“WE WILL GET RID OF BAD AND UGLY BUILDINGS” – President Donald Trump – “[Dark Side of] U.S. Military, Churches, Universities, World Health Organizations, and others using witchcraft and curses to cause disease … while the light side establishes specialty clinics and hospitals to counter” – Jessie Marie Czebotar explains the “DARK to LIGHT” satanic deception

Donald trump's face with the words,the knows.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 2, 2023 – USA

We previously reported how the Deep State (i.e., Luciferian Brotherhood, etc.) formed a plan called “DARK to LIGHT” to execute THE GREAT DECEPTION – THE GREAT APOSTASY, which would be disguised as THE GREAT AWAKENING, to fool the world and usher in the Anti-Christ and the BEAST SYSTEM.

Timothy Charles Holmseth infiltrated the plot which was rolled out as a PSY-OP called “Q” and/or “QAnon” that uses sorcery to bewitch its readers. “Q” blasphemously integrates the Holy Bible with satanic concepts – mixing good and evil together; concepts such as Bible verses, that are blended with dark magic such as “witches and warlocks” and numerology, along with fail-safe predictions such as ‘disinformation is necessary’ “nothing can stop what’s coming” “future proves past” and/or “watch the water”. It’s all tied to Pacification campaign slogans such as “enjoy the show” and/or “get your popcorn” to trick people into believing the ‘good guys’ are in control and it’s not necessary to get involved – simply watch and enjoy. The “Q” PSY-OP captivated its targets and fooled people into believing they are members of a “digital army” under their General, who is presented by the plotters as “The People’s General” Michael Flynn, and into believing they are receiving military intelligence from the United States Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA). The ‘Q’ PSY-OP was/is intended to trick its victims into believing the “The People’s General” is working directly with President Donald J. Trump, which is a total deception and lie.

Watch this video and then read today’s report with discernment.

In 2023, during his speech at CPAC, President Donald Trump said we are going to get rid of “bad and ugly buildings”.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We need to start talking about greatness for our country, our objective will be quantum in the American standard of living, especially for young people. As I announced yesterday, we will hold a competition to build new Freedom Cities on the frontier to give countless Americans a new shot at homeownership and the American dream. Such a wonderful, beautiful thing.

I will challenge the governors of all 50 states, all 50 states to join me in a great beautification campaign. We will rename our schools and boulevards, not after communists but great American patriots.

We will get rid of bad and ugly buildings and return to the magnificent classical style of western civilization.

We will support baby booms and we will support bonuses for a new baby boom. How does that sound? That sounds pretty good! I want a baby boom. You men are so lucky out there. You are so lucky, men,” Trump said.

~begin segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~

Second Tier of Profiting off Those They Break: Who Pays and Profits?

I have brought out in several of my affidavits truths about EPIC, the Medical Record Facility in the Verona, Wisconsin area. It was created by Luciferian Brotherhood from Ashton Wisconsin where the five Mothers of Darkness have one of their sacred ritual grounds at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. The System uses people in a disadvantaged state to monitor, buy, sell, trade, experiment on, and harvest what is considered black market currencies. Black market currencies include: organs and body parts, blood, DNA, energy from a human’s body, and soul energy.

I submit for the record further testimony of my experience that will lead to understanding how the System operates regionally and the impact it has on humanity. Within the System, everything is governed by Reichs. Reich means “empire”. Within the System there are 10 major empires or domains on the earth. These Reichs are both physical and spiritual. Each Reich is governed by a demonic principality. Each demonic principality has demonic commanders and principalities that have made an alliance with them. Everything in the System is meant to tear down the Kingdom of God on earth and to establish the Kingdom of Lucifer/Satan. Within this System there are what is considered 10 ancient priestly offices that govern the Priests of Melchizedek. Those priests represent the false house of Melchizedek which is established as a form of godliness. It is not the true priesthood of Melchizedek established in the courts of heaven through Jesus Christ.  These ten Reichs are seen as governments.

