by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 25, 2020 at 10:58 A.M.

President Trump and General Michael Flynn want YOU to become a citizen journalist and report the truth to the world about matters of great public importance that the enemy mainstream propaganda machine is keeping hidden from the public.

President Trump believes there is a Paul Revere inside many of you and your country is calling upon you.

You can be a soldier in General Flynn’s digital army.

Here’s your basic training to be a Minute Man.

You may want to begin by reporting on the video above which needs distribution and dissemination immediately.

How to be a citizen journalist:

  1. Assess your source of information and determine if you believe the source is credible (alternatively you may be the source and/or go out into the field with a camera and film live events etc).
  2. If you deem the source credible – identify what you believe the source is revealing that will benefit the public.
  3. For example – if the source is a man/woman talking in a video you will (1) listen to the video and transcribe (write down) important statements you hear the man/woman say into a Word document etc. and/or (2) place the video into a video editor and edit relevant portions (be attentive to copyright laws and re-publish information in accordance with the Fair Use Act).
  4. After you have identified and extracted the important information, you should develop a HEADLINE. The HEADLINE should be a short powerful burst of descriptive words that immediately captures the readers/viewer’s attention and makes them want to watch and/or read what you are reporting. NOTE: It is counterproductive to publish ‘click-bait’ headlines which are wild attractive words that greatly arouse a person’s curiosity and incites them to click, only to learn the headline is bullshit and inaccurate.
  5. After you have written/produced your news report you should upload it to as many social media platforms as possible (this is how we outflank the enemy media). You may also decide to set up your own website. Many are free. You should create as many accounts as you can on social media to distribute your news report.

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19 thoughts on “Secret Death Squads ‘MURDERING’ 21 American ‘PATRIOT’ soldiers per day

  1. Tim we are trying the problem is people are so damn programmed they are drinking the koolaid of MSM. Divine light is coming in the help awaken the implanted humans. Ues we all got implants before birth and via vaccines some cant overcome the control on their own. We also need Trump to do his part and speak honestly and frankly to the American people. We cant convince anyone now too much misinformation and fake news holding the people hostage. We need Trump and if JFK jr is alive it’s time he reveal himself and red pill the world!
    No arrests that we know of, no children being rescued disclosure..RV? We need Trump to take COMMAND!!!

  2. How do I know that this in fact came from President Trump and General Michael Flynn? Not that it really matters seeing I have been doing this for the 30 plus years now.

  3. Replace the word “veterans” with Timothy Charles Holmseth in the video. Perfect fit. It’s happening to Timothy. Now.

  4. This is what is being done to my son Ryan. Ryan is not a veteran. They surround his house in military attire. They will enter a restaurant, sitting close to him, and talk about him, naming his name, right next to his table. The voice to skull is prevalent. Please help me to help him.

    1. With covid19 spreading at a greater amount by the minute, sitting close in a restaurant is ill advised. Warn your child of the dangers.

      1. How so, Kirby? Where is the proof that COVID-19 is anything more than a Marxist-style media event? The MSM refuses to provide any details like how many people are getting tested, the percentage of those tested showing positive, and at what test centers specifically. The testing centers I’ve observed in reported hot spots moreover have been largely empty. I haven’t even yet considered the reality that the test isn’t even accurate. I also need not discuss the shenanigans in the hospitals based on how profitable the COVID code has become for them, because that’s already been covered. Are you here to sincerely help the planet for the people, or to troll with MSM propaganda?

        1. For heaven’s sake jumbo. It’s real. Real people are being killed by it every minute all around the whole world. Its getting worse. Believe, act as you wish, bless your heart. I hope you don’t endanger others, jumbo, cause that’s 100 percent on you. Honestly, I wish you and others to remain well.

