TRUE STORY: CPS snatch and grab (this is how they fill those tunnels with kids)

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Submitted by Robert Dane Jr father of Caitilyn Marie Dane

Cps violated my civil rights at the very least. I have lost my constitutional right to defend my life religious freedom or beliefs and my property without due process. My fiancé has three other children and was involved with CPS over 12 years ago. That coupled with a nurse that overheard a conversation my fiancé was having while we were at the hospital with a nurse that was a friend of hers lead A nurse to miss read what was said due to eavesdropping which led her to call CPS on my fiancé. The hospital lied and said that my daughter failed a meconium test the day after her birth when I called the lab myself that’s not possible because the meconium test has a 3 to 5 day turnaround. The nurse also failed to mention to the caseworker which the caseworker was surprised when I told her Nikki Carver that my fiancé was given a full drug screen at the hospital and so is my newborn daughter directly after birth both passed full u/a drug screens that citizens administered. Then after my child should’ve been discharged I have voicemails saved from different nurses trying to do so. I called the hospital time and time again only to get the one nurse that called CPS on us to have her give me different excuses of why my baby was being held and then Nikki Carver called the Citizens hospital spoke to that nurse and told her to hold my child and not to discharge her without a warrant signed by a judge which to my understanding is to be completely illegal. Cps cannot detain or have anyone detain police hospital no one a child without a signed warrant or order from a judge this went on for two days. I went to the meeting with Nikki Carver with my fiancé where Nikki Carver and trapped my fiancé into admitting something she didn’t mean to buy twisting her words up and then writing it down leaving my fiancé who has a genuine learning disability stuttering practically unknowing of what just happened and when she tried to repeat herself Nikki just ignored it and blew her off and said well you’ve already admitted. And then I watched Nikki unprofessionally come out of her seat standing up behind her desk waving her finger around in my fiancé‘s face hollering about how she had prior cases mind you there 12+ years ago that she didn’t cooperate and how that was coming back to bite her if you will. That was one of several red flags that I sat back and witnessed mind you the non-offending non-accused parent in the situation that has done absolutely nothing wrong that made me go into defense mode to protect my family.  Obviously since day one before I even met this caseworker she had no intention of doing anything but tearing my family apart anyway she could just to settle the score for something that had nothing to do with her 12 years ago even so much so she while pointing back-and-forth at me and my fiancé told me that I shouldn’t be mad at Cps I should be mad at my fiancé and I should take it out on her and not to be angry with Nikki. That was one of three different times that woman tried to divide my family went as far as I am led to believe they’re supposed to do anything but they’re actually supposed to support building and growing a strong family and help you through the process she’s done nothing but try to break my family down. I was never not in contact with her and had no idea she reported my child is a missing child involved DPS. I have documentation where she lied under oath to obtain a warrant to do in emergency removal on my newborn baby girl and rip her out of her home from her loving parents illegally but legally with a warrant. I have documentation from the hospital from Cps the affidavit that was used to get a warrant and it all contradicts itself one lie after another. This woman has twisted and manipulated and manufactured this false belief that I don’t deserve to be a father I don’t deserve to have my child she’s taking my child from me my civil right to protect life and property she has violated my constitutional rights lied under oath and God knows what else to kidnap my child and put her in foster care. Oh wow not once trying to reach out in a positive manner to keep my child in her home. I got pulled over by a regular police officer which in turn led Nikki to get my address which I wasn’t hiding from her I just wasn’t trying to deal with her because she had done nothing but hurt my family and I saw no reason to let my guard down and as I have done nothing wrong or nothing to warrant her being involved in my life or having her sit in front of me in her office and tell me that she has the power to make this go away or she has the power to drag this out over the duration of a long time and it be a real rocky road while smirking in my face. The next day to the PS sheriffs showed