Arizona Foster Care TORTURE: Hillary’s bodyguard (Craig Sawyer) literally surrounded by PEDOS and TRAFFICKERS

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 24, 2020 at 11:25 A.M.

Dirty, dirty, man.

That is how a high level source described Craig Sawyer, CEO, Vets For Child Rescue.

Yesterday we reported ‘Twitter Attacks Q – Did Arizona children taken by ‘Professional Kidnapper shirt’ CPS social workers end up in THAILAND

And so it continues.

Today, there is yet another horror story out of Arizona where Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s former bodyguard Craig Sawyer set up his supposed child rescue operation that he called Vets For Child Rescue.

Medical Kidnap is reporting ‘Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring: Former Foster Child Tortured for Years Sues for $15 Million‘.

The stories published by Medical Kidnap about kids being tortured in State child care are so horrific and graphic that they had to apply WARNING labels to protect those with weak hearts etc.

Which leads back to the question being asked all over the country.

‘How is State sponsored child trafficking going on in Arizona if Craig Sawyer and Vets For Child Rescue are supposed to be the big dog with all the connections in the war against human trafficking and protecting children’?

“When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, Craig Sawyer ran like a streak of shit down to the licensing agency to form Vets For Child Rescue. All of a sudden this former bodyguard of Hillary Clinton, this D-list Hollywood actor, Craig Sawyer, decided his life’s mission was to rescue children,” said a high-level insider.

According to sources, Sawyer’s true expertise is making connections in Hollywood and media circles where he has assembled filmmakers to produce high quality films with really cool shots and camera angles where he is the ‘star’ and ‘hero’ who is saving children.

“The problem is – it’s all bullshit – it’s kind of like fake news – its propaganda. Sawyer would be considered a joke but this shit isn’t funny. Can you imagine? Right there in Arizona a bunch of CPS social workers printed the words ‘Professional Kidnapper’  on T-shirts and posed for a photo. Did you see any official statement from Vets For Child Rescue denouncing that? Nope!” our source said.

“Vets For Child Rescue supposedly has what Sawyer calls VIPR teams. There a logo is an evil looking snake, for God’s sake. It stands for Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings. Yet, Arizona is literally infested with child trafficking, pedophilia, and child torture. This clown can’t stop crimes against humanity in his own backyard. But you can’t keep his dirty ass out of Thailand. You see what I’m saying . You picking up what I’m laying down? Why is Craig Sawyer always hanging around little boys in impoverished nations?” our source said.

This is the logo used by Vets For Child Rescue. VIPR stands for Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings.


Red lights and sirens are going off at the highest levels regarding the circles and influences that appear to surround Craig Sawyer.

Here are a few.


William K. Murtaugh (a.k.a. Filthy Murt)

William K. Murtaugh, Apoka, Florida is obsessed with Craig Sawyer and speaks of him often. Murtaugh has an extremely disturbing history surrounding missing children. Murtaugh denies he authored a Pal Talk chat where the author laughed and bragged about kidnapping, torturing, raping, and murdering six children. The author appeared to be a serial killer.

Click HERE to read a transcription of the chat log

Listen to the video below to listen to Filthy Murt


Montagraph (Dale Ellis Bennett, Roy Warren Marshall, Steve Quest)

Dale Ellis Bennett, a.k.a. Roy Warren Marshall, a.k.a. Steve Quest, a.k.a. MONTAGRAPH is a child torture film producer from Colorado who makes ominous calls to high level politicians. MONTAGRAPH claims to have access to  what he calls the “Illuminati data base” and warns that nobody will mess with him because he has videos from their trips to “Thailand” etc.

Little Piggy and the Umbrella Man was published by MONTAGRAPH. It features a girl in a pig mask who looks like a child being tortured. The identity of the child has never been determined by law enforcement.

Gerald Brummel 

Gerald Brummel (a.k.a. Agent Margaritaville) is wanted by the law in Canada.

Gerald Brummel is wanted in Canada.

Brummel is deeply involved with the judicial community in Florida that kidnapped hero U.S. Marine Field McConnell.

Brummel claims to have evidence of a $68 Billion money transfer to Toronto Union Bank by Jeffrey Epstein.

Brummel is obsessed with rape and violence and makes continuous threats against Timothy Charles Holmseth.




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  1. I just wanted to say, I’m so glad all of these evil things are being exposed to the LIGHT, where people can know the truth of it all. I’m so glad that all this shit is getting clean-up!! THIS WILL BE ERADICATED FROM THE PLANET!!

  2. Will only be eradicated if people wake up and are aware. sadly part of the human race become deviant. Damaged people breed and raise more damaged people, because they don’t know what is healthy and normal.

  3. Wait did he say this creep killed Trenton Duckett?!! His mom killed himself because Nancy Graceless grilled her about her missing child until she took a gun into her closet and blew her brains out. So she was either completely innocent and wrong accused or she sold him to him and felt guilt. Come on now how come no one is mentioning what he said about Trenton Duckett?!!

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