They’re going to slit my throat

A woman's neck with blood on it.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 24, 2020 at 7:42 A.M.

I recently reported that we received death threats against President Trump and his family.

They also continue to threaten me.

The Deep State pedophile operatives have now amended their false narrative regarding me and have begun calling me a “jew” (which is not true – I am Irish).

They say they are going to slit my throat etc.

Here, psychopath Gerald Brummel (who is absolutely OBSESSED with violent sex and rape) tells me I am going to be raped.


Their new angle is that I am Jewish.

That’s funny…

I wrote a song called “I was her Irish man” many years ago.

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19 thoughts on “They’re going to slit my throat

  1. There’s definitely a Jewish component to a lot of the anger and corruption out there. A friend of mine has been at a custody battle over here to artistic boys who are being trafficked. They state the fact that she is Jewish makes for a bad mother. They’ve also fabricated many other things to back up their claims with no actual proof.

    1. Demonic entities will spin, twist, bait, promote fear plus anything they can do to stop God from being glorified on this earth. Liars from the beginning and KNOW God wins in the end. Through the most powerful name in this universe, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I command these devils to be confused and incapable of harming you, our beloved President Trump and all true patriots in command of this raging spiritual war. We are saving the children and cutting off their Adrenochrome. Praise God!

  2. About time the IP address be checked and US MARSALLS arrest this psycopath…Prayers increased for you Timothy and for POTUS! GOD is still in control…Praise the LORD.

  3. Tim, I am so sorry you have had to go through these threats and harassment. Like I said before, they just labeled me mentally unstable and a joke. All I was doing was exposing the corruption in Family Court with battered women losing their children to batterers. Then, I began to encounter battered women having their children snatched by CPS. Hang in there, we are praying for your safety. Deborah

  4. The Lord’s word has clearly stated, “And they overcame him (the enemy) by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony.” Revelations
    So Tim, Our Dear President and First Lady, the Lord has said, “Have I not commanded, do not tremble nor be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you whereever you go.” Joshua 1:9 Never forget,”His Kingdom is not a matter of talk but of power.” 1 Corinthians 4;20…sending an amazing powerful prayer your way

    Prayers Releasing Power and the Blood of Jesus by TheAgapEKind Media

    And since we all need a little praise to go before us as we go first into the front lines, here’s a Battle Song for Today to fight the Principalities with…

    I Will Fear No Evil-Spiritual warfare songs
    To God be all glory, honor, and praise


  5. You’re always in my prayers! These “people” are sick beyond measure. Each day it becomes clearer the depth of their depravity.

  6. Timothy, we are “watching” you as well. We are watching OVER you sending all the heavenly hosts to surround you and all involved in efforts that are ordained by God fir His children ands the salvation if souls. My God is THE God! The ONLY God and He has already won. The warriors are on the battle field and our swords are drawn (prayers). Be not afraid! Our Pres. is covered as well. No enemy can form against you because it isn’t you that stands; its the power of our God that stands in all His RESURRECTED glory. It’s all been fulfilled ands they have lost. They know this. Push forward in this task the Lord has commissioned you with. Trust and cast the darts to the wayside. The IRISH are FIERCE! They want you to believe you do not possess the blood of the fierce Irish warriors! We love you! We love souls and we love Pres. T.

    1. Timothy,
      This is for you; to get to POTUS. This man is very passionate and exponentially hurried We need to stop this. Please get this to our President and we need to save them. It’s been happening for years… since Viet Nam ands must recently, under the Bush and Obama (demon possessed) luciferian administration.

  7. All Praise, Glory, and Honor due to the King of kings & Lord of lords.
    Prayer Warriors covering you, Potus, and Field in prayer this morning.

    Prayers this morning. We decree over you the release of the power of the Arm of the Lord, the Word of your testimony, and the blood of Jesus in Jesus powerful and Holy Name. Amen
    (7 Day Prayer and Fasting Plan Day 2 by AgapEKind Media)

    And just for you Tim…a War Song for this day

    (Drum Warfare by Feslyian Studios)

  8. I can contribute a 9mm Smith & Wesson, if you’d like.

    lemme know, you’ve got my email.

    1. With warrants out for him, carrying a concealed weapon could get Timothy Charles Holmseth killed. Wearing a mask to protect himself and others would be much safer than a 9mm. George Washington ORDERED citizens to wear masks BEFORE the Revolution because of yellow fever outbreak. They were ordered worn in 1918. Masks save lives.

  9. Put on the armor of God and nothing can stop you. Keep up the great work Tim. Your self, your colleagues and the Trump administration is doing great work. Don’t let the MSM media fool you into thinking Trump will lose this election. He will win, children will continue to be saved, the swap will continued to be drained and his administration will bring the whole thing to light.

  10. You may be Jewish, Tim, since anciently the Prophet Jeremiah and Princess Tia Tephe went by ship to Northern Ireland to establish the throne of Judah in exile. Philistines went to southern Ireland. So the conflict there is the same as the Jews and Palestinians. Are you from northern Ireland? That is a Jewish bloodline.

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