Q – PROJECT AMBITION – CIA-FBI fake pastor raped toddlers and trafficked children for 40 years

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 3, 2019 at 6:17 P.M. CST

In 2009, I began conducting recorded telephonic interviews regarding a national profile kidnapping of a five year-old from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

I stumbled upon an international crime syndicate of CIA-FBI child sex traffickers connected to Clinton Global.

I acquired names, methods, and routes from operatives connected to the Pentagon and former U.S. Presidents. I obtained the most graphic of details of torture and rape (e.g. child raped by paying customers for so long the child died – split open – thrown in the garbage).

Orders were issued to operatives embedded into the Florida judicial system to obtain a “cyber-stalking” court order against me in Broward County to bring my reporting to a halt. The city government and police department in East Grand Forks, Minnesota were ordered to destroy my computer and use the Florida court order to arrest me if published information about the cartel.

Sources in the intelligence community advised me that my information was being intensely suppressed because the high profile nature of the sources and cases would dramatically affect public opinion on the Trump Wall and the 2020 election.

After learning there was a hit put out on me – Q – PROJECT AMBITION was developed and initiated.

The mainstream media contacted me regarding my affiliation with Q for a story entitled QAnon: New version of old phenomenon which was intended to marginalize my impact (but failed).

State Prosecutor Ronald Galstad attempted to discredit me by requesting the Polk County, Minnesota court order I be psychologically evaluated. I was evaluated by Dr. Charles Chmielewski Ph.D., L.P. and found to be completely competent. 

In December, 2018 Galstad filed a Brief with the Minnesota court wherein he said I was QAnon.

Q – PROJECT AMBITION – CIA-FBI fake pastor raped toddlers and trafficked children for 40 years

I obtained intelligence from Wayanne Kruger, Arizona/California. For more on Kruger read Q – PROJECT AMBITION – Baby sold by CIA operatives connected to Hillary Rodham Clinton

In 2009, when a five year-old from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings disappeared, Kruger provided victim’s advocacy services to the child’s mother, Crystal Sheffield.

Kruger said Sheffield was surrounded by a team of shadowy figures from Broward County, Florida who were ‘searching’ for HaLeigh. During this time she said she worked alongside a man named John Regan and his son, Jeremiah Regan.

Kruger told me John Regan said he was with the CIA. He also told searchers he was an “undercover pedophile” for the FBI. He told Kruger the FBI ‘already has HaLeigh’ but they want to keep it quiet. She said John Regan told her he was headquartered in “Washington D.C.”.

During my continued discussions and interviews with Kruger, she explained that John Regan was a key figure in a massive international child sex trafficking operation which he’d been operating in since the late 1960’s.

She said he is extremely dangerous.

“John Regan is serial. Not just kidnapping and pornography and sex slaves. But he is downright sodomy,” Kruger said.

Kruger said that in the 1970’s John Regan continuously changed his name as he set up churches where he would rape the children in after school programs.

Kruger said she spoke to a woman named Carol Hendrix, New York, who provided her an extended list of names of other mothers whose children were sexually abused by John Regan. “He wasn’t using the name John Regan when he was in New York,” she said, noting he always used biblical names.

“He was using his son’s name – and Jeremiah was using his dad’s name – talk about twisted up shit,” Kruger said.

Kruger said John Regan would take little kids to a “playhouse” where “he would let them do things to each other.”

Kruger told a horrific story of a mother whose little boy came home and would not stop crying. “He had a really bad rash on his bum and he was crying like no tomorrow and he was only about four and half years old.” She said the mother finally “spread his butt cheeks open” and the child had been visibly raped. “He was ripped Tim,” Kruger said.

Kruger provided me the details of a baby sales operation that involved selling babies and children to purchasers in other countries using fake medical documents and church dossiers to get the kids through the U.S. Embassy. Read Q – PROJECT AMBITION – Baby sold by CIA operatives connected to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Kruger said John Regan would keep a black market baby in his custody until they were ready to move it through the embassy.

Kruger told me John Regan was connected to an international child porn operation run through the Ronald McDonald house. Read Q – PROJECT AMBITION – Ronald McDonald House international child porn cover up

Kruger told me John Regan was involved in trafficking children across the U.S. – Mexican border.

“All of it is going to trace right back to John Regan,” Kruger said.

William Staubs (a.k.a. Cobra) was a licensed bail bondsman and PI from Broward County, Florida who involved himself in the HaLeigh Cummings case. Staubs told me John Regan was “undercover for real” and had come to hide out in Hastings, Florida.

Donald Knop, a legal assistant during the HaLeigh Cummings investigation told me John Regan told him he was with the CIA.

Richard Grund, father of Jesse Grund who was engaged to Casey Anthony, told me John Regan boasted that he used a “chaplains badge” to get past security at the Jacksonville Airport.

Judy Lucia, dog handler at a ground search for HaLeigh Cummings, told me John Regan told her he was “undercover” with the “FBI”.

Jeremiah Regan, John Regan’s son, told me his dad “cooperated” with the FBI to infiltrate a “slave camp” where migrants were being abused.

Tracy Leonard, private investigator, Louisville, Kentucky provided me a background report on John Regan that showed he was a convicted sex offender.

John Regan was very close with others that will not be named in this article.


PI ‘Cobra’ Staubs told me John Regan was hiding out in Hastings, Florida.

Many years later I received a call from a man named Lawrence Dean O’Brien who was arrested during a shooting incident in Hastings, Florida, which is a very small town of a few hundred.

O’Brien told me he was an MK Ultra mind control soldier and was in a huge (separate) shootout in Hastings, Florida after President George W. Bush put a hit out on Barack Obama who was at O’Brien’s home.

Staubs once told me that he, too, “saved Obama’s life”.


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