Sister of CIA medical-torture prisoner faces endless shadow government attacks

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 16, 2019 at 6:06 P.M. CST

Dear Timothy,

I hope that with this reporting that there will be indictments in my daughter’s and my case because of the harm that was done to us and the criminal intent to divide us and harm us with mind control behavior modification programming.

1) I am law abiding;

2) I have a conscience and a heart for humanity;

3) I am a hard worker and achiever and have been ridiculed, degraded; mocked; and destroyed in collusion with dirty political campaigning;

4) I have made genuine, honest reports and was attacked and targeted;

5) Santa Cruz County mental health services deliberately and intentionally created fraudulent medical false mental health reports and I have reported this medical fraud and no action was taken;

6) Dissemination of such reports were used to destroy my career;

7) Felony crimes were reported by me and our local corrupt Capitola Police Department ignored the harm and abuse and it escalated home break ins, stolen car, physical and sexual assaults towards me with their false reporting “no crimes occurred.”

8)  Santa Cruz Mental Health services have been bilking the system for money while creating more harm than health care with no accountability;

9)  They have continued to manipulate my daughter with mind control programming and she is now is worse health care shape than ever before and our family is now divided since we have reported the harm.

10)  Santa Cruz County is involved is sex trafficking and wants to be a sanctuary community where anything goes and law enforcement covers it up and they intentionally covered up sex crimes that I have reported to them and harmed my career permanently.


It is vital that we stay with this story of how our political officials and law enforcement were involved in sex and drug trafficking crimes for profit and how our political officials were involved in harming me because of my moral commitment for having good, decent parents who raised us with a conscience, heart, and soul for humanity and to help others and to care.  Our system is designed to protect the criminal profits and to harm anyone who exposes the organized crime.

I hope our President will hold people accountable and have more criminal indictments and a shakedown in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties for abusing the innocent and blaming innocent woman and children for their criminal profitable enterprises.  I have so much more and it is so painful that it takes me time in between to recover and try to make any sense of Why?

Thank you for your fortitude and brave efforts to help in this fight to hold public officials accountable and to give victims a voice.  My daughter’s programming is so successful that she turns against me for the fact that she was hurt so I will give you how much of my heart and soul that I tried to help her and be a voice for her.  She wants to hide in silence.  TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING.  I want to pull her OUT of the mental treatment fraud system to save her life and get her the right kind of support and care so that she will not continue to be exploited by abusive men and law enforcement coverups.  I hope to see law enforcement shakedowns of all of them that allowed and aided and abetted all attacks of home break ins, stolen car, medical fraud records, destruction of my good name and career, false arrest with Paul Todd Angel and John Sanfilippo (traffickers) and all law enforcement and political figures who were part of it.

Sincerely and respectfully submitted,

Anne Hanly


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