Polly Klaas sold to Saudi Arabia?

Was this another one polly klaas sold?.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 27, 2018 at 11:04 P.M.

Yesterday I published CIA sex rings of the elite – insider Anne Hanly names operators – Bohemian Grove to Washington D.C.

The article focused on Greg Mengell who operates Interstate Association for Stolen Children.

I pointed out Mengell’s strange involvement with impoverished kids that he turns over to CPS against their parents’ wishes – and that he once boasted to Anne Hanly he was greeted by a limousine when he traveled to Washington D.C.

Moreover – Greg Mengell referred Hanly to CIA operative Al Holbert; a relationship that ultimately devastated Hanly’s career and life.

Hanly said something to me during an interview that caught my attention. “Marc Klaas used to visit Greg [Mengell] a lot,” she said.

Hanly said a man named Jeff Turner told her Polly Klaas was trafficked in Saudi Arabia.

Jeff Turner is a local fixture in Santa Cruz that apparently has somebody so nervous they created a ‘Local Wiki’ page about him.

Now – today I published ‘What the hell happened to John Hilary Hanly in Ward 400?’

In today’s article I showed that John Hanly was a patient (victim) of S.K. Rothschild and Dr. Louis ‘Jolyon’ West, and was tortured and sexually assaulted in the CIA MK Ultra program.

John Hanly was also a patient at Devereux

Guess what?

Hanly said Turner was a patient at Devereux, too.

Jeff Turner told Hanly that Polly Klaas is not the child buried at her website and according to Turner, Polly was “trafficked in Saudi Arabia.”

Hanly said she expressed to Turner she thought Klaas was once of the good guys and Turner replied, “He’s not”.

Hanly said she is leery of Turner because he is a “high level Mason”.

Hanly’s mention of Marc Klass peaked my attention, because over the years investigating missing children cases, Klaas’ name has come up often during interviews I have conducted.

Marc Klass is affiliated with underworld media that supports child trafficking such as Nancy Grace.

Wayanne Kruger, the child advocate that represented the mother of missing child HaLeigh Cummings, told me Marc Klass is not who he claims to be.

Interestingly enough – Kruger was able to tell me ‘on the record’ during recorded interviews the names of CIA operatives running a baby sales operation that traffics little kids and infants through the U.S. Embassy.

Of course – I have long since became the target of the CIA mafia.


In August, 2018, David Gilbert, Vice News reporter, telephoned wanting to interview me regarding the fact a group calling itself ‘Anonymous’ had doxed me as part of Operation QANON. Gilbert said I was targeted because they say I am “a man that harasses the family’s of murdered children under the banner of QANON.”

Vice News was hoping to write a smear piece to discredit me.

Nothing new. I know Vice News is a Deep State publication that takes it’s marching orders from CIA.


As you might imagine…

A hundred light bulbs turned on above my head when I Googled the words “Jeff Turner Santa Cruz” and a Vice News article populated called “I Think Were Obsessed Now”.

The article butchered Turner and labeled him as a conspiracy theorist with Aspergers.

You know what that tells me.

Polly Klaas was trafficked to Saudi Arabia.

Methods of Operations: FBI, NSA, CIA, DOJ

OPERATION CHAOS (submitted by Anne Hanly)

July 1968

  • Gather information on their immortality;
  • Show them as scurrilous and depraved;
  • Call attention to their habits and living conditions;
  • Explore every possible embarrassment;
  • Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them;
  • Send articles to newspapers showing their depravity;
  • Use narcotics and free sex for entrapment;
  • Have members arrested on marijuana or dui charges;
  • Exploit the hostilities between various persons;
  • Use cartoons and photographs to ridicule them;
  • Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt;
  • Get records of their bank accounts;
  • Obtain specimens of handwriting;
  • Provoke target groups into rivalries that resulted in deaths.

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