by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 4, 2020 at 9:46 A.M.

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  1. I agree. WHERE IS THE COVERAGE???? This will do no good if it doesn’t get out in the open. NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

    1. Have patience, there are many other children around the world not just the USA in the same situation. They have to be rescued too and it can run smoothly if people are on lock down and cannot move them easily. The coverage will happen later I am sure. It is not as important as catching the ones who are doing this and bringing them to justice. Some now know about it what else does anyone need to know at the moment?

  2. Will soon be recipient of A Great Blessing, What can I do to help. My Plans are already to provide at least one home equipped with full service needed to accommodate a number of rescued children. Looking at approximately 200 Acres to start Property will also provide about 20 homes to start, for self functional Seniors (to help in routine chores) small rental fees for Seniors. Property will be self sufficient in growing our own food and having our own dairy products. Property will maintain our own livestock including chickens, and related animals, ie duck, geese, rabbit & etc., horses, donkeys, goats whatever. Prefer workers reside on property (to help maintain and provide normal everyday functions, plus keeping stock of prepared, foods for future use). Property will provide complete Gym, swimming pool, baseball field and other inside/outside physical activity sports and physical fitness needs. Our own Private school or schools on this property. We will negotiate with local schools to provide labor through their Vocational Student training Programs, which will help to bring back Agriculture to our areas. Other ideas to occur as issues arise. Praying for all the children and rescuers. God bless everyone praying for this long overdue War to end and Save the Children and those on the Battle Field!!!

    1. Wow. I’m hoping for a blessing soon too. I pray for the rescue of these children daily. Is there a way I could get in contact with you re what you’re doing??

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