New York Times trying to cover-up what’s really happening under tents in Central Park

Bullshit from the nyc.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 7, 2020 or 2:15 P.M.

The failing New York Times is attempting to deceive the world about what is happening underneath the tent complex set up in Central Park.

Yesterday, the NYT published a photo of the tent complex presently set up in Central Park; underneath the photo they said, “New York City officials are starting to lay contingency plans if deaths from the coronavirus outbreak begin to overwhelm the capacity of morgues: temporarily burying the dead on public land.”

The first paragraph is intended to fool readers into believing burial sites are being created in Central Park.


Evidence shows otherwise.

Yesterday I published ‘Secret Tunnels Beneath Central Park (Public Evidence of Children Being Rescued)’.


Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s former bodyguard, Craig Sawyer, the Deep State’s child trafficking controlled-opposition front-man, joined the out-of-tune chorus of the NYT last night in a video where he nervously babbles on for an hour insisting there are no children being rescued from underground.

Hillary Clinton’s bodyguard nervously insists no children are being rescued from underground

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force reported in October of 2019 that 2,100 children had been rescued by U.S. Marines from underground tunnels in California.

The PPTF now reports 35,000 children have been rescued across the Unite States and more are to come.



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3 thoughts on “New York Times trying to cover-up what’s really happening under tents in Central Park

  1. God Bless our beloved President, his family, friends, supporters, loyal Generals & military, and unknown patriots. Thank you Timothy for your courage and sacrifice in reporting the truth. Much love and prayers.

  2. God Bless our President and our soldiers, and you, Timothy. Please watch your back. This is probably the most disturbing cruelty I have ever seen; and there has been a lot of that within our government. Praying for ALL involved in the rescue.

  3. Did the military set up shop in Michigan, too? With tents? For disturbing things going on under the city of Detroit? I read somewhere there are huge tunnels under the city of Detroit, too.

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