NO FRINGE on American flag! NO FLAGS at U.N.!

No flags at un - timothy charles holland reports.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 1, 2020 at 9:43 A.M.

President Trump and the U.S. Military are taking our country back.

No gold fringe around the American flag in recent official setting.
No flags on display at U.N.

Russell-Jay: Gould commented to Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS on the U.N. flag situation in a statement he made in quantum grammar.






Believe in me I’m with the High Command 

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15 thoughts on “NO FRINGE on American flag! NO FLAGS at U.N.!

  1. Thank You, for being a Patriot and beacon of light and truth, Timothy.

    1. Timothy,

      Thank you and you teammates more than I can imagine for this extraordinary task you have been fulfilling.

    1. The flag with the fringe was of the Admiralty Court. We the People had no standing especially in the courts.

    2. There was gold fringe around the flags during the recognition ceremony at The White House.

      1. As defined in Army Regulations the flags with gold trim are reserved for the Commander in Chief. Its use in our courts is treason, our courts being unlawfully operated by the BAR, British Accreditation Registry, under an imaginary maritime jurisdiction due to our birth being converted into a berth.

  2. My daughter and I were talking about the conspiracy theory of JFK Jr being alive and how he swore to avenge his fathers death, and how great that would be if he and Donald Trump could do that and same time get rid of the evil cabal or Illuminati who want to repress and dominate the world. It came to my mind that the beast in Revelation would suffer a fatal blow but be alive again and it seems eerily close to the scenario of JFK jr coming back on the scene as the reincarnation of his father. The second beast would direct the world to worship the beast who had received a fatal blow and came back.

    There’s a lot of symbolisms being thrown around that JFK Jr is Q anon and giving coded clues online to what is going to happen, and my daughter likes to look at Gem atria to see what names have a connection to numbers, specifically 666. I told her I heard that the older manuscripts had the number as 616 and it had been changed to 666 at some point, so she searched under 616 and what came up?… JFK.

    I kind of dismissed it as a quirky coincidence until I saw this video and my JAW DROPPED and had a MIND MELT!
    Am I the only one that finds this video deeply disturbing? continue=1115&v=Dbci6F6xZbk&feature=emb_logo

    1. I thought the same thing. It scared me very much. The video you mentioned won’t open.

  3. How about Targeted Individuals? When can ppl falsely thrown onto the fraud watchlist to slow kill with Cuba and China style electrinic weapons expect SOME relief fro FBI FUSION CENTER INFRAGARD MERCENEARIES? Do you know how much retraint it takes to WAIT for JUSTICE and not take care of these insurectionist bastards ourselves?

  4. I had heard that when gold fring is displayed it means we are AT WAR!! (ie wartime)!

    We all know that there indeed is a WAR going on with the shadow govt. Trump calls it “The Invisible enemy”

    ‘Saving P for last’

  5. Timothy Holmseth, I just want to say Thank you! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do! Make sure you take care of yourself because everyone needs some rest now and again, especially in the work that you do. It’s too much on the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual parts of our selves if we dont relax sometimes. It will also keep you sharp and on your toes which is needed when fighting this evil. Know that you are very much appreciated!!! The abused children went so long, TOO LONG, with no one, NO ONE, coming to help, and I know they are grateful/thankful for you! I pray that this NEVER EVER happens again because it’s unacceptable. I continue to educate the ones still asleep even though they call me crazy because you never know who’s reading on the other end. That person that needs just a little push into their awakening could catch one of my posts and BOOM. That in turn creates a dominoe effect with that person’s postings waking up another, that person waking up another, so on, and so forth. LOVE TO YOU! #WWG1WGA #TRUMPTRAIN2020 #SAVETHECHILDREN

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