Q – PROJECT AMBITION – Legendary NYPD ‘Son of Sam’ detective discusses human trafficking and pedophilia in Minnesota and North Dakota

It was always the cia alive legendary nypd detective jimmy roberts.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 5, 2019 at 11:02 A.M. CST

Publisher’s Note:

In 2009 I stumbled upon an international CIA child sex trafficking, baby sales and kiddy porn operation staging out of Broward County, Florida. From that day on I have been repeatedly arrested by the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota who are working with a group from Indiana connected to the U.S. Air Force to stop me from publishing information on the Web.

I was soon advised I wasn’t big enough to expose this – and live.



I found the guy that did – and he was living just down the road – the Mayor of St. Martin, Minnesota.

But would he even talk to me?

I decided to give it a shot – my time was running out.

‘Hi Jim, my name is Timothy Holmseth,’ I said, with a pregnant pause.

“I’ve heard about you,” he instantly replied.

Oh my God.

‘Jimmy Boots’ Rothstein had heard about me.

What can I do to help you, he asked?

I told him I had a problem.

Detective ‘Jimmy Boots’ Rothstein 

In 1968, NYPD Detective Jim Rothstein, known of the streets as ‘Jimmy Boots’ was tasked with uncovering the CIA’s massive trafficking and pedophile networks which he would report to the New York State Select Committee on Crime.

“I was given unlimited money and my job was to find out what was going on and it was spent infiltrating the shadow government using pedophilia, prostitution, human trafficking and that,” Rothstein said.

I told him that’s what got me on the radar of the local police.

“I don’t have that problem,” Rothstein said, commenting on my situation. “They stay away from me like I’ve got the plague.”

I’d long since heard about the legendary ‘Mayor of St. Martin’ but I was about to have my eyes opened – big time.

“I caught the CIA where they were using three little boys to compromise somebody,” Rothstein said. He said they murdered three. “Two fourteen year-olds and a fifteen year-old boy and the fourth one survived.”

Rothstein said the murders were committed by two CIA operatives named Barry Desanco and Aquarius Hador. The names would become key figures in Rothstein’s work and shed a great deal of light on my Minnesota problem.

“[Remember] that thing in Florida where the CIA killed some kids and stopped an investigation? I was in Washington when they called in,” he said.

He was referring to the notorious case of The Finders.

“I was in Washington when the customs guys called in, and what you read about The Finders now, and what it was originally, is bullshit,” he said.

‘Jimmy Boots’ had my attention – it was ‘Finders’ I had captured on tape discussing child pornography of a missing child, selling infants through the U.S. Embassy, and stealing babies from mother’s using Florida DCF and police.

I knew I had struck gold – just like I had been assured I would by an insider who told me Jimmy Boots has the answers.

“There were times I had two hundred detectives working with me,” Rothstein said.

“I had all that shit in North Dakota and Minnesota, with the shit that came off of the Son of Sam Case, and then the Smiley Face killers and that stuff,” he said.

Listening to Jimmy Boots is like a scrolling flashback flipping through decades of old headlines.

“They love to do this to harass you to stop you from doing what you’re doing,” Rothstein said, casually referring to the CIA in his thick Minnesota accent.

“I had all that stuff that was going on up there,” he said.

“Probably that’s why they’re after you – to stop you from starting any crap up there because Minnesota here is really bad,” he said.

I told Rothstein that I’d recently submitted evidence to United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and FBI Director Christopher Wray that included a never before heard audio confession of a man who was present at the ritual murder sacrifice of Jacob Wetterling.

Jimmy Boots was way ahead of me.

“You talked to Diane Muehlbauer didn’t ya?” he said.

He was correct.

I’d recently published a series on the Jacob Wetterling case that contained taped confessions from a kidnapper present at the abduction, as well as a man who said he assisted the child’s father, Jerry Wetterling, with the ritual murder. The witness to the murder said Jacob’s last words were “Daddy, daddy don’t.”

The confessions and covert recordings were captured by Diane Muehlbauer, a bail bondsman from St. Cloud, Minnesota who worked with a PI named Larry Peart, Peart and Associates, to gather the evidence. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office actively hid the evidence for decades.

I also learned from an Ohio researcher, Julie Tremp, who made the news after she exposed a dangerous pedophile named Harold Jerry Mash, that a Search Warrant from the Jacob Wetterling case revealed the bones that were found by law enforcement, and purported to be Jacob Wetterling, were later determined by the lab to NOT BE HUMAN.


