Leon Panetta OWNED by sister of MK Ultra lab rat

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 11, 2019 at 6:31 A.M. CST

Jan. 10, 2019

Dear Tim:

I just saw a recent interview with Leon Panetta, former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, former CIA, and former Defense Secretary.

He was saying, ‘We cannot have people losing their paychecks; we cannot have people hurting with their families or going without food and not able to get loans and not have a political impact taking place.’

Do you think he cared about my father’s paychecks that went to my brother’s care, John, when CIA harmed him under Dr. Louis Jolyon West.  I still have my dad’s paychecks receipts that he paid generously for the care of his son.

Do you think that Leon Panetta cared when I was gang stalked and politically assassinated by Susan Lott, et al?

Do you think he cared when my daughter was kidnapped and gang raped?

He so smoothly talked about hurting innocent people and helping our people.  It disgusts me how manipulative our political figures are and how dishonest to our American public. I assure you that this man did not care one bit about my brother or others that suffered the same fate in the United States.

He is criticizing our President’s decisions about shutting down the government. I am grateful that I grew up with my brothers and sisters and learned how to live simply without having a lot of money as a result of the Rothschilds, Vatican, CIA that harmed my family early on and bilked my Dad’s paychecks for my brother’s care while my parents lovingly and devotedly held us together with love and prayer.

My heart is truly with our American families who have been harmed by those that we put in power that have deceived us for their own greed and power and have exploited us with their abuses of position and power and who are “hurting the innocent,” as Leon Panetta pretended he cared about.  I assure you that he does not.  He lives right here in Monterey a half hour away from my daughter and me. He could have made a single phone call and stood people down and moved them out of my way to allow me my paycheck that I worked so hard for but because of the political corruption could not obtain.

I have faith because I will always stand for the TRUTH with honor and integrity in my heart and soul.

Respectfully and honestly submitted,

Anne Hanly


Anne Hanly is a whistle-blower whose entire family has been targeted by the CIA for decades of MK Ultra torture, human experimentation, Satanic Ritual Abuse and gang stalking.  Hanly’s story involves S.K Rothschild, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, and Vatican sex trafficking. 

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