by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 27, 2020 at 6:11 P.M.

Presidential Executive Orders generally come off as quite sterile and legal type documents that show up in the news in the form of a headline.


Many of those Executive Orders are based upon thousands of true life stories and living nightmares of very real people.

President Trump has issued many Executive Orders targeting and combating human trafficking, crimes against children and humanity, serious human rights violations, and consumer fraud that demonstrate the Trump Administration’s dedication to stopping the nightmare of human trafficking.

The White House has developed many task forces in this epic battle against pure evil.

The following files of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force were originally submitted to President Trump by the victims in the following case.

This case file is being published to provide the public with a true perspective as to the sheer magnitude of one single case of State-sponsored child abduction.

The following is from an introduction letter from Arizona CPS victim Karla Johnson.

“The documents shared below were sent via certified mail and received by several government officials, which include President Trumps administration at the end of Feb. 2020. In addition meetings were conducted in DC in mid March to discuss and review their contents,” Karla Johnson said.

“My daughter Sara and I are sending you this exculpatory evidence, which proves AZ CPS seizes children from non-offending parents with the willful intent to human traffic them within the adoption market to plunder state and federal funds for financial gain. The case summaries attached will provide an overview of the trafficking of my four grandsons, which is supported by evidence within the shared file below,” Karla Johnson said.


“We watched the impeachment hearings of President Trump by the deep state. Here’s the analogy: Adam Schiff is the CPS caseworker who fabricates abuse and neglect allegations. Jerry Nadler is the judge who changes and makes up rules during the hearings. President Trump is the parent silenced while their sons and daughters are held captive by the state,” Karla Johnson said.


Johnson REDACTED 1

Johnson REDACTED 2


Below are links to some of the videos we documented…..

Phoenix Arizona Police Department Warrantless Seizure Oct. 2009
Part 2

Kidnapping In Arizona  – Oct. 2012

Congressional Testimony: Karla Johnson to Bill Windsor of Lawless America   Dec. 2012

karla and sara johnson   Oct 2016

4 Children Stolen by Arizona CPS: Sara Johnson’s Story   Dec. 2019

Karla Johnson and Melissa Diegel Visit the FBI Aug. 2015 


6 thoughts on “The smiles and tears behind Trump Executive Order’s against human trafficking

  1. I am VERY sorry this has happened to you…
    CPS, like all other 3-letter agencies, has had the cabal’s ‘people’ put in place @ CPS to be able to get away with such HIGH crimes. seems like EVERYONE who said that they CARED about “the children”-were absolutely LYING!!
    Instead, we now know that they HATE children, but love themselves more.

    In a day where GMO, CHEM-TRAILING and Vaccines were the norm, people who decide to have children today…find themselves barren. WHY? Because the cabal did NOT want more people they wanted LESS!
    People nowadays CAN’T “just have children” anytime they want to….
    Think about it…
    Kinda rare these days to SEE someone pregnant to term.

    Therefore, IF the thinking of those on the left is who cares about these children…the people can always have more…well they can’t!!
    Those children who are stolen, may NEVER show up again…and there may never be
    a new bundle of joy to behold in that same household.

    While it is True that NO child can be replaced…
    It is true, that God in His MERCY gave MORE children to Job (pronounced JOBE)
    after their tragic deaths…so that the sorrow of his loss, would be lessened and that he could once again give thanks.

    Sadly, this is not the case as we have many who interfere with the natural way of God’s plans.

    Only a person who has had these losses can KNOW HOW you feel…
    I do know, how it feels to have CPS come marching in and TAKE what is NOT theirs and accuse YOU of crimes and HOOPS YOU need to jump through, to get them back….if at all.
    CPS HATES those who pray…
    NEVER give up HOPE, even if it seems like it is so slow….
    GOD is able….we do NOT know WHY he allows these _astards to do what they do but we do know that God can turn the hearts of the kings withersoever He may.

    He chose NOT to in my case…but only at age 25 did i find my daughter…
    My son? Who knows? It has been such a long time…

    Actually, it is Satan who does the interfering and MANIPULATING of those at the top, to do such grievous harm to families…and although our stories are NOT the same…
    I know the anguish all too well and the non-stop crying, anger and wondering WHY had GOD ‘allowed’ this?

