RESCUED: Thousands and thousands of little kids and hybrid things like people-pigs

A little girl is playing with a peacock on a bed.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 15, 2020

High level sources with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force confirm rescue missions of children held underground are taking place across the United States, and around the world; and hybrids (mixed genetics) are being found.

The following is from cirstenw on You Tube – Gene Decode #14 Clones and the DRQPS

“In Denmark near the Hague. Just like what we saw in New York and L.A. they’re taking out the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) its the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It made – if everybody remembers Frazzledrip, that’s a country picnic compared to how bad the’re bringing kids and women out of there. Thousands and thousands of little kids and hybrid things like people-pigs.” Gene Coseni said.


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12 thoughts on “RESCUED: Thousands and thousands of little kids and hybrid things like people-pigs

  1. Almanewton920@g
    My question why has not the good guys taken over every forn of internet sensoring system working within the peromators of US SOIL ???? FACEBOOK FOR SURE, GOOGLE IS BEING RUMORED TO SESORSHIP AS WELL. WANT TO CLEAN UP THE SWAMPS TAKE CONTROLS OF ALL INTERNETS.LONG ENOUGH TO CLEAN THEM UP

  2. Oh my God! It is finally happening! People will know the truth.

    1. Ja, es passiert endlich und endlich fällt das Licht drauf. Lieber Thimothy.. Dr. Olson.. Field, wo immer er gerade ist .. bleibt beschützt .. Schaut Euch auch mal die Hinweise zu den Dulce Tunnel in Mexico an .. die 7 Etagen. .was dort passiert……………….
      Beten wir für die Kinder und die Retter . Danke So sei es

  3. “In Denmark near the Hague” is not possible unfortunately. Please double check your geography.

  4. who is this gene person. ive heard him b4 but never know what credentials he has, or his sources.?

  5. Please, clean Facebook and you tube. Make new platforms for people to know the truth

  6. Get the info correct.
    I live in “The Netherlands”. The Hague is our capitol. Danmark is another country and it is not near. It doesn’t ad up.

  7. Wow. If this information is correct, then Donald Marshall’s story was true all along. I read all of his material and this info would be corroborating everything I knew about cloning.

  8. Doc Marquis, an ex-Luciferian witch, spoke at length about experiments being done between animals and humans. It has its precedence in Genesis 6.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

  9. It is not possible to give a proper reactionon this horror happening to the most innocent and vulnerable in creation: the children and the animals. The ones who commit these horrendous crimes will meet their karma and believe you me:it won’t be nice!! Furthermore I am thankful for your message and send it to as much people I knowbin order to wake them up a whole lot more.

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