by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 22, 2020 at 2:43 P.M.

David Jose, renowned constitutional expert and child advocate, asked a question that could change the world.

“Can I see the stats of Amish dying from Covid please?” Jose said.

7 thoughts on “The COVID-19 stats for Amish

  1. Timothy, what is going on? COVID? Shouldn’t we be more focused on more IMPORTANT THINGS, like antifa trying to take over the USA??!! Where’s Gene? I hope he’s getting ready to kick antifa out!!!!! Children are being raped and we stand by and do nothing?????!!!!!! Does not that make us all complicit too, if we just stand by and watch and do nothing??!!!

  2. GREAT question….!!

    I do NOT trust the TESTS.
    I would NEVER voluntarily take one….

  3. Apparently there’s a plan by The High COMMAND to save their faithful servant Timothy should POTUS go down in November. It’s called Executive Order, and is the only way. There are many hints, but nothing is for sure at this time, or any, if the clock runs…out.

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