up at my doorstep they were very respectful very nice and seemed understanding I explain the situation with Nikki they asked to see my child I stated “of course you can see my child I want the world to see my beautiful baby girl“ I went inside and I brought her out they only had to ask me one time I didn’t put up a fight or deny them I want anybody to see my gorgeous gift of life. they said she was beautiful well taken care of clean as she always was I even agreed to meet Cps as long as DPS was there because they seemed like they had my interest at heart in the safety of my family little did I know Nikki had presented some kind of façade that depicted me and my family is bad people. Cps came even the case worker said my child looked clean and well taken care of and healthy I denied her to go inside my home because there’s no need to. I even offered to go inside and take pictures of where my child sleeps in her crib but the caseworker said that wasn’t good enough. Then the next day they showed up at my house without due process after lying under oath and legally kidnapped my daughter and ripped her out of her arms of her loving parents and left my family crippled literally crippled in shambles and I have hardly heard anything from them cents and it’s been two weeks I’ve only been allowed to one hour visits with my newborn baby girl. She went from doing great and fine and well taken care of to being neglected which is the state that I found her in when I went to the first visit the first one hour visit I asked the lady down at the CPS office if I could get a ball to clear my daughters nasal passages so she could breathe and she stated  “We don’t have anything like that here she’ll be fine she can breathe“ despite that lady not being medically trained and not knowing anything as far as how to take care of a child obviously I was completely appalled because I had to sit there for an hour but I’m supposed to be spending time with my daughter I had to sit there my fiancé and I and listen to her struggle just to breathe while we hold her in our arms I have photographs and documentation and recordings of the neglected state my daughter was in during that one hour visit she had blood blisters around her ankles where the bows on the socks that she was wearing when they took her from our home for days prior to that visit she was still wearing they haven’t changed her socks in four days in the bowl is relieving blood blisters on her ankles.  Her onesie was all stained up with dried milk and she smelled she had a dirt ring around her neck when I opened up her little hands you could see in every crack and crevice there was dirt and filth from where she had just been laying somewhere for days crawled up in a ball being neglected and hadn’t been cleaned hadn’t even had her socks changed in four days and this is what the state of Texas is doing to my child after taking her from me. My baby already showed early signs of PTSD my old lady her fiancé has signs of PTSD I have signs of PTSD department of human services in this case worker have destroyed emotionally financially literally my family I’ll because of this one case workers valve to settle the score on personal feelings. Today marks my baby girls two month old birthday she’s two months old today and I’m stuck here without her broken into shambles because this woman felt it was OK to violate my constitutional rights my civil rights to do process lied before a judge to get a signed warrant kidnap my daughter. I want my daughter back I want my family back that was on rightfully taken with on just cause I’m going to send at the end of this just a mere example of the lengths that this woman has gone to that clearly proves the violations against me and my rights also clearly proves she’s lied under oath and involved other government agencies and put the states money time and good reputation at risk. I haven’t heard from this woman in 5 days since she stood in front of me and said “it is what it is, I got her to admit it so now you’re just going to have to go through the motions do what you’re told and we’ll see where it goes then she went on to try to divide my family again and tell me that I should Move on without my fiancé that she’s just gonna drag me down she also promised to show me a copy of the meconium test which she failed to do so and then when I asked about it she lied which I have copies of messages and in communications back-and-forth proving. Now I think she’s realized that she didn’t just pick another ignorant family that is unaware of their rights and believes that it’s just gonna let her walk all over them and trample the things that make America great in Texas a great state to live in. She sent me a message the other day that said she’s not going to communicate with me via text anymore if I wanted to speak to her I had to come down to the office that’s what the woman that took my child from her home send me.

