by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 3, 2020 at 8:47 P.M.

President Trump’s special forces are rescuing children from underground tunnels, bunkers, and bases as we speak.

Fox News is reporting aftershock quakes in California.

There are reports of 11 earthquakes in the past 24 hours at Yellowstone National Park.

They are NOT earthquakes.

Watch video published in April, 2020…





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8 thoughts on “Trump’s special forces saving tortured children as we speak!

  1. Thank you Timothy for providing us w/real info Love & prayers to you always. Can you please comment on the “new info” re: Madeline McCann & a German suspect identified? Are we getting closer to Podesta exposure?

    1. John Podesta’s big Australian charity scam. He has played “1996 Port Arthur mass shooting widower” named “Walter Mikac” – same voice, eyes, ears with relatives running the amf org au Foundation for 24 years and counting in Australian media. We would love to see him arrested too and the scam charity shut down.
      The Alannah and Madeline Foundation “coincidentally” is the name of the Foundation.

  2. These stories just confirm accounts by MK Ultra survivors like Fiona Barnett. This is monsterous, unimaginable evil that is being destroyed. And it’s long #(*&!@#$ overdue, IMHO.

    1. Known as “Kerry Packer, billionaire” is aka Mark Jacko Jackson, actor, boxer, singer as per my link – same teeth, hands, voice.
      Fictional Packer was stated to be a media mogul in Australia, he was another fake royal in a mask.
      We admire the courage of Fiona tremendously, she allowed so many Australians to hear of Operation Paperclip and of MK Ultra, things never mentioned by MSM. Media is part of the same satanic entity which covers up the atrocities committed in these DUMBs and the “hunting” of mostly indigenous people in Australia. Thank you and God bless.



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