Within the System, there is a constant duality called equilibrium. It is explained to upper-level members as they meditate on Albert Pike’s book called Legendo. This duality must always be in motion between the dark and the light sides of the System both at quadrant and regional levels. This is important to understanding how the Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military commit crimes and profit from them. While the dark side works with the U.S. Military, Churches, Universities, World Health Organizations, and others using witchcraft and curses to cause disease; the light side strives to create health and an image that they are doing good for humanity. The light side’s acts of salvation toward humanity only serve to feed their greatest sin which is pride. The dark side raises up abortion clinics and promotes death of the disabled, elderly, and sick through assisted suicide while the light side establishes specialty clinics and hospitals to counter. There is not an area the System has not infiltrated, including the Church. While the dark side disguises subtle forms of witchcraft that it sneaks in the door to cause everything in the Church to be unholy; the light side is bound to display in its fullest a “form of godliness” but denying the Holy Spirit’s power.

The dark side brings forth disease, famine, disaster. The light side promotes ways to prevent and navigate through these challenges. While one introduces crippling diseases the other creates vaccines and finds ways to make sure everyone has them. The hidden deception is that those held captive by the upper level Reichs hear words like “prevention” and their mind computes it to health, wellness, wholeness, and healing. They never stop to even ask what the fine details are. Why? Because at the core of the Luciferian Brotherhood’s training and programming are unknown alliances to demonic generals who oversee the hordes of unclean spirits that tempt in the area of the seven deadly sins. These spirits’ main job is to usher in the false glory. So why does no one think to even ask what the finer details are? It is because they are bound by unknown “willing” covenants, contracts, and compacts with demonic alliances that the regional leaders (aka Grand High Priests and Priestesses) in the System have made on their behalf. Who are these unspoken contracts made to? They are made according to the seven deadly sins and the spirits behind them. The first level of contracts is made by quadrant to entities referred to as the Egyptian gods. The second set of contracts is made by quadrants and regions to the 9 major demonic principalities. The third level is sealed with the demons that bear the names of the 7 deadly sins: 1) Pride 2) Greed 3) Envy 4) Lust 5) Gluttony 6) Wrath and 7) Sloth.

In 1982, I witnessed and participated in the making of these contracts with Douglas John Killrush Mysecko. Present were the five Mothers of Darkness, their five successors, the three Oracles, the top Grand High Priests and Grand High Priestesses, and the High Priests and Priestesses being initiated into their new positions. I remember many men being present including Nazi Michael Karkoc, Col. Michael Aquino, and John O. Brennan. Women included Gloria Vanderbilt, Laurie Cabot Kent and many others. In this ceremony, they use large colored ribbons (white, black, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.) These colors represent contracts made with Lucifer, Death, the 9 major demonic generals, the four Egyptian gods, and the 7 deadly sins. All these entities were present for this ceremony.

As the ceremony begins, there are four major altars set up. I have not yet found the location where this ritual took place. I remember the room being the size of the one at Wewelsberg Castle. However, the cistern was actually an ancient bathing pool with raised up sides that had been filled with water. The pool was circular but the four altars were placed quadrantally around it. There was a lot of room between the altars and the pool in the middle of the floor. There was one altar in each quadrant that represented both an Egyptian god and a quadrant territory both in the U.S as well as internationally. This ritual is perfectly timed in rotation of individuals being on the altars and moving from one altar to another if they have multiple alliances. I was placed on each altar because of my position and contracts were made with Lucifer, Death, the 9 major demonic generals, the four Egyptian gods, and the 7 deadly sins. As I laid on the altar, Clara Odilia Acker Church placed each ribbon over a quadrant of my body. So white over the eyes, black over the neck, pink over the chest, red over the top of stomach, orange over the mid stomach, yellow over bottom of stomach, green over hips, blue over thighs, violet over legs, blood is poured over the feet making it a blood contract. The blood contract was not finished yet for me or Douglas. Next the ribbons were pinned around our bodies, black ribbons were bound around each arm and leg. The black ribbons represent the contract with death. (This is why the Boaz and Joachim poles are often seen with black ribbons around them in Masonic imagery, because they bear the imprints of the words and prophecies of death). This represents death and the binding of words of death to the body and on the earth.

In the next part, we were brought before the pool that was filled with water. There was a platform that elevated us as we stood before the pool. The water showed a reflection of our souls. As we stood there, the oracles began to imprint upon us the words of prophecy written upon the Boaz and Joachin. Imprinting is a tattooing upon the spirit of a person. As the spirit appears on the surface of the water, the oracles imprint upon the soul. This imprinting does not show up visibly in the physical. After this, the water turned to blood. We were baptized in the blood. This is different from our satanic baptisms.  After being raised up, the black ribbons were removed from our arms and legs, and clean black and white ribbons were placed in our hands along with a cross. These items are the sign they use in their infiltration to silently declare, “In this Sign We Shall Conquer”.

