered my friend, American Airlines Captain, Van Mark Smith. He had ten children and his wife Amy was home schooling. Two infant grandchildren totally disappeared in that case. The children are all connected, but they do not know where their mom is. Deborah Lynne Connor on Facebook

  4. Hi this is a great resource thanks appreciate it. I am very concerned to learn that Trump has stood down and enacted FEMA. what is going on? I am seriously concerned for Americans.

  5. Well, I guess that’s one justification for why this isn’t being shared in the open in the news, considering lives created, in such a cruel and unlawful way. Who are these doctors doing this, if it’s true? Who are these bio researchers and scientists?

    I’m sure so much of this would beseverely traumatizing to the general population of decent human beings, even people who can be not so perfect that wouldn’t even support that.

    It would terrify so many who honestly have no clue about 1/3 of this…if it’s true, but there is a lot of compelling evidence that shows it has merit.

    Can people imagine how disturbed and frightened so many would be to see human hybrids, who are alive…are they lives with feelings? How functioning with understanding are they? Some more than others? The abuse they have suffered, as well.

    There is no form of punishment one can do to those so evil other than ending their existence on the spot and outing those connected to it and supporting it or financing it, to include hospitals, doctors, scientists, and Bill Gates type of funding people…Soros comes to mind, too.

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