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Revelations 6: 9-10 And when the Lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony they had upheld. 10 And they cried out in a loud voice, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge those who live on the earth and avenge our blood?”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 9, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. CST

Has the Lord God begun to avenge those who have cried out in the name of Jesus against the wholesale slaughter of our innocent babies and children?

Was the man ‘Donald Trump’ and the ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax planned by the Almighty God from the beginning?

Is there is a reason why this time we are living in has been called The Great Awakening?

I believe there is and I can show you why I believe it is true.

We know there was a collective of evil doers who plotted the creation of the infamous ‘Steele Dossier,’ which was then diabolically used to create suspicion that an investigation into Donald Trump was necessary because there was evidence Trump had secretly colluded with a foreign power to tamper with a U.S. election.

We know the unwarranted investigation led to signatures of evil men on applications for FISA warrants signed by evil corrupt judges so further search warrants and arrest warrants could be sought and issued as the hoax played out in the media for the world to see.

Evil men used the ‘law’ to persecute a righteous man and deceive the masses to protect their power and preserve their ability to commit atrocities against children.


What if I showed you how each and every act of deceit by trusted officials during the ‘Russia Collusion’ investigation was actually part of God’s plan to educate His people who had fallen asleep?

Would you believe the Lord God planned the ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax for this very time in history because He wanted the whole world to learn the secret recipe of evil?

That’s what I believe.

The Lord God allowed Satanists to develop and unleash an evil plan that would capture the attention of the whole world because it targeted the most beloved man on earth. The Lord God wanted man to observe the finest details and most intricate subtleties of the evil plan. The Lord God did this so mankind would believe evil exists and fully understand how it works. The Lord God wanted the whole world to know the secret recipe used by Satan’s army, which Satan regularly uses to attack the Lord’s people.

The Lord God knew that once mankind learned the recipe, His people would no longer be fooled or deceived when Satanists used the recipe for an evil plan.

The Lord God took these measures because He knows Satan’s secret army has mingled with His people the way wheat mingles with tares. The Lord God knew that many people could no longer critically think enough to see or sense danger around them.

And in that perilous slumber, millions upon millions of babies were murdered in the womb while just as many more were tortured and sacrificed in their young years.

The Lord God has communicated with me through the Holy Spirit to let me know that I was part of His plan.

My role in His plan was to be the victim of Satanists, who used the secret recipe in their efforts to destroy me in hope that their evil against innocent children would not be exposed through my publication and testimony.

He used two methods to tell me what was going to happen. He first directed me to this verse in His book.

John 21:18: Very truly I tell you, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.”

It came true.

The second direction came to me in a worldly song at a time I began to think I was not strong enough to complete the plan. The song was called ‘Cleopatra‘ by The Lumineers. During the song my spirit was directed to hear “…yes my flesh it was my currency but I held true”.

I did.

Here is what the Lord God now wants me to show and tell the world.

In 2009, I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) discovered the identity of people that kidnapped a little girl and created rape pornography of her. I proceeded to alert the so-called authorities but they too were part of Satan’s army and they used the recipe to develop an evil plan against me.

East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad and the East Grand Forks Police Department secretly communicated through back channels with the actual CIA pornographers and child traffickers who told Ronald Galstad and the police that I may have been sent copies of the photos that showed the little girl’s raped vagina.

The evil doers knew I could be imprisoned for life if I was found with such photos.

Ronald Galstad and the police conspired with the child pornographers to develop a plan to make me look like a drug dealer so a search warrant could be obtained for my computer. The plan was to pretend to ‘stumble upon’ the child porn by accident because Ronald Galstad and the police did not want to document, or create a paper trail, that would lead back to the actual child pornographers (because they are the ones that told the police the porn existed). There was an alternative plan to plant the photos on me if they did not find them (but the conspirators ran out of time).

Ronald Galstad and the police conspired with Tina Church, Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc, Indiana to have a police report called in to the police department by Church who falsely stated that I had just claimed to her over the telephone to have the little kidnapped girl in my home. That call generated a police report which was part of the evil plan [think Steele Dossier].

Simultaneously the evil doers spread information and lies about me on the Web and online radio programs. I was described as a pedophile and dangerous psycho that was ‘obsessed’ with the vagina of a little girl. Those lies were spread to make people hate me. That was part of the evil plan [think fake news – pee pee gate – grab em’ by the pussy].

