Lessons from the Elizabeth Smart case

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 20, 2019 at 9:30 P.M. CST

On June 5, 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was abducted at knife point from her bedroom in her family’s house in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was rescued nine months later by police. Smart went on to tell her harrowing story which included the revelation that she was raped daily.

Smart’s abductors, Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee, were subsequently criminally charged and sentenced to prison. Mitchell was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault and found guilty on both counts.

Clearly – Smart was kidnapped by Mitchell because Mitchell wanted to rape Smart, which he did at will.

Sixteen years later…

On October 15, 2018, 13-year-old Jayme Closs was abducted from her Wisconsin home in the middle of the night by a masked gunman that shot both of her parents. Her abductor taped her mouth shut and bound her before putting her in the trunk and driving two hours to their destination.

Jayme escaped her captivity 88 days later and Jake T. Patterson was quickly arrested and charged with homicide, kidnapping, and burglary.

Patterson was NOT charged with sexual assault. In fact – the criminal complaint does not even hint at sexual assault and actually describes Patterson instructing Jayme to go into another room and take her clothes off so she could change into his (Patterson’s) sister’s pajamas.

The criminal complaint says Patterson saw Closs get onto a school bus and knew “that was the girl he was going to take”.

Take her for what?

The complaint does not refer to any motive by Patterson whatsoever.

So you have to believe that at the moment Patterson finally had Jayme (the girl he was going to take) under his control and at his mercy he told her to go into another room to undress.

Let’s think about something now.

Brian David Mitchell, a demonic religious mental case who was fifty years old, was actually capable and desired to rape a captive teenage girl every day. Yet, Jake T. Patterson, 21, young and healthy, has care, custody, and control of Jayme Closs for 88 days, and there is no accusation that he ever touched her sexually.

Think about it.


Despite a massive and sustained media blitz that is subliminally suggesting to the public that Jayme Closs told police Patterson shot her parents – that news is as fake as fake can be.

Jayme Closs did not tell the FBI forensic examiner, or any other detectives connected to the case, that she witnessed Jake Patterson shoot her parents.

Jayme was not able to identify Patterson as the intruder that murdered her parents because the intruder was wearing a mask, which is exactly what Jayme told the FBI.

“J.L.C. said the first time she saw Patterson was in the bathroom where she and her mother were hiding. J.L.C. stated Patterson was dressed in black from head to toe, including a face mask, hat and gloves,” the complaint said, referring to Jayme’s recorded statements to the FBI.

So…how did the name “Patterson” get inserted into Jayme’s statements if she flat out told the FBI the man was wearing a mask?

Here’s how – the local detective did it by inserting four words – – – “later identified as Patterson“.

I’ll show you.

“J.L.C. stated there was a man (later identified as Patterson) at the door with a gun so she …”

The narrative of the formal complaint uses the name “Patterson” instead of ‘masked intruder’ fifteen times when detailing things Jayme Closs actually attributed to a man in a mask – things that occurred before she eventually saw Patterson’s face (i.e. – murder, taped up, locked in trunk, etc).

So how did Detective Jeffrey Nelson, the author of the complaint, justify saying “later identified as Patterson” ?

How was the masked killer identified as Patterson?

He was identified by Det. Nelson – that’s how.

Det. Nelson did it by claiming Patterson confessed at the jail (no indication Patterson’s alleged confession was recorded) and then inserted Patterson’s mysterious alleged confession into words to make it seem like they were coming out of Jayme’s mouth.

Det. Nelson carefully crafted a complaint wherein Det. Nelson (1) claimed Patterson confessed, and then (2) Det. Nelson used the alleged ‘confession’ to justify replacing the words ‘masked intruder’ with the name “Patterson” in the portion of the complaint that detailed Jayme Closs’ statements to FBI.



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10 thoughts on “Jayme Closs did NOT tell the FBI Jake Patterson killed her parents

  1. Why why why why WHY!? Seriously I don’t even care anymore how strange I might sound…. We are being LIED to over & over!! It’s bad enough we’ve got routine false flag shootings…….now it seems, we’ve got major criminal cases playing out in front of us, some w/actors & non actors mixed in, I guess anyway idk, & idk why that would even be a thing….the shooting stuff is all about the gun grab…..
    But this new horrendous BS of: he/she/they kidnapped, raped, & or murdered their loved one/s….. Well it’s just too over the top 2believe IMO. This Jamie secnerio does NOT sound believable in the least, then there’s that Chris Watt’s (& mom) physcopathic idiot/s void of all emotional!! Then the not too long ago FAMILY that murdered together…. & Another case of some guy, more then likely who murdered his beautiful wife.
    I don’t know but many of these seem fake, w/the Closs story being the MOST unbelievable….
    Only question 4me, is WHY in the hell is this happening??

