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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 26, 2022 – USA

Before you start reading… REMOVE from your mind the false idea that a man/woman needs to be a BAR (British Accreditation Registry) (Foreign Power under the Crown of England) attorney to talk about the Law.

That’s total and complete BULLSHIT. You were taught that all your life so you would always think you had to have an attorney (many of whom have a secret oath to a secret society).

Now that your mind is free…

Christopher E. Hallett was a loss prevention specialist who, after becoming the victim of the scheme, fraud, and scam that had become the ‘System’ of our Country, comprised of Foreign Emoluments (private for-profit corporations) that were raping (literally) (crimes against humanity), pillaging, and plundering the People, obtained authority from Congress to turn his loss prevention skills onto the corporation called the United States.

Obviously, using the court system to kidnap children, human traffic, steal people’s property, drain people’s bank accounts, and terrorize people in any other way the evil members of the System may devise in their wicked imaginations, is a “loss” for our Country and needs to be removed.

Hallett mastered the process.

Hallett created what was called E~Clause LLC, which stands for Emoluments Clause. The crimes that are being committed against the People are being committed by bad actors that are acting outside their emolument. It’s organized crime (RICO), plain and simple.

Imagine this… what if during the rise of the Nazis in Germany before World War 2, there was still a semblance of law, and there was still power with the people. What if a man had begun to use the law and was working with leaders to expose and dismantle the Nazi’s?

That would be Chris Hallett.

There are questions circulating regarding a document that was published on social media that had originally been filed by Hallett. The document contained a Tribunal number that fascinated the public. Later, in the very large document Hallett makes formal mention of Crimes Against Humanity.

Explaining what Hallett was doing is simple and complex at the same time.

One of the issues that has become a huge factor is, WHAT court has JURIDICTION over Crimes Against Humanity? The quick answer is – the U.S. Military.

But… here is an example of what Hallett and others was/are up against.

As you may know… evidence of Crimes Against Humanity are being reported and President Trump has much of the evidence (what do think the FBI is looking for at his house? Duh!!!).

There are State courts in the United States that are trying to slyly and cleverly use the System’s ‘Family Courts’ (private for-profit unconstitutional scam) in a ‘Restraining Order’ scheme (e.g., a human trafficker goes into a local Clerk of Court and fills out a Petition under State statute wherein they claim they are being ‘harassed’ by a news reporter and it makes them feel scared) and that starts a judicial process.


Some ‘nobody’ BAR member dresses up in their costume (black robe) and ‘entertains’ (like a high school play) a case on the stage (the so-called courtroom) (think about it – their fake courtrooms are just a glorified conference room with bells and whistles and heavily armed men with guns) to make ‘rulings’ on cases that involve evidence of crimes against humanity (e.g., U.S. Presidents and world leaders eating a child’s brains while the child is alive during a Satanic ritual, etc.).

Of course – the fake judge makes a bogus ruling, scribbles some crap down a piece of paper, they enter it into a computer, splatter it all over the Web, and then the System uses their machinery (e.g., fake news) to trick the world into believing the cannibalism never happened. They report to you through the fake news and social media that a ‘judge’ ruled on it.



You’ve been had.

And in the meantime, they torture and eat your kids.

Many of Hallett’s documents are massive undertakings that contain index pages because they are so thorough. Hallett’s documents were filed with President Trump, U.S. Congress, State Supreme Court, U.S. Court, Court of Appeals, etc., etc. all the way up the United States Supreme Court.

Hallett was assassinated in his home on November 15, 2020, after filing documents in U.S. Court on November 2, 2020. All the filings then VANISHED from the U.S. Court file.

Neely Petrie-Blanchard was accused of shooting Hallett (highly, highly, suspicious charges against Blanchard).

Watch the video below as Hallett explains Blanchard’s case.

It’s going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Click on image to view video.

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