The evil doers eventually obtained a search warrant, raided my home-office with guns and bullet proof vests, and seized my computer and storage discs [think Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone]. The evil plan was for the police to find the porn on my computer (or plant it) or anything else illegal. The evil doers planned to tell the world that I had kidnapped, raped, filmed, and murdered the little girl. I was supposed to die in prison.

The Lord has allowed me to be ruthlessly stalked by Satan’s army and forced to fight daily to stay alive and out of their prison. The Lord allowed this for ten years because He wanted me to learn every single tactic and trick the enemy uses.

Then – during a debate in advance of the 2016 election I saw Hillary Clinton abruptly suggest Donald Trump colluded with a foreign power. I instantly knew exactly what she was doing and that it in reality it was she that had colluded with a foreign power.

From that day on I watched the ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax unfold on both the fake news and independent media. It was an accurate microcosm of my very own life.

Here is what the Lord God showed me.

I uncovered an international child sex trafficking operation [i.e won presidential election].


East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad [i.e. HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN BRENNAN, GEORGE SOROS, BARACK OBAMA etc etc etc] conspired with EGFPD Police Chief Michael Hedlund, EGFPD Lt. Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD Sgt. Aeisso Schrage [i.e. FBI and conspirators – JAMES COMEY, ANDREW MCCABE, PETER STRZOK, LISA PAGE, etc etc etc] to fabricate evidence using Tina Church [i.e. CHRISTOPHER STEELE etc etc etc] and create the illusion that the serious crimes of kidnapping, child porn production, child rape, and murder had been committed [i.e. RUSSIAN COLLUSION] by Timothy Charles Holmseth [i.e. DONALD JOHN TRUMP] and a Search Warrant [i.e. FISA WARRANTS, SEARCH WARRANTS, ARREST WARRANTS] for Timothy Holmseth’s person, property, and computer were needed from a Minnesota judge [i.e. FISA COURT].

It’s a recipe.

They use it over and over and over.

This evil recipe has been used to destroy millions of lives in our courtrooms because the sleeping public could not believe such fantastic conspiracies involving police, lawyers, judges, and witnesses could be truly happening.

The concept of evil is too big for most to grasp.

The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer that featured the life of Steven Avery who was framed for murder is a perfect example of the Satanic judicial community using the evil recipe.

The public is yet to see the sealed documents that were used in the evil Satanic plot to overthrow a duly elected president who the Lord is using to avenge the righteous blood of Abel that cries out from the ground.


Below you can see actual documents that demonstrate how the evil recipe can be used against any person that cries out in Jesus’ name in defense of the little children.

But – the recipe is NOT SECRET ANYMORE.










4. Fraudulently obtain a domestic violence protection order against Timothy Holmseth from a Broward County, Florida court for a person he never met to prevent him from publishing information about the child sex traffickers



5. Obtain a search warrant



6. Execute search warrant



7. East Grand Forks Police and Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force place Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension stickers on Timothy Holmseth’s seized property



8. EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad tells State Judge in open court the prosecution has communicated with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) about Timothy Holmseth’s hard-drive and having the BCA search it

“I’ve just been notified that the BCA, before they’ll do a forensic search of that computer, wants either an Order of this court, or a search warrant that says they can – – we got the original search warrant, but for whatever reason the BCA wants something that says that they can actually search that hard-drive. So I am going to be either, one, asking – – or requesting an additional warrant for forensic search of that computer hard-drive or the Court can make that Order as they see fit, but I’m going to be doing that”

– Ronald I. Galstad / January 4, 2013 / Polk County District Court

9. The BCA states they had absolutely no knowledge of the search warrant, property, situation, and did not authorize the use of their stickers – RONALD GALSTAD LIED




10. Galstad and the police ask Polk County Sgt. Investigator Michael Norland to search Timothy Holmseth’s computer hard-drive and he finds nothing illegal



11. Computer is ordered returned by Judge



12. Computer is returned inoperable and files are marooned – cost to recover is $2,000.00



13. Timothy Holmseth locates back-up files of interviews and evidence of CIA/FBI child sex trafficking and baby sales – evidence accepted by Minnesota Court





14. Timothy Holmseth arrested for (allegedly) publishing the already public court files on You Tube so the world will know about the child sex trafficking operation





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