“That’s why they were down on Epstein Island raping and eating those babies down there”

Jeffrey Epstein

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 22, 2020 at 8:54 P.M.

RIGHTSIDEBROADCASTING recently did a man-on-the-street style interview with a man. The man talked about babies being raped and eaten on Epstein Island.

Information and evidence I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) obtained from key figures in a national profile kidnapping case (that turned out to be an international child trafficking operation), was turned over to the Minneapolis FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

My evidence and information contributed to the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.

What this man (in the video below) said about babies being raped and eaten on Epstein Island was based upon fact and reality.



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8 thoughts on ““That’s why they were down on Epstein Island raping and eating those babies down there”

  1. Trump worked behind the scenes for years to get Epstein behind bars. That’s what the liberal media won’t tell you about. Who would have thought that a businessman from Queens would be the satanic world’s worst nightmare?

    1. Hi Tim,
      Have you ever looked into the planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs in 2015. The shooter was Robert Lewis Dear Jr., he called himself a “warrior for the babies”. He wanted to defend himself but the Judge refused to let him be his own atty., and his psyc. eval said he was delusional.and on that the Judge ordered Mr. Dear to be force medicated, and to be indefinitely confined to a Colorado State Mental Hospital. Again, in 2018 the courts ruled that Mr. Dear was mentally incompetent to stand trial.I watched several of his hearings and the man did not seem delusional, when entering the courtroom, he was talking and laughing wi his att.’s and the D.A. They had is file sealed because it was still under investigation, so I am not sure if it was ever made available to public.
      This case just stunk of something to me. They published statements from Mr. Dear’s ex-wife in news papers, and they just seemed really exaggerated. This man did not want representation.He kept spouting out in the courtroom that he was guilty, that there was no trial, he was a warrior for the babies, and protect the babies. He accused the DA of conspiring with Planned Parenthood. It just seems to me they went out of their way to show he was crazy, or delusional as the Judge said.
      At his hearings Mr. Dear kept telling his Public Defender that he was not his atty., and refused to meet with him again.Mr. Dear also had said something about not consenting to psychological evals. because he did not want to be put on psychotropic drugs. He tried to fire his Atty. and invoke his Constitutional rights to defend himself.
      The Public Defender assigned to Mr. Dear was the same Public Defender assigned to James Eagan Holmes, the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooter. They moved Mr. Holmes from his prison to an undisclosed location and refused to give the victims families his location. I am not sure if these poor family members of the victims were ever able to resolve this.Who does this kind of shit?
      I feel like they hid many things in this case from the public, and ordered him to be forcibly medicated to keep him doped up so he really did sound crazy or not be able to talk and make sense. At some point and time there was something about Obama brought up by Mr. Dear and the Secret Service interviewed him, not sure exactly what it was. That really made me go hmmm. I think there is a lot more to this and I understand that what he did was wrong, but why did he do it? I feel like he will never get his trial and they will just keep him doped up in Pueblo,Co.. He admits his guilt! He know exactly what he did, sounds CRAZY huh? What is being hid from the public? Anyway, I know you are extremely busy, but thought this might get your curiosity.
      Please take care and stay safe. WWG1WGA!

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