Timothy charles holmeth reports for the peterborough task force kids' cages.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 10, 2020 at 2:14 P.M.


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5 thoughts on “KIDS IN CAGES

  1. HALLELUJAH, I have been praying this would be exposed since 1991. The Family Court System, has been destroying children and families for years. I got 18 affidavits completed for Francesa Amato, via the pattern of David Jose. I have waited for thirty years to see this happen. I was a dismal failure as a child advocate in Utah. The state just attempted to make me look unstable.

  2. Hello Timothy. Your new expanded video is excellent. The added footage of fire and smoke coming out of the ground is a good addition. That is how I first heard about this mission. People were posting videos of the whole bizarre scene – the helicopters flying low over neighborhoods in the pitch darkness after the electricity went off. It was a hopeful rumor until you came out with that first audio and confirmed it for me. Some may say this report has no proof, but for me, the proof is in your good name. I knew for some years what you were going through and I thank God that you made it. Keep speaking out, those of us who can’t sleep live for your reports.

  3. I remember when you first posted this. I checked out the USMC website to confirm. It all sorted out although the USMC didn’t say why they were activated.
    I’m sorry Tim. I’m sorry you have to deal with this alone. Praying for you. @sarajanesrock on Twitter.

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