As we stood there dripping in blood, the Cross of Christ was hung from the ceiling over us. We were told it was a seal that represented the power to conquer. It was explained that the black represented the angel Azrael who the Lord sent to slay the first born of Egypt to strike down the first born of the sons of Egypt. It also represented the cross the Lord told Moses to raise up in the desert with the snake upon it. Both signified position and placement. The snake on the cross was put into a position where he could not see God’s face and therefore could no longer receive favor from God. Favor is a sign of intimacy with God. Because of this loss of favor, God must also lose something. Therefore, Lucifer made the cross the core image for programming and training. The cross is a sign of raising oneself up as “god”. Both Churches and Medical Science bear the image, so it does not matter which path is chosen. Each individual has the choice to use the image of the cross in connection to religion or science. This also became the sign for the tenth Reich (the swastika). Images of this can be found on the pages of  the Order of Melchizedek ‘s reflection book called “Initiates of the Flame”. The swastika is derived from a misshapen Hebrew letter Aleph. The Aleph represents a man with arms and face lifted up to God in a position of right standing. With the arms bent at 90 degree angles in the swastika, it is transformed into what the System calls the “perfect man” of the tenth Reich who’s only God is himself.

So why was Jesus crucified and why does the Luciferian Brotherhood keep Christ on the cross? Satan was mocking God by removing the image of himself from the cross and placing the Lord upon the cross. He was placing God, the Messiah the people begged for on the cross and He got the people to crucify and kill not only God but the representation of the human king they had asked God for. His bigger plan is now to get them to raise him up as their god and to worship him. Thus, usurping the throne of God. Going back to the ritual, that day, the Luciferian Brotherhood established contracts giving authority to me, Douglas, and those representing spiritual and physical governance over quadrants and regions. This authority included unknown soul contracts over countless clueless individuals in all four quadrants in the U.S. and Internationally, both in the physical and the spiritual worlds.

I submit for the record further testimony of how these contracts impacted countless individuals who “unwillingly” were subjected to crimes by the System. These crimes occurred at locations such as: Greenbrier, Alton Towers Mansion, various other Asylums, Hospitals, and Nursing Home Care facilities where I experienced and eye witnessed abuse by the Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military.  I want to establish an understanding of the extent of how the Luciferian Brotherhood and military extended their profit margin by capitalizing on their crimes against children. This was accomplished in several ways and leads to the greatest crimes they have committed against humanity, the crimes against souls. These crimes must be seen both individually as well as on a mass scale. These crimes have occurred across generations and countries, yet they are very individualistic in nature. We can no longer see the world through the “form of godliness” the light side of the System wants us to view it through. The battle between the dark side and the light side has continued since the beginning of time because in reality it is a spiritual war and the one leading both the dark and the light side is Lucifer. Crimes against individuals impact not only the physical but also the spiritual. For example, the U.S. Military in programming and training cause physical trauma and near-death experiences which spiritually cause fragmentation, disassociation, the soul to separate from the body, and demonic attachments. There should be accountability for spiritual abuses as well as the physical abuses. The Judicial System is not set up to hold accountable individuals who have committed spiritual crimes against others. The Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military and world leaders have worked together to weaponize children to commit spiritual crimes against humanity. The depth of evil committed and permitted has abounded with no limits. When will they be held accountable?

How Do They Operate

The lack of accountability has allowed the Luciferian Brotherhood and the U.S. Military to reap profits from the inner workings of both the dark and light sides of the System. In the first tier of abuses the dark side of the System works to break down people and drive them to suicide or death. Those who survive the first tier are subjected to the second set of abuses. The Luciferian System never stops their projects, experiments, and torture. The only aim is to see what will make men/women/children break and if they endure through, what was the source of that endurance. They only want to know what causes the endurance so they can try to break that too. The abused really are “subjects”. This next tier of profit begins for each subject after the Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military “breaks” them mentally and physically through projects, experiments, rape, torture, ritual sacrifice and murder, adrenochrome, organ harvesting, cannibalism, and weaponization. This profit occurs in what’s considered the civil arena.