          1. For heaven’s sake Kirby, bless your heart as well. Honestly you may need to review threads on this site and others like X22 Report, Dollar Vigilante, Dave Janda, etc. regarding plandemic and mask wearing facts. Because
            Facts TRUMP Beliefs. (yes that was fun : )
            Here’s the link to a video by Dollar Vigilante on BitChute (banned by YouTube) it starts with a clip from
            The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony (Ritual?) And of all things, “Tubular Bells” from the movie “The Exorcist” is the soundtrack:
            Now, THIS NEXT video is kinda crude at first (or hilarious, depending on one’s sense of humor, sensitivity and ambient virus fear level) Warning- some rough language so don’t watch the introduction part of this vid if you couldn’t watch ‘Deadwood.’ Link below:CDC Admits COVID Death Rate for Healthy People is 0.02%
            The more people tested, the lower the DEATH RATE gets. Cheers~

        2. agree and on this covid 19 why cant the person administering the test just test as cold dignoses to see if any markers come back as covid maybe these test already have covid embedded in the testing swap .who knows?

    2. He doesn’t have to be a Veteran to be targeted. Just be a Christian or a decent Patriot is enough especially if who they are after is too close to the truth. DO NOT ALLOW THE SATANIST TO ISOLATE YOU FORM YOUR CHILD OR YOUR CHILD TO ISOLATE FROM YOU. Be there no matter how crazy things or he gets. They want him unable to count on any one. Get closer to GOD and ask him to help. You are in a spiritual war with these people. They came for my Brothers I didn’t understand for my 2 nephews I did not see it. For my Husband I still was ignorant. But when they came for my son..With the help of the LORD we won. It has been 2 years and they no longer attack us. The attack are not only physical they are spiritual, mental and relational all at the same time.

  5. Thank you Tim…
    There could not be a more important topic.
    These men give their lives for us and we should give our lives for them.

    Prayers and support

    1. Jessie, when giving lives away, please speak only for yourself. Not everyone is quite as generous as you are. Thanks a big bunch. K?

  6. Well I didn’t know that anyone else was privy to the tactics of these satanist. But They have killed 2 of my nephews a brother my husband and tried to use those tactics on my Son. I am not very computer literate but I am happy to join in on exposing these murderous cannibals! Beware if you get too close to the truth. THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

  7. My uncle died an alcoholic vegetable in a V.A. hospital, another casualty of globalist war criminals.

    I know alot of people fault Trump for his past behavior, but he has really come through for this country’s veterans. And when you think about it, he is actually in a war himself. He’s fighting all out information warfare by the mainstream media. People want this man dead and have made many attempts on his life. He’s on the battlefield every day fighting for every one of us, even the liberals who hate his guts. He’s a warrior. I have complete trust that Trump will take care of this situation.

  8. I often wonder if every person is categorized to be either a victim/hunted or the hunter/perpetrator. The hunted may be the people who never took the bait to do something questionable or were not born into it (not able to choose) or didn’t take the path ‘they’ wanted them to take. I think there are some of us who could write pages of potential targeting as you describe and just plain weird situations that we can not explain. Trooper comes to the door to investigate a car accident reported that clearly never happened. Being run off the road and left for dead more than once but police don’t care about that. Several people on a street all having heart attack symptoms but the hospital finds no evidence, ocular migraines, vertigo, temporary paralysis, migraines, burning feet, ringing in their head, hives…. but don’t have it on vacation. Seems to happen almost on a cycle. Maybe this is all normal stuff. Murder suicides where family members are not crying. A wife continually telling and texting her husband to kill himself – like in the video. He did. He was not a vet. I would like to know why/who. I heard there were files on us. Does someone really fill out a form to target you? My family does not consent to being targeted be any of these methods. Some days that seems to work 🙂

  9. Send in the white hat Marines to take out the black hat intel operators. The job of the American military is to protect American patriots from domestic or foreigb terrorism.

  10. Tim,
    I felt compelled to send this. It was sent via email. I think important people need to at least have a heads up. I will confirm first hand in my suburb neighborhood in Fairport NY, that for the past month, it’s been going on. So much so, everyone is accustomed to it and no more complaints. The FB Communitypage asked residents to stop posting complaints. ….

    (717) 334-1168
    If you fail to copy or share this you are not a patriot you are part of the problem

    I received this in a email – FYI
    Tuesday, June 23, 2020 11:59 AM
    PLEASE be aware this July 4…….

    30,000 members per state…many trained by radical Islam they plan on killing as many Trump supporters and whites as possible!!

