BREAKING!!! Hillary Clinton’s (former) bodyguard Craig Sawyer (V4CR) threatens Timothy Holmseth

Stolen shots of two people

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 3, 2020 at 10:16 P.M.

Today, someone using the email address and the name “Craig Sawyer” messaged Timothy Charles Holmseth.

The writer warned Holmseth he is going to be kidnapped and/or harmed and/or murdered by Craig Sawyer’s “team”.

“Craig Sawyer” said:



My team is coming to get you in the next two weeks. We will use all force necessary to get you. We are coming for you.



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14 thoughts on “BREAKING!!! Hillary Clinton’s (former) bodyguard Craig Sawyer (V4CR) threatens Timothy Holmseth

  1. Timmothy, I want to say to you and the Team of which you are a part that I love and honor you. Always a peacenik and active antiwar woman, I nonetheless, only gradually learned that imperialism’s policies and practices were not just misguided, were not merely unplanned and unavoidable offenses to human dignity, but were and are most deliberate and carefully planned to crush life and soul energy. Until 2016-2017, I’d no idea that Satanic ritual abuse existed beyond a small fringe psycho group, that pedophiles ran the world, or that millions if not billions of children have been most brutally taken to ensure, not just profit and control, but to pleasure massive numbers of supremely depraved adults and to please “Lucifer. Unlike your Team, I, since enlightenment have been only an armchair digital warrior intent on opening the eyes of resistant family and friends.At least as of now, my life has not seemed to daily be on the line in so immediate a way as FOR you and your Team. i again thank you for not shrinking from such a mission and will continue to keep all of you and your families in my thoughts and prayers. As a 72 year old grandma, who truly believes that you and we will be victorious, i wish you protection and healing from the traumas of your battles, and frequent baked treats from your loved ones.

  2. Sick man, a body guard for Killary/Hitlary? Oh must be a great guy completely uninvolved in Satanic Illuminati Child Trafficking…NOT! THEN HE THREATENS TO LITERALLY BE COMING FOR YOU TO ABDUCT YOU! JESUS PROTECT TIME WITH YOUR ANGELS!

  3. It stands to reason that a man (CS) who attacks and threatens another man (TCH) who is helping expose evil, is of that Evil as the Children would be their focus if they were on the same side!

    Tim stay safe out there! We love and pray for you!

      1. So Barbara, telling/warning and giving your name seems like a good idea to you. And you need “evidence” that it isn’t? Bless your heart.

        1. Nothing can stop what’s coming…

          NOBODY is above the law [not anymore].

          NOBODY escapes this. Nobody.

          NOBODY can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.
          Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.

          FEAR the STORM.

          You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

    1. Praying for you Timothy that God’s angels will protect you and hide you from the enemy in Jesus name. Thank you for sacrificing so much for these little ones!

  4. I just want to wish the best for you and your family and godspeed. I want to thank you for your site was what full awaken me. I started searching in 2007 for why I’m poor(what’s currency), why does history repeat itself, and where did math and forgery come from. Answering those questions for myself, I already knew everything was wrong. Then I watch the Epstein Documentary and dug deeper on my own only to come across “Q”. Totally lost making little sense of qmaps, I came across your page and you awaken me fully. ThQ for your work, sweat, n tear. You are a true Patriot… No you are really more, your a true hero. Once again Good Luck and much respect.

  5. The evil and total corruption that has engulfed the world needs to be exposed! Thanks for your efforts in doing so. The service sickening pedophelia that has overtaken the liberal socialist of this country is demonic in origin and threatens the lives of millions of children worldwide and the only way to deter it is by complete exposure of the perpetrators of this evil! Thanks again for your efforts!

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