Jake Patterson not the assassin or kidnapper in Jayme Closs case?

Evidence suggests jake patterson not the class assassin.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 15, 2019 at 12:15 P.M. CST


On October 15, 2018 Jayme Closs was abducted by an intruder that murdered both of her parents with a shotgun. She could not see the intruder’s face because the intruder was wearing a mask and gloves. She was muzzled with duct tape, bound with duct tape, dragged through blood to a vehicle and locked in the trunk for a two hour drive.

But…without a doubt…

The behavior of the person that murdered James and Denise Closs and kidnapped Jayme Closs completely changes once she is KNOWN to be in the physical custody of Jake Patterson.


The formal complaint against Jake Patterson does not touch upon, in any way, as to WHY Jake Patterson allegedly kidnapped Jayme Closs and murdered her parents.

Observation 1: It is remarkable and very, very odd the detectives in the Jayme Closs case did not make a single statement in their narrative that spoke to Jake Patterson’s motive for the things he is alleged to have done.

Observation 2: There is no criminal charge of sexual assault. Once sexual assault is excluded as a motive for the kidnapping an entire world of possibilities open up.

Observation 3: The simple act of Jake Patterson instructing Jayme Closs to take off her clothes would/should/could bring a sex assault charge. That is – if he ordered her to do it against her will. “J.L.C. stated Patterson told her to go into his bedroom and take off all her clothes,” the Complaint said. Patterson then gathered her clothes and spoke about them being “evidence”.

Observation 4: Patterson had Jayme go into the bedroom to change out of her clothes. Patterson then gave Jayme his sister’s pajamas to wear. These two acts by Patterson actually showed considerable human compassion and respect. Patterson apparently gave Jayme her privacy to undress and then went so far as to find gender appropriate and comfortable clothes (pajamas) for her. This is not consistent with the brutal assassin that just murdered her parents (blew her mother’s head off with a shot-gun) in front of her, taped her up (tape over mouth – hands behind back), and physically dragged her through blood on the floor to a car where he put her in the cold trunk for a two hour drive.



The Complaint describes Closs’ time with Patterson which is 88 days. While the time is presented (in the Complaint and media) as an ‘ordeal’ for Closs there are virtually no allegations of sexual assault, sadistic physical torture, or methodical physical torture for pain compliance.

There is no account of Closs ever being physically bound (e.g. tied up) again after she was un-taped by Patterson on the night of her abduction. This is relevant because Patterson would need to make sure Closs could not escape.

The Complaint recounts one incident where Patterson allegedly hit Jayme in the back with something used to clean blinds. Jayme said it really hurt.


The Complaint stated when Patterson became angry at Jayme he pounded the wall with his fist and screamed really loud at her. That was how he enforced his rules and demanded he obeyed.

Observation 1: This is not consistent with the behavior of a brutal assassin that murdered Jayme’s parents in front of her and dragged her around. The murderer had no trepidation about taping Jayme up and putting her in a cold trunk for hours. Patterson handles things by getting visibly angry – hitting the wall and yelling.


“J.L.C. stated that sometimes Patterson would have friends and/or relatives over. J.L.C. made it clear that nobody was to know she was there or bad things would happen to her. In order to hide the fact that J.L.C. was there. Patterson made J.L.C. hide under his bed in his bedroom,” the Complaint said.

“J.L.C. stated Patterson would make her stay under the bed when he left the house” the Complaint said.

The Complaint goes into considerable detail about Patterson sliding his bed against the wall and having Jayme crawl under the bed where she was confined for long periods of time. She was held in place by totes that were weighted down. Weights were then placed against the totes so Patterson could monitor if Jayme tried to moved the totes out of the way.

Observation 1: It appears clear Jayme would “hide” at necessary times. It appeared clear that if she was not ‘hiding’ she was about the house with Patterson.

Observation 2: Patterson would enforce his instructions and demand obedience by telling  Jayme “bad things would happen to her.” It does not elaborate what ‘bad things’ meant. It could be argued that Patterson’s warning were ‘protective’ in nature and the ‘bad things’ would not be caused by Patterson. It could be argued the ‘bad things’ were going to happen to Jayme if she was ‘seen’ or ‘found’.


“On January 10, 2019 J.L.C. stated Patterson left his house and told her he was going to be gone for five or six hours,” the Complaint said.

Observation 1: This statement describes a relationship that involves honest communication between two people.

Observation 2: It appears honest communications were regular between Patterson and Closs. This is not consistent with an assassin and kidnapper.


The Complaint says Patterson’s murder and kidnapping plot involved considerable planning. Patterson (allegedly) told detectives he removed his dome light on October 15, 2108. It says he switched out his license plates. He wore a mask and gloves. He shaved his hair so he would not shed hair at the scene. He used a .12 Gauge slug and purposely did a head shot to assure certain death of the victim. He purchased duct tape.

