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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 6, 2023 – USA

Is Field McConnell preparing to expose retired General Michael Flynn, Tim Ballard, Juan O’Savin (fake JFK Jr. character), David Lester Straight, and others?

The affidavits of Jessie Marie Czebotar and the evidence of crimes against humanity and children that is entered into the U.S. Courts and U.S. Military are pouring out in every direction – and McConnell is saying some interesting things.

Field McConnell in front of an Aircraft in Pilot Dress

In 2019, Timothy Charles Holmseth, War Correspondent, reported details he was given by David Lester Straight about the transfer of 2,100 children from cages underground in California. The children had been held at China Lake military base. Straight told Holmseth he possessed high level clearance (enough to watch videos of Mike Pence raping a child) with the U.S. Secret Service and assisted the United States Marines in moving the children, which, Straight said went to a “military base” and then Johnson County, Texas. Straight said most of the children had been abducted by Child Protection Services (CPS) whereupon they ended up in cages where they were tortured and experimented on. Straight told Holmseth he was working on three Presidential commissions under Donald J. Trump and, he said, he was directly communicating with Melania Trump by phone and email for what was called the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”.

In May 2021 CBS news reported about the 2,100 kids in an interview with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The report attempted to confuse the public about the “2,100” kids Holmseth was reporting about. The Mayorkas report attempted to blame the disappearance of the children on President Trump.


In 2019, Holmseth identified narratives of a psychological operation called “Q” that was deceiving the public into believing John F. Kennedy Jr. was still alive. Holmseth observed a caller using the name Juan O’Savin was calling into the radio program ABEL DANGER which was hosted by Field McConnell at his Plum City, Wisconsin studio. McConnell had created little sticks with JFK Jr.’s face taped to the stick – and when Juan O’Savin would call, McConnell and others would hold the stick up to their face to imply the man on the phone was actually JFK Jr. On one occasion, McConnell made contact with Holmseth and asked him if he could appear on an unscheduled SPECIAL EDITION because Juan O’Savin wanted to talk to Holmseth live on air. Holmseth agreed and a short time later Juan O’Savin (pretending to be JFK Jr.) talked to Holmseth. Juan O’Savin told Holmseth he was the man that was going to help bring down the Deep State. Juan O’Savin told a true story about a man who was attacked by an Anaconda that began to crush the life out of the man. He said the man fought and fought and fought and began to bite the back of the Anaconda’s neck and chewed into its brain. Juan O’Savin said the man finally killed the snake. Juan O’Savin said Holmseth is that man. Juan O’Savin said, “You’re my hero man”.

On another occasion Sgt. Robert Horton (a.k.a. War Castles) telephoned Holmseth’s (and Jessie Marie Czebotar’s) escrow agent Randi Lynn Erickson to talk to her. During the call, Holmseth, who was present, identified himself to Horton and said, “hi”. Horton sounded surprised and said, ‘THE Timothy Holmseth? The LEGEND?”

Timothy Charles Holmseth was considered the “Legend” because he had successfully infiltrated the Jeffrey Epstein FINDERS operation and captured international human traffickers on tape discussing their operations which included a black-market baby sales operation being run by an FBI agent through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC. Holmseth was interviewed several times by the FBI in 2010 and deemed “credible”.

In the months leading up to the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington DC, retired General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, a gaggle of Navy SEALS, and others, set up a “Fusion Center” at the South Carolina plantation called Tomotley, which had been purchased earlier that year by Wood. Shortly before January 6, 2021, David Straight telephoned Holmseth and told him he was meeting Lin Wood in Washington DC on January 6. Straight said “Juan” was also going to be there. Straight told Holmseth he (Straight) drafted indictments and were going to arrest members of Congress and “hang them”.

On January 4, 2021, now disgraced attorney Lin Wood (unbeknownst to Holmseth), launched the Tweet storm they planned. Wood’s first Tweet was to President Trump and contained a MEMO authored by Timothy Holmseth that provided details of the FBI child trafficking operation.

Twitter article by timothy being shared by Lin Wood


After the events of January 6, 2021, Holmseth traveled to Johnson County, Texas and met Straight at the “embassy” he created with his fake wife Bonnie Thomas. Holmseth showed evidence to Straight that implicated Patrick Byrne, Lin Wood, General Michael Flynn, and others. Straight became highly agitated and did not like what Holmseth was saying.

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Mugshots of David Lester Straight & Bonnie Thomas

Field McConnell recently stated he is working with a woman from Canada named Paula C. Blades. McConnell said Blades, along with her husband Nathan, as well as others, are going to be meeting in Pierce County, Wisconsin. McConnell said Blades and one other woman are the only people in his “circle”.

Blades says she is working with “Five Eyes” intelligence and NSA.

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In March 2021, Paula C. Blades, emailed data and research regarding China Lake, kids in electrified cages, the FINDERS cult, and other items. Blades said “Tim Ballard” of Operation Underground Railroad is involved.

In September 2021, Paula C. Blades, emailed data to Holmseth about retired General Michael Flynn. “Attached are my “Negative” Flynn Files,” Blades said.

This is a developing story.

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