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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 25, 2020 at 3:18 P.M.

The Obama/Biden administration’s FBI, DOJ, and CIA oversaw a massive child trafficking operation connected to Jeffrey Epstein and the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

The black market baby sales operation was exposed as the result of an independent journalists investigation into the kidnapping of a little girl from Satsuma, Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

Here’s what happened.

On February 10, 2009 an Amber Alert was issued for five-year-old HaLeigh Cummings, Florida.

Approximately a month into HaLeigh’s disappearance a strange public relations group and legal team assembled around HaLeigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, who did not have physical custody of HaLeigh.

The team included Art Harris, CNN, who was providing coverage of the case for Nancy Grace.

Shortly thereafter, an organization called HaLeigh Bug Foundation was set up by Sheffield’s team members through the Florida Division of Corporations.

The HaLeigh Bug project included a roadside facility near Satsuma, Florida where people could stop to give tips on HaLeigh’s kidnapping (as opposed to giving the tips to law enforcement), show support to HaLeigh’s mother, and donate money. It also included a website called www.haleighbug.com

During this time, an investigative journalist from East Grand Forks, Minnesota named Timothy Charles Holmseth began looking into the case after being proactively contacted by two members of Sheffield’s team, William (Cobra) Staubs (Cobra the Bounty Hunter), Broward County, Florida, and Rev. Richard Grund, Orange County, Florida (Casey Anthony case witness).

Holmseth learned from both of HaLeigh’s grandmothers, Teresa Neves (Paternal) and Marie Griffis (Maternal), that the group around Sheffield were very, very bad people.

Holmseth learned the website set up about HaLeigh was asking for donations and the request was being prompted by using a Photoshopped picture that created the false appearance Sheffield had posed lovingly with her daughter HaLeigh, and HaLeigh’s little brother Ronald Cummings Jr.

During this time – while the public was being wholly deceived about HaLeigh’s mother’s fitness, Sheffield’s team was working behind the scenes with a Florida DCF child protection social worker named Bonnie Warner. The team was trying to use DCF to switch HaLeigh’s custody over to Sheffield, without having a court hearing (because Sheffield was unfit) (Holmseth has recordings of  Bonnie Warner on her home telephone discussing secret child rape porn of HaLeigh that was never turned over to Florida DCF or law enforcement).

Holmseth learned that Sheffield, who did not have custody of HaLeigh, had absolutely no photographs of herself with HaLeigh, and, that Sheffield was a very serious drug addict who posed a danger to her children, and did not love HaLeigh.

That’s why the team had to fabricate photos.

Holmseth interviewed a Photoshop expert named Elvin Thomas who showed Holmseth how the photo was fake.

NOTE: Holmseth went on to learn from a legal assistant named Donald Knop that naked photographs of HaLeigh had been passed around to members of the group. The team was using the photos in the fake/secret/behind the scenes DCF investigation, to implicate HaLeigh’s father by making it look like he raped her or pimped her out. The photos included close-ups of HaLeigh’s vagina after she had been sexually assaulted.

Essentially, evidence suggests HaLeigh had been raped for porn and then photographed afterwards as part of a plan to make her dad look like a pedophile so he would lose custody.

Holmseth reported what he learned about the Photoshopped picture being used on the group’s website to the FBI.

Holmseth was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI (at the request of the Jacksonville, Florida FBI) about a great many things he learned about HaLeigh’s kidnapping.

Holmseth learned the group surrounding HaLeigh was connected to Jeffrey Epstein, and was kidnapping kids and selling them on the black market, which involved moving babies and children through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC using fake medical documents and church dossiers.

Below you will see the original photo set, and analysis, that Holmseth provided to the FBI that started everything.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that Art Harris, CNN, secretly contacted the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota via private emails with the ranking officer after finding out the FBI in Florida was acting on Holmseth’s information.

The State of Minnesota soon entered into a conspiracy with Deep State operatives to stop Holmseth from telling the world what he learned about the international child trafficking operation.

Holmseth, an award-winning newspaper reporter, had his home-office raided by the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force with guns and bullet proof vests and his computer was seized.

The police were looking for any evidence Holmseth obtained that would reveal information about Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Ukraine Embassy.

Holmseth was arrested three times for publishing already-public court records, imprisoned, and tortured in Minnesota but would not sign a confession they kept putting in front of him.

Holmseth was protected by U.S. Marshals and rescued by a special task force of the President’s men.

Elvin Thomas – Photoshop Expert – 18 Years

Summary Expert Opinion

  1. Located here is either a head or a shoulder. It is not part of the couch. It is likely a man.
  2. The ear area was pointed out as being doctored. Elvin Thomas said it was doctored to cover what was in the background.
  3. Here is what appears to be the original adult’s elbow. It is large and lumpy like an older person.
  4. If you go to the letter “A” on HaLeigh’s shirt and then go straight down to the hand from there, you will see one of the strongest pieces evidence that this photo is a fake. You will see where the hand, starting at the knuckles, is blended into the man’s hand. You will notice a slight, but very pronounced 90 degree angle where there is hand not attached to anything (not attached to any flesh.)
  5. This is a man’s arm. It looks like a “Popeye” arm in comparison to Crystal Sheffield who is a thin woman. This is the first feature that ever catches somebody’s eye about this photo. Note how the arm is tanned brown but when you get to the knuckles it is white – the hand should be tan too. Also view the other (Darker) version on this point.
  6. Here is a dip in the arm that does exist in the human anatomy. It appears this way because the woman’s arm and the man’s arm are Photoshopped into each other and it added some length.
  7. Along the edge of the little boy’s shirt you will see smeary looking pixilation because the shirt has been touched up so it looks like the child is leaning against the adult.
  8. Sheffield has no visible breast in this picture (the expert would not comment on this Dynamic because he does not know Sheffield.)  It has been pointed out by other observers.
  9. The child has no belly button where she should have one. However, if you look over to the left (HaLeigh’s right hip) you will see two little circles.
  10. HaLeigh does not appear to have a thumb on her left hand. It could be tucked behind but it appears strange.
  11. The color of one of the shirts was sampled as to match the mother and daughter’s clothes – the color was painted. It was done so they were both wearing pink.




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