Rothstein said something that I believe will shake the foundations of the Republic.

“When I came out here and ran into Diane (Muehlbauer) the information she had verified all the things that I had,” he said.


Rothstein had just verified the U.S. Government had always known the truth about Jacob Wetterling’s murder and it matched the Muehlbauer evidence. The NYPD detective that could obtain a million dollars (in 1968) with just his signature knew the Muehlbauer evidence told the real story.

It was all coming together.

And other things were making sense too.

Ronald Galstad, the city attorney for East Grand Forks, Minnesota had requested the Polk County Court order me to be psychologically evaluated after I wrote about the Wetterling evidence, and told the Grand Forks Herald during an interview about QANON that local officials were involved in a sex trafficking cover up.

David Murphy, city administrator, East Grand Forks, told the Herald I was “sick” for saying such a thing about hard working government employees.

He was wrong.

During my evaluation, Charles J. Chmielewski Ph.D., L.P., told me the police had given him CD’s with interviews I had done with U of M Professor Sarah Westall who had interviewed me on her Web program regarding the Wetterling case. He subsequently submitted his evaluation results to the court wherein he mentioned my reporting on the cover-up regarding Jacob’s bones. He found I was entirely competent.

NYPD Detective (Retired) Jim Rothstein sat down with Sarah Westall to discuss his work for the New York State Select Committee on Crime.

I had dodged a CIA bullet intended to classify me as crazy, and an existing plan involving Galstad and some operatives connected to the U.S. Air Force who wanted to have me committed into a mental institution.

And now – talking to Jimmy Boots Rothstein – I was getting the ‘Paul Harvey’ version of why my life had been turned upside down.

“Did you know there was a CIA guy who had 19 people working him who worked the Jacob Wetterling case,” Rothstein said.

Understanding CIA is not an investigative agency, I asked Rothstein why there was CIA present during the Wetterling case. “Because the Wetterling case is connected to the Johnny Gosh (case) – the Martin Allen – the Pats case in New York and the killing of the three little boys on East 64th Street in New York – they are all connected,” he said.

“Did you know there was a CIA guy at St. John’s (University) which is right there – did you know that – by the name of William Van Cleeve,” he said.

Rothstein rolled out facts and circumstances like he was simply reciting the ABC’s.

“He was there for many years – of yeah, that’s why they were here – I knew the CIA guy – I talked to him. Diane (Muehlbauer) has even got a tape of it,” he said.

“The whole Jacob Wetterling case is protecting St. John’s,” he said.

“I know the whole story behind St. Johns. I had the place infiltrated many years ago already, and the CIA was there because they used it to launder money. They used the extortion to compromise people and then launder money through the Bahamas through the Vatican bank,” he explained.

“And that’s why anybody that would have investigated the Jacob Wetterling case – it would have exposed St. Johns,” he added.

“Don’t believe this shit that [Danny] Heinrich did it,” he scoffed.


“CIA (operatives) Barry Desanco and Aquarius Hador – check up there in your town – they were up there in East Grand Forks – Grand Forks – Detroit Lakes and all through there,” Rothstein said.

“They were running the stuff that came out of the Son of Sam case – you know – the whole pedophile thing,” he said.

“You’ve got to remember the Son of Sam case is a cover-up,” he said. “Berkowitz only killed two people – six of them were killed by Barry Desanco and Aquarius Hador.”

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)

I asked if the murders were ritualistic like Jacob Wetterling. “They were just outright sex murders. It was just like killing the three boys on East 64th Street. They were having sex with them and during the sex they killed them,” he said very matter of fact.

“It takes the CIA right into it and what they were doing, which came as the result of the Process Church, which was the one that started – or we started closing in on them in seventy-six – they started moving west along on Interstate 90 – Interstate 94 and we used to call them the Interstate 90 – 94 killings,” Rothstein said.

“I have all the names and all the people,” he said.

“North Dakota and Minnesota up in that area – you’ve also got to remember the Underground Railroad ran through the Red Lake Indian Reservation where these kids could escape if they survived,” he said.

I asked him to explain.

“If you didn’t die when you were a kid and you were in it, and you got old enough and you started running, you could go through the Red Lake Indian Reservation to Canada,” he said.

“There’s all kinds of shit up there,” he said, walking me up and down highways, cities, and small towns. He said traffickers use Highway 2, which runs through East Grand Forks, to traffic narcotics and whatever else that comes in on ships to Duluth.