    Surely, i was a born again Christian…so WHY did God allow this to happen to my kids? To split us up? I never got them back…never (Thanks CPS) but…
    God is SOVEREIGN.
    God is still GOOD, and GOD is all-knowing.
    Knowing these things at the time did NOT help my sorrow.
    God put the novel idea in my head at some point in that horrible journey to begin THANKING Him for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that He brought to my mind….Things that i saw, Things that He allowed me to hear, all the grace filled moments, all the time He was MERCIFUL in other areas etc etc. At first it was difficult. I didn’t even want to pray…but as i realized that there were NEW things each day to thank Him for, i did so. I was also reminded of things in the past to thank Him for and soon my heart which was bitter had become soft again, and realizing that His blessings are new each morning, i only needed a heart and eyes to SEE them. THAT one area of thanksgiving in the time of turmoil helped the most, and things began turning around…things never went back to how they once were, but there was the essence of the NEW life without them, that was embarked upon and God allowed GOOD things to happen to me once again.

    God has an aerial VIEW of all of our timelines on the earth…we can only see what happened in the past and what we hope for tomorrow.

    i remember thinking, trying to rationalize over and over as to HOW or WHY this happened…and i remember concluding that it was because, I LOVED THEM too much and that He was a jealous God…(Old Testament) and that is why they were taken…but not so. I believe that this thought was the enemy’s way to get me to curse God, the giver of those 2 children.

    So because i have a bit of a defiant nature in me i said, “i rebuke you devil” and began offering up a prayer of GIVing THANKS to God for the TIME He had given to me with them and so i looked forward when we would be see each other again, and the devil no longer had his way with me that day.

    My HOPE for you is that YOU remain HOPEFUL, for “Hope deferred, makes the heart sick”
    and this one…
    “Why are you cast down o’ soul, put your HOPE in God, for YOU will YET (hasn’t happened yet) PRAISE Him”
    His promises.

    I am glad that MELANIA and President Trump have chosen You Timothy Holmseth, as THEIR spokesperson to the world, to share Some “Behind-the-Scenes” info, with the rest of us.
    THANK you for staying the course and loving righteousness.
    At times you must be overwhelmed…
    God PROMISES Tim to RESTORE the YEARS the locust has eaten….
    And to those who have had their children/grandchildren abducted, taken, die, etc…God’s Promises are the same…HE WILL RESTORE…He is FAITHFUL when the world is not….You CAN trust Him.

    Read: Ecclesiastes 3…A time for sorrow and a time for joy
    A time for love and a time for hate, a time for death and a time for living

  2. Thank you for sharing!I’m currently in a battle with CPS and the State of Kentucky and it’s the most illegal process yet no one will help me and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure and my heart breaks for my children, for all families that can relate! After resigning from the very State that is keeping my kids from me on January 24, 2020 the real nightmare began! Several calls made to CPS which were unsubstantiated then COVID hit and game was on for the devil to make his mark! I have yet to see a case worker in person, I can’t be heard in an actual courtroom because everything is done by phone, I’ve tried reporting that I have spyware on my phone and I’m not comfortable with any of this but the more I try to speak up the worse it gets! I’ve been put in a corner and I need help in a desperate way! My children are being forced to testify against me and they have to do so right in front of their dad and stepmom who are the ones that have alienated them against me for years, not right at all but what can I do when I’ve voiced all my concerns and was told it didn’t matter who I talked to because it wouldn’t make a difference! They are trying to make me appear mentally ill and accusing me of being on drugs but my drug screen was negative and my mental health assessment proved that I was telling the truth and not crazy so now they want me to do another assessment so they can change the outcome! I have spent every penny I had on trying to fight for my kids, turned down for unemployment and literally no where to turn because it’s apparent that everyone is connected! I suspected sexual abuse of my children and have been trying to get the proof needed and when I started reaching out to law enforcement that’s when the attack came from every angle. My kids told me that they practiced ” skits” and I know they are told what to say and how to behave when around me but yet no one will listen to me and CPS and the court system is charging me with child abuse because of a false report saying that I threw my son in the floor and was waving a gun around, thinking that I was being followed and that people were listening to my conversations. This is insane! The parent that was trying to protect them, that was trying to do the right thing and reach out to law enforcement for help is now the one being made to look crazy and accused of abuse while the children are being told what to say and can only see me if it’s supervised! Please pray for us and if you know of anyone who can help when I’ve got no money to pay please let me know! This is not right and has gone on for far too long! It’s sad that when you reach out for help you realize that so many people are involved! No one should ever have to go through this kind of abuse of the system that’s supposed to protect us!

  3. This info from this child abduction example case caused a quite a sustained visceral reaction on my part, so that I couldn’t even watch the live abduction scene. So glad the truth is coming out, so that this heinous treatment of children and families and dark poison of the state will come to light once and for all. So glad that Sara and Karla had their christian beliefs intact, which will see them through this.

  4. Prayers many many prayers need to be sent up daily for all these children taken! There are not enough people talking about what has been taking place thru the courts and what bunch of evil SOBs have been doing to kids. It all needs to stop! God bless you Tim! I am so ready for the evil BS to stop.

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