1)      The Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military work in conjunction by selling land to brotherhood members or entire organizations (such as the Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Historical Societies, Foundations, or Private Luciferian members). They then use their RIGHTS based on compliance and good standing within the System to access land owned by brotherhood. This land receives a classification such as: “historical”, “research”, “endangered”, “vaccine”, “lab”, “sanctuary”, “grove”, “NUCLEAR”, “Pipeline”, etc. If the land already has a military base, the land is leased to the military by the new owner. (See Exhibit E: Audubon Society Affidavit). This shared land gives the U.S. Military jurisdiction over what happens on the land, as well as the Luciferian Brotherhood and their training of children in their military, which is the Sovereign Military. Who really has authority and jurisdiction of this land? Is it “We the People” who pay for it through taxes? Or is it truly owned, operated, and run by the Luciferian Brotherhood?

2)      The Luciferian Brotherhood classifies land under labels to ensure their control over the land and what happens on it. They create foundations and societies who will manage these foundations. Societies and foundations are run by elite priests or high priestesses. After the foundations are set in place, they receive State money, grants, sponsors, donors, and federal grants to fund the projects, experiments, and programs. When the facilities and grounds purchased are not being used by the Luciferian Brotherhood in ritual or training, or by the U.S. Military in training, they allow civilians to access by charging entrance fees and make the area a tourist site.  It goes deeper. This is not about money for the Brotherhood. Why do they want civilians to have access, it is so they can gain “willing permission” to access the energy and quantum soul currencies of others. The moment you pay the entrance fee, you have come into contract with the Luciferian Brotherhood who run that Quadrant and you subject yourself under the Priests, Priestesses, witches, warlocks, and covens that have regional domain.

Let’s look in depth at how these tiers operate within the Luciferian System. In nightly upper council meetings, Lucifer dictates his agenda to the Mothers of Darkness. One of the issues in 1982 was that there was disunity among the Brotherhood and their regional operations. At all times, the 5 main departments of the System are to be operating individually while they are also always steering towards collective goals. It was presented that one of the reasons for this disharmony was “poverty”. When people “feel” their suffering, there is no other end or means for them but to relieve that suffering. So, the questions arose within the brotherhood chamber councils, “How does the System help people to not “feel” their suffering?” Solutions were proposed that they could relieve suffering by making people feel safe. What makes people feel safe? Titles, Labels, Degrees, Professionals, Leaders, Doctors, Nurses handling their situation. The council went a step further and included emotions into the equation. The use of emotional connection makes people feel safe. Words like “comfort”, “choices”, “options”, you’re taken care of”, “we’ll help you”, “someone will respond”. There are good people in these fields but at the top there are Luciferian Brotherhood who are trained and skilled for the purpose of making people feel safe.

These conversations opened the door and implementation of “their” plans for humanity. There were many who mentally broke from the horrendous Trauma based programming used in the U.S. Military, Training, and Breeder Programs. The Systems solution was to build Asylums, Hospitals, Clinics, and Care Homes. Then the secondary abuse was to place managers over those facilities who had backgrounds connected to the very programs, experiments, and projects that broke the individuals. Tavistock did not end after World War II, it just compartmentalized and changed its name. It became MIT, Stanford Research Institute, and the Aspen Foundation. These organizations became the regional oversight for the Asylums, hospitals, clinics, and care homes. The same Nazis doctors and scientists involved with Tavistock came to the U.S. and trained up replacements. The heir to the Aspen line is a descendant of the right-hand man of Nazi Scientist Joseph Mengele, who excelled in “soul torture”.

MIT, Stanford Research Institute, and the Aspen Foundation worked hand in hand with the U.S. Military and Col. Michael Aquino during my time of training. They worked with Scientists, Biofeedback Specialists, and many other positions alongside Universities, Medical facilities, Asylums, Schools, and other organizations who would implement and enforce Lucifer’s order to devastate.

Weather witches trained through programs at HAARP and DARPA would be assigned positions for climate control and humanity efforts. They would go into targeted areas to curse, cast spells, and make sure maximum damage would happen in the area. They would vacation to enter into an area. They would leave and a week later the disaster would hit. Brotherhood and Military groups would be sent in to begin the third tier of profit which includes exploitation, trafficking, harvesting, and cover up. The light side makes it seem like they are helping and providing aid. However, this is the “form of godliness” we are seeing. Really it is a cover for continued evil.

~end segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~


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