I want my child back yesterday I want my family if I don’t get that I am going to utilize every resource within my power every resource I’ve ever known or every favor that anyone ever has owed me the eight years that I’ve been in this town and I’m going to strenuously utilize those resources to see to it that justice is served here. The state other government agencies how many people are going to have to suffer how many people are going to have to pay due to this woman careless actions hers and her supervisors Jill Hawkins.

Documents below show a ticket where I was pulled over on the 13th by a regular marked police officer that presented to stop as a routine traffic stop. Then highlighted in red you’re going to see the affidavit signed by a judge by Nikki Carver notarized also signed by CPS attorney and the county clerks office here in Victoria Texas. Where Nikki Carver lied and said that trooper Special agent Kaiser pulled me over on the 14th which is the day that she showed up to my house when I had never met Kaiser before that day in my life. She lied under oath to create a façade that I was tracked down by a special agent and that’s how she was able to find my child when all actuality was I was pulled over the day prior and I volunteered DPS agents to see my child and cooperated with them completely she lied to show a judge the complete opposite she falsified documents before a court to give the judge a pre-disposed opinion of me and my family she took my civil right to due process away from me because she felt like it because she felt like destroying my family. this is one of countless violations to the CPS oath to protect children from neglect and families from abuse that she is committed in order to remove my child from her home. Countless but for obvious reasons I’m not going to handover all of my power to protect my family or my power to see to it that my monetary damages are compensated for or the power that I need to hoard and protect to get my child back in her home where she was in fact illegally and immorally taken.

I pray that someone will look over the unjust decisions that have been done to my family and return my daughter to our loving father I pray that something will be done to stop Nikki Nicole Carver and Jill Hawkins from destroying any more families in Texas for unjust reasons I pray that the state the Senate or beyond will intervene and stop these injustices that have been done to me before more have to sacrifice or more families have to suffer the pain that I’ve suffered or more families are torn apart they don’t know any better understand their rights I pray for the greater good that’s something to be done to stop the wrong that’s already happened I pray that nobody else has their civil constitutional rights brushed off and trampled on under the circumstances by these people that abuse their authority their position of power to pray on what they believe to be weak minded lesser fortunate defenseless human beings.

-Robert Dane Jr father of Caitilyn Marie Dane,
-Director of Personnel, Head mechanic, Welder, Superintendent

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  1. Good God, Are we going to have to have people placed at these locations to provide over site. Specially at hospitals and ALL cps locations. Seems not many people can be trusted. I have a better idea, how about throwing these people in jail one by one until its cleaned up. It seems falsifying records is a major problem. An that in itself changes the outcome of ALL cases. The laws for falsifying records is a slap on the hand. Thats got to change.

  2. Think citizens/citizen journalists need to be on the look-out/patrol at these sites. No sense in waiting for guv. that will take too long. Or, throw them in jail “until its cleaned up” is also an option IMO. Good to see that more and more are awake about this issue.

  3. believe me I Have heard Hundreds of stories like this poor mans. People have written me from all over the USA I was involved in a National news story about Children and this sad story was repeated to me many times.

  4. May God protect your little girl and return her to your loving arms soon! May He bring his mighty wrath down upon these evil people!
    Prayers for you and everyone fighting to save these children!

  5. Sorry to have to say that TX system is notoriously anti-family, especially anti-father, in their entire judicial and family systems.
    Much of the time they do more harm to children than good and their actions have no sound basis.
    Complete overhaul is needed but it probably will not change any time soon.

  6. Because of your dire situation, Timothy, and your mental unwellness I still hope that you’ll get help and get back to reality. I hope this for your parent’s sake, your children’s sake and your sake. Your illness has harmed yourself and many others. You are a human in terrible trouble, I wish you well as always.

  7. My grandbaby was taken in the same town as this baby, by the same actor’s. I have learned that the meconium testing is not regulated by the FDA, so these labs can make up the numbers. The name of the “doctor” on the test,list his license in 98, they are pulling tests off the internet, printing them out and using them to steal the babies. No one is hearing me, yet. We have been terminated from her life, right now….but grandma will come for you!! Plus,the Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that it is against the law to drug test pregnant women. There have been 200 decision’s dealing with this subject, yet family court ignores them all.

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