Observation 1: Patterson was so calculated he allegedly took every measure to avoid detection at the murder scene. However, he had no plan for confining Jayme beyond having her hide under the bed and closing it off from view with totes.


Jacob Wetterling case researcher Julie Tremp viewed an array of undated photographs that were taken inside the home of Jake Patterson. The photos were published by Daily Mail and FOX NEWS. It is not known who took the photographs. It is not known if they were taken before or after the crime scene was processed. Tremp observed a game called Monopoly was open on the floor. It appeared somebody was playing a game that required two people.


_ _ _ _ _


Jayme Closs kidnapping cover-up – Daily Mail publishing CIA disinformation

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 1, 2019 at 1:24 P.M. CST

On January 16, 2019 Daily Mail published ‘EXCLUSIVE: Jayme Closs’ kidnapper lived in weird ‘time warp’ without smart phone, social media or internet connection…’

This propaganda piece was instantly recognized by timothycharlesholmseth.com as an attempt by co-conspirators worried about their telephonic and Web communications with Jake Patterson.

And my prediction was correct.

The mainstream media is now reporting “Authorities examine Jake Patterson’s phone in Jayme Closs case,” reported Valley News Live.

It wasn’t the first piece of controlled disinformation published by Daily Mail in the Closs case. On January 14, 2019 timothycharlesholmseth.com published ‘Undated photos of Patterson home create further mystery in Jayme Closs’ when Daily Mail published a slew of un-sourced photos taken from inside Patterson’s house.

The source of the photos taken in the Patterson home should be questioned by law enforcement to see if Jayme was present when the photos were taken.

_ _ _ _ _

IMPOSSIBLE ANOMOLY in Jayme Closs case strongly suggests law enforcement is LYING about timeline and details

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 11, 2019 at 9:19 A.M. CST

How could a Facebook page report Jayme Closs had been found in the WRONG county – BEFORE the ‘official’ time?

PUBLISHER’S OPINION by TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH: The real answer is ‘somebody’ KNEW Jayme’s welfare status, and about a plan to have her be found. It was a controlled shadow government operation connected to those involved in the Jacob Wetterling cover-up.

On January 10 the Facebook page ‘Back The Blue Wisconsin’ announced Jayme Closs had been found. It created so much of a stir that Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald issued a press release that was published by The Chetek Alert.

“A post on social media suggesting that Jayme Closs had been found in Walworth County is false, said Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 10.

Fitzgerald said that police were responding to a location in Walworth County—in the southeast corner of the state—but the incident was not related to the Jayme Closs case.

“Jayme Closs was not located—this is a false new story. There is a heavy police presence near Walworth Co., but it is unrelated to the Jayme Closs case,” Fitzgerald said in a brief message to news media.

But wait…

She WAS found.

It was NOT fake news!

However…according to Fitzgerald…there’s nothing to see here – move along, move along’.


Sheriff Fitzgerald would go on to report Jayme Closs HAD been found – albeit at a tiny short bit later than the time reported on Facebook and in a different county.

In a formal press conference Sheriff Fitzgerald referred to the “fake news” announcement regarding Closs’ recovery.

Fake news?

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald holds a picture of the suspect, Jake Thomas Patterson, in Oct. 2018 disappearance of Jayme Closs during a news conference in Barron, Wis. on Friday, Jan. 11, 2019. On Thursday evening the Barron County Sheriff’s Department was notified by the Douglas County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Department that they had located Jayme Closs alive. (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press)

Why is Sheriff Fitzgerald casually dismissing foreknowledge by ‘Back The Blue Wisconsin’ of the Jayme Closs’ recovery?

It CANNOT be ignored.

The clear foreknowledge of Jayme Closs’ positive welfare status, alone should have immediately sparked Search Warrants for the Facebook site Back The Blue Wisconsin, telephone records, email records, and detectives should be questioning all the site’s administrators.

Sheriff Fitzgerald is trying to cover it up.

Back The Blue Wisconsin has been openly discussing the chain of events on their site where they have been confronted by members of the public. “At this time the facts that have been presented show that your page posted she was found in Walworth county before [s]he was found, at all,” Phil Harrison said.

Back The Blue Wisconsin has been battling back against accusations.

“Instead of throwing us under the bus and calling us fake news (Including Sheriff Fitzgerald), why do[n’t] they you give some credit where credit is due to us! We had it ready to be announced at 8:00 pm Jayme was found alive! Our page was hacked by a former admin who bumped up the post with an incorrect location,” said Back The Blue Wisconsin.

Throwing us under the bus?

Ready to be announced?


That’s right.

Ready to be announced at a pre-determined time!

Then – somebody jumped the gun and got off script – possibly confused by the high police activity in Walworth County.