    ANTIFA To Desecrate Gettysburg National Cemetery on July 4 – Then MURDER & BURN White Suburbs under cover of “Fireworks”

    ANTIFA is planning to desecrate the Gettysburg National Cemetery by burning flags there on July 4; just before they begin MURDERING White people and BURNING DOWN Suburbs the same day. It will start at the desecration of Union Solder graves at Gettysburg, Pa.

    According to the Controlled Unclassified Law Enforcement Bulletin issued as “Law Enforcement Sensitive – For Official Use Only” to Police and Fire Departments about ANTIFA already using fireworks to acclimate suburbia with sounds of explosions, so they can use those to cover for gun fire when they attack white, suburban, neighborhoods the same day.

    According to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in a Bulletin issued to Police and Fire Departments, ANTIFA has been taking deliveries of very large shipments of professional-grade fireworks. They have been sending teams out to various areas throughout America to detonate those fireworks for the past two weeks, to achieve Three (3) specific objectives:

    1) The first objective is to test the response of local law enforcement. If fireworks are going off around the clock and residents are filing complaints, will police respond? How long does it take them to respond? How many officers? Do they even respond at all? This data is being recorded by these groups, and will prove to be very valuable intel for what is to come. This is a very accurate barometer to test the waters.

    2) The second objective is to get local residents (ie: white people in nearby neighborhoods) acclimated to the frequent sounds of explosions that often sound like gunfire.

    3) The final objective: Knowing response times and manpower of police, and having acclimated the local population into explosion sounds that mimic gunfire, to then commit arson attacks with professional fireworks to set so many fires, local Emergency Services are immediately overwhelmed, and enter houses to actually fire guns and kill as many as possible in white suburbs.

    Unless you have been living on different planet, you should be fully aware that America is currently under attack. While mass-media has portrayed this situation as “peaceful protests” those engaged have been rioting, smashing private property and businesses, looting on a scale which is un-paralleled, and beating, stabbing, shooting innocent people in the areas where these activities are taking place.

    You have probably also read or overheard many reports of illegal fireworks and explosions that are currently taking place throughout many different US cities. If you do a Google search for “fireworks complaints” you will find countless articles posted just in the last week or so.

    Most of these news reports are local, since local news is far more likely to have boots on the ground and residents reporting an accurate assessment as to what is actually going on. However, national media outlets are largely attempting to paint this “uptick” in fireworks activity as a sign of people being overly “celebratory” in preparation for the 4th of July.

    Here are the facts, so please pay close attention.

    As a result of major 4th of July events being shut down and cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an overwhelming surplus of fireworks have flooded the market. Several activist groups including ANTIFA, BLM and Weather-Undergound are exploiting this surplus and are bulk purchasing from suppliers in extremely high volumes.

    In many cases, these are highly dangerous, professional-grade fireworks.

    The number of people within these groups must not be underestimated. They operate like terrorists and use clandestine communication strategies. There are many members of these in groups in most major cities, and have been for several years. Yes, these are essentially domestic terror cells, and as you’ve likely guessed, this is indeed the year in which they have been instructed to carry out their master’s dystopian agenda.

    What they are doing is delivering fireworks in bulk, via moving trucks and vans.

    You may have remembered the pallets of bricks that were being dropped off at various locations so Rioters could use those bricks to destroy property? This is a similar strategy.

    Once these fireworks are delivered, they are then distributing them to any black people who wish to set them off for their own entertainment, previously under the guise of the non-existent “Juneteenth” holiday, and to make sure these fireworks were set off almost continually all day and night in various cities.

    This may not be a shock, as you’re likely aware that white, Marxist radicals are the ones who have been frequently arrested for burning buildings cars during these riots. Again, these are activists/terrorists who have covertly infiltrated these predominantly black areas. So, this answers the question of “who” is responsible for the huge number of fireworks complaints that have been circulating for a week or more.

    You may remember a blip on Drudge and various other outlets not long ago about the riots reaching white neighborhoods, and this is indeed the objective.

    The foundations of this great nation are in the process of being literally erased. This should be clear by now. Pray for America.

  11. I believe they use these ‘squads’ to assist in all forms of human trafficking. However they can make a buck off another human being.

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