“I infiltrated [The Underground Railroad] – I knew the guys who were running it – it was a priest and a big Indian guy – they were helping these kids,” he said.

Rothstein said Native American children were being used and abused. “The use of the Native American kids – we even brought a Native American girl to New York to testify. She was a thalidomide baby and had a flipper for a left arm – and we exposed the whole thing with the human trafficking and that and it’s all covered up in these towns like St. Cloud,” he said.

I asked Rothstein a question.

“Who do you think somebody like Ronald Galstad – he’s the city attorney in East Grand Forks – who do you think he’s answering to?” I asked.

Rothstein didn’t even pause.

“The power brokers in Minnesota that have been covering this up since the day Lt. Gary McGahee and Kenny Tidgewell from the Minneapolis Police Department took it on and the two of them both lost their whole life over it,” he said.

Rothstein sounded audibly upset and disturbed when he talked about the two Minneapolis police officers who had their lives destroyed for doing their job.

“Its the same shit that’s been covering this up in Minnesota since 1966 when I saw and got the first information of the Minnesota connection to the organized prostitution and pedophilia run out of Minnesota and its been covered up ever since,” he said.

“Even the New York Times and the Minneapolis papers wrote how the police authorities shut it down and destroyed [McGahee and Tidgewell],” he said.

There’s official documentation. “We had hearings on that with the State Select Committee on Crime – we had all the information – it just never stopped,” he said.

“That’s why they don’t want you bringing any of that shit up, up there. You got to be kidding me?” he said, with a sarcastic laugh.

“You know if I walk into the state capital here they run for cover,” Rothstein said.

“When I go to a meeting where there’s anything like this comes up and I walk in there it like a pin – you could hear a pin drop – because I have names, dates, places,” he said.

“I personally saw the Sheriff of Stearns County at a topless bar in Minneapolis in the late 1960’s and 70’s with the hookers – McGahee identified Sheriff Ellering and Sheriff Pelzer from Morrison County – the Sheriff from Cass Lake which is Highway 2 and the Sheriff from Crow Wing County with the hookers – supplying girls to the pimps,” he said.

“We got all that – we had all that,” he noted.

“The ‘girl’s home’ in Sauk Centre was supplying hookers. It hasn’t changed,” he said.

Rothstein explained that even FBI agents were targeted for destruction if they tried to expose the organized crime.

“The whole story behind St. John’s – there was an FBI agent that came here for about three years. He’d come once a month. One day he asked me about Tom Patterson at St. John’s. And I told him what it was. And when he went – after that, thirty days later, he came and said you’re right – and he says I’m out of here and I’ve never seen or heard from him again because I told him what would happen to him if he went after it,” Rothstein said.

“I could give the names of FBI agents (and cops) who worked this stuff and their careers were over. So if you come along and stir the shit what do you think they are going to do to you?” he asked.

I asked Jimmy Boots if they had ever tried to kill him.

He laughed cynically and told me he has a sign at his home that reads “I have a .45 and a shovel and I doubt you’ll be missed.”

“The first time the FBI agent came here he said ‘that’s wrong’. That’s a .12 gauge shotgun. And I said you’re damn right,” Rothstein said.

“Him and his boss from Washington D.C. [came to see me and] there sitting between me and them was a .12 gauge shotgun loaded with.00 buck shot,” he said.

He then laughed cynically again. “There’s been rumors that I’ve been known to use that thing,” he said.

Rothstein said a Brooklyn outfit asked him to be in a documentary. He said he told the producers to use one of the New York guys.

They couldn’t.

Jimmy Boots Rothstein was the only one left alive out of 35 men.

We talked some more about Polk County, Minnesota and Broward County, Florida.

“That’s bull shit what they’re doing to you,” he said.

“What you got to do is go in there and cite McGahee and them and what happens when you expose the pedophile stuff,” he said.

When our little chat was over I had to get down to business with PROJECT AMBITION.

As I pondered my time with the legendary Jimmy Boots Rothstein, the words “he’s got the ‘won’t back down’ scars on his face” flashed through my head.

Those words came from an old Chris Knight song that I listen to in the car sometimes.

I got a three-legged dog I call Jake
Got the won’t back down scars on his face
He tussled with a bear and he came in second place

He comes back home every now and then
With some brand new scars and a happy grin
You know I’m proud to call ol’ Jake my friend

I don’t know if I will get to call Jimmy Boots my friend or not.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

But I’m damn sure glad he’s on my side.


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