I’ve been an award-winning mainstream news reporter,  journalist, and author for nearly twenty years and one thing ANY news reporter in whole wide world will tell you is you will NEVER see a BOMBSHELL scoop that a missing child has been FOUND ALIVE, and then see the publication HOLD the story all day for a ‘timed’ release. The only way they had the story to hold was BECAUSE THEY WERE IN ON IT.

“From time to time there is inaccurate information posted on our page and we try to give everybody best and most up-to-date information there is on the news. We will continue to support law enforcement and area K9 units throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Our organization will also continue to participate in the annual law enforcement celebration night at Miller Park,” said Back The Blue Wisconsin.

Inaccurate information?

No pal…

You possessed knowledge that you should not have possessed at the time you possessed it regarding the welfare status of a missing child named Jayme Closs.

America, please note the following…

Before learning the aforementioned details regarding the premature media release of Jayme Closs’ recovery, www.timothycharlesholmseth.com had already published AMERICA THE FURIOUS: Jayme Closs case development reveals FOX NEWS may be covering up child trafficking.


Timothy Charles Holmseth has been deemed a credible FBI witness in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping (Florida) and has exposed the fact that Search Warrants in the Jacob Wetterling case PROVE Minnesota law enforcement NEVER found Jacob’s remains because the lab reported the bones and teeth that were supposed to be Jacob turned out to NOT BE HUMAN.


If you have any tips or information regarding this case I would love to hear from you at tholmseth@wiktel.com 

These people are stupid


_ _ _ _ _

Undated photos of Patterson home create further mystery in Jayme Closs

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 14, 2019 at 2:01 P.M. CST

On January 10 the Facebook page Back The Blue Wisconsin announced Jayme had been found BEFORE she was even found – drawing a media correction from the county sheriff –  and it only got worse from there.

Today, FOX NEWS and Daily Mail published an astounding array of un-dated photographs from inside of the home of the suspect, Jake Patterson, where Jayme was allegedly held for 88 days.

Neither of the ‘news’ organizations have stated when the photos were taken; or who took them. There is no date on the photos so it’s impossible to know if the photos were taken before, or after, the crime scene was processed. Daily Mail simply said the photos had “emerged”.

Some of the photos actually show blankets, which, one would immediately think the crime lab would have seized for forensic testing. That leaves the question – were the  photographs taken BEFORE Jayme was found?

FOX NEWS ominously referred to the two story house (with a garage and deck) as a “cabin” in the “woods” and called it a “house of horrors” in a headline. In another article FOX used a headline “Inside Jayme’s Jail”.  The rhetoric sounds more like the National Enquirer in 1978 than a mainstream news agency.

The tabloid style news coverage along with the behavior of Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald is so bad one has to wonder if Patterson’s right to a fair trial has already been compromised.

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  1. What county did the sexual assaults occur in?

    Where was Jake charged? What county?

    You are not very good at this.

  2. Is it possible that the prosecution thinks they have such a slam-dunk case with double homicide and kidnapping that they are purposefully leaving out other charges of a sexual nature so as to avoid testimony and public testimony of such crimes? Would they be trying to protect the girl and her family and purposefully avoiding this in order to protect her privacy?

  3. The murders and the kidnapping occurred in the county where Patterson is jailed. If there were sexual crimes that took place, they would have taken place in another county, where the house was. Could this be a technicality why no charges were filed? (Please pardon me of this is an amateurish question. I am unfamiliar with kidnapping laws and statutes and how charges need to be filed in cases spread across different venues.)

  4. Tim, well written!!!!!! All very valid points!!!!! Who killed her parents? What links or ties did her parents have to ANYONE of interest, if any. Who are Patterson’s parents? I bet you anything they are closely linked to CIA or MKUltra.


  5. I feel as though there are even more discrepancies with the criminal report even more so than these points.. What happened with the barking dog during the break in? Being that he was so enthralled with hiding evidence, why burn her clothes and not his? How did he possibly not have blood splatter on him? Even if he miraculously didn’t, again, since he was so worried about evidence, why take the chance in not burning them? There is also the discrepancy of her saying the dog barked at the car coming down the driveway. He says he didn’t drive down the driveway. Etc.

    I don’t want to defend this guy but all these “holes” make this whole thing very interesting to me.

  6. Jim, I’m no lawyer either. However, in serious crimes such as this I think that a prosecuting attorney can represent the state and can charge someone with crimes, no matter where in the state they occurred. Therefore, one solid case can be presented. Otherwise the criminal justice system would be so bogged down with having to have a separate case tried in a specific county only that it would be drastically more inefficient.

  7. Very well written Tim! I know you put a lot of research and time into this. A lot of things aren’t adding up in this abduction and these two murders.

  8. look to family particularly lindsey, she posts no pictures for years of Jayme before the kidnapping and murders and now her recent posts are odd as well. she works for Fitzgerald, this county is corrupt as hell.

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