  2. Now they are saying that Jake hosted a Christmas party at his house and those invited plus their dates didn’t know she was there because she was hiding under a bed and Jake threatened her to be quiet.
    I think the whole think is a fake tale from the media and government psyops, and that all involved are actors, that there was no killing of Jayme’s parents (or whomever was posing as her parents) they are living under other identities and in the the deep state crisis actor reserves. It might seem hard to believe a young teen like Jayme (if that really is her true name) would act this all out (but most of it is people claiming things for the stories and probably didn’t happen.
    I noticed in pictures taken with her aunt the day or so after she was rescued, that she looked well-fed, hydrated and nourished and had good coloring.
    She didn’t have any signs of dehydration which would happen if someone was kept very restricted and locked up. Her face looks as full or fuller than the previous photos. Her eyes didn’t have any circles under them and her cheeks had good coloring.
    And for all we know “Jayme Closs” or whoever she is is a few years older than the claim of 13.
    For all we know she could be 15 or 16 or even older.

  3. I live where this all happened. It happened pretty much as told. The story is not fake parents are dead and the girl did save herself. She saw a woman walking her dog and it is all true. I know who called the police and the family is just a farm family. We live where neighbors are 1/2 mile apart. Don’t make this into something it wasn’t.

  4. I think your digging up stuff and untruths wothbthe Jayme Closs case. Who knows for sure in the Jacob Wetterling case. It was supposed that an old perv in Wisconsin had him at one time and they discovered him some kid porn with pedophiles after the old man died. Becareful what you think or going to far.

  5. i am so glad that you see what i do Tim.. i also noticed teddy bears, a pink plastic case with belongings, games, .. in the one photo.. NONE of it adds up! This is a set up, I guarentee they kept Jayme, in a holding until the “coast was clear” and it wasn’t Jake doing it. I strongly believe that Jake has been framed. I am 100% sure he is being used as a scapegoat, likely no money to fight, no record, no back ground of ANYthing. he looks like a kid that would admit to anything, if more people really knew how this happens the innocent being accused. and HOW OFTEN it happens. People would be shocked. and no less the ones who look like they are “doing good for kids” like the Wetterlings.. ya, sad, heartwrenching, horrific story there i didn’t sleep for weeks after i read what you found, it forever changed me and the way i see these fake news stories, I can’t wait for the truth to be exposed! I commend you on your efforts! Pray for you and your family protection and safety. Willing to help anyway i can to bring these kids home! The ones that make it out alive from these corrupt Police Departments, Gov bad actors.

  6. I think we need to keep a level head about this and be careful not to label virtually everything a planned media event, lest we lose credibility and be written off as “conspiracy nutjobs.” Let’s be real: two people were killed and a girl was taken hostage in this situation. I don’t see how anyone could with a straight face deny that. Fake, preplanned events usually involve large numbers of people and mass casualties (If there any casualties at all, that is. Sometimes in these events there are no casualties and sometimes there probably really are some casualties.) For example, does anyone really believe that the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook were not staged events? What about that “disgruntled” former tv reporter killing a news reporter on live tv in Virginia? Anyone remember that? That was so obviously a staged event that a lot of those stories were scrubbed. Anytime a national story get MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE news coverage, nonstop, one has to wonder. What ‘s sad is that real events get about 10 seconds of attention and then are dropped. How many here even knew that there was a shooting at a bank in Florida that left five people dead?!? What tells us that this story is real and not fake is that the news cycle goes like this: “Bad referring in football game causes nationwide drama. The next 15 minutes will be devoted to this. Oh, by the way, 5 people were killed in a shooting today…..Will the famous NFL quarterback retire if he wins the Superbowl this year? We’ll have extensive coverage of this in the next half hour!” It is pathetic. A real tragedy gets lost in stupid sports stories. That tells you the event was real. But a deep state-planned event gets immediate, full and non-stop coverage.

    On occasion, there is a real story, such as this case, that does get a lot of news coverage. This was a tragedy: two people really were killed and a girl really was kidnapped. This is too big of a story to ignore. However, I am not sure the story is how we are being told. Rather than being a staged event invented to elicit change in society (such as gun control), this was something that really happened and could not be ignored, but quite possibly not as we are being told, in my opinion. I think the story really happened and I don’t think this was supposed to make the news, but now that it’s too big of a story to ignore, the story we are being told makes me wonder. In my opinion, the fact that there was absolutely no clue on this story as to where the girl was, and then she is supposedly found THE VERY SAME DAY AS SHE REALLY WAS FOUND, a few hours ahead of time, is just way too “coincidental.”

    1. Your an idiot. You probably also think 9/11 was real and there was only one lone gunmen that was “crazy” in the Las Vegas shooting.
      Oh yeah and it was all Trumps fault the government was shut down. Those poor federal employees. Umm they accept being furloughed as a condition of employment. I know I’m a former federal employee.

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