Tunnel Children – Tortured Kids – Genetic Experiments – HELL BENEATH OUR FEET

There's a secret tunnel under central park.

by Lisa C. Melbourne on August 30, 2020 at 12:06 A.M.


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9 thoughts on “Tunnel Children – Tortured Kids – Genetic Experiments – HELL BENEATH OUR FEET

  1. Watching this unfold from the UK, always thought there was some kind of sickness, a deep rooted evil in this world but could never have imagined this. So many stories just covered up or turned to lies by msm. So many innocent lives lost. These people are sick. God bless you timothy. God bless you donald and melania trump. WWG1WGA

  2. Tim, Are they still extracting people here in the USA? I am a retired nurse in ND. I know a lot of people and they just think this is not true. The majority only watch fake news. I’m trying to figure out a way to present this with facts and not just by word of mouth. Do you have some suggestions for me? I want to thank you for all your doing!! People like you are next to nonexistent. Be safe and God bless you. Are you employed by the task force? It’s not my business, but are you using your own money to do this? You have my e-mail if you could please contact me with answers.

  3. I wish I could share this in messenger because Facebook will put me in Facebook jail and take this down. In messenger it’s harder for them to find. God bless you. #saveourchildren#

  4. These monsters and satanic creeps are need hung or shot burned alive!!! They need erased from our earth!!! Thank You for letting the world see this Tim. They are all going down! whatever it takes! God Bless You

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