VIDEO: Wayfair and Yandex are child trafficking, this is how you access the hidden site

A screen shot of the youtube app.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 11, 2020 at 11:09 P.M.

The following video was brought to the attention of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Wayfair and Yandex are child trafficking, this is how you access the hidden site

  1. You should look into The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen. Universal Orlando known main popular restaurant along with voodoo donuts in same theme park. Lots of symbolism of cages as booths and industrial steam like light fixtures that look like underground cloning centers pictures. They were sued $40 million dollars by a man who claims the owner took his idea and won and the restaurant known for expensive milkshakes between $15-$23 each along food items. Isn’t going to bring in that much money off of selling milkshakes. The business only about 4 years new the owner known as Penelope is outside dancing and welcoming people in with techno very creepy place!

  2. Those who have paid attention and thus known this was happening for 3-4 years; those who had learned that its been happening since the beginning of time, with elites visiting unimaginable horrors on the world’s children; those who have tried to share info and been ridiculed by family, friends and social media communities; those who have tried, per Q Anon admonitions, to keep their righteous anger at a “follow the Pl;an/timing is everything” slow simmer rather than boiling over and going for the throats of those they knew were guilty of these crimes against humanity, are now working hard to welcome others to the coming “Great Awakening,” rather than yelling “I told you so!”

    Prediction: Those politicians, CEOs Hollywood stars and media darlings are about to learn what Q has meant when it has said that, “the hunters were about to become the hunted.” I believe The Plan has deliberately let the public see 33rd degree Mason Oprah and Epstein temple worshiper Ellen on house arrest, to let people still think that the original RBG is living and contributing to Supreme Court decisions, andthat religious leaders like the Pope/Cardinals, and politicians like the three Clintons, the two Obamas/Bidens and the singular Adam Schiff are not already executed or having every move monitored.
    I further believe that The Plan is to wait for us to set upon by the millions the homes of these most well known evil doers around the globe, to be marching on their homes and companies, their religious institutions and political offices, to cause them to experience terror and to beg to be taken into custody lest they become prey disemboweled like the children they have raped from infancy to adulthood, have hunted with weapons in woods, have chained to trees for torturous sacrifice and harvesting for blood/organs/flesh. I think The Plan is to have the global public DEMAND arrests, perp walks and prosecutions at public trials, with weasely/complicit justice system fixtures knowing that they hold them accountable, or “else.” We will hear only a tiny fraction of the names of stolen and slaughtered above/below ground innocents from the US and elsewhere, but when you do learn them, please,”say their names.”

  3. As Trump said back in the end of his office term. This is the calm before the storm.

    I followed the video instructions and the images of children on Yandex do not appear on the Src USA search anymore, but we have proof with this video.

    Thank you for the hard and courageous work Tim!

  4. Tim I could not even comment last night I was just too overwhelmed! I cried myself to sleep sometime after 4 in the morning…It crushes me my heart totally breaks…I can’t say how I feel because I would probably go to jail While these demons who hurt these children walk free…I am crushed! Absolutely crushed…God bless

  5. I’m in the UK and this was sent to a News Group called UK Column where we also message each other on the website. A member from the States often sends info about terrible crimes on children.
    I just wanted to say how much this upset me. I;’m 71 and had no idea that people could “buy” little children. I am finding it hard to deal with. I want to thank you so much for what you are doing to rescue thee poor little children. I know only too well that what happens in our childhood forms us for the rest of our lives. Thank God there are people like you who know how to track down the evil people who do such things.
    It also troubles me that a TV Presenter, Lorraine Kelly, advertises on UK TV for Wayfare. She is from Scotland and her accent makes he sound so healthy and trustworthy and I think everyone thinks she is the perfect mother and family woman.
    Thank you again and thank you to the great people in the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. What dreadful things they have to do and deal with. I shall have you and them in my prayers but first Shall be praying for the children. Thank you.

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