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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 3, 2020 at 8:43 P.M.

Satanic Ritual Abuse is a mystery to most and thus hard to believe even exists.

However, with the recent developments with the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell cases, and emerging facts about the Luciferian pedophile cabal secretly running our government, and Child Protective Services (CPS) kidnapping kids and imprisoning them underground in cages, these horrors are coming to the forefront.

Recently, a video on You Tube became popular because of The Great Awakening. It is the ‘enema’ scene from the movie Sybil.

Below, SRA survivor Jessie Czebotar explains the use of enemas in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

“Enemas were not the only thing I witnessed being used…they also use kitchen utensils like mixer beaters and back ends of spoons…or statues…etc…Also observed them sticking infants and toddlers on an old man’s lap with his private parts inserted and child would have to sit there for a long time like that…it is to stretch the child’s anus or a girls vagina for sexual abuse…(they only do this with children they plan to reuse sexually)…Part of the procuring process.  The enemas is also to clean out the colon which they do for more elite sex offenders who don’t want feces on them….it also ensures child will not have bowel movement during sexual abuse.
At age of five, the Queen Mother of Darkness taught me proper procedures on these techniques…I observed her doing these things to infants and small children and used the enema hose to get them used to something being inserted into their anus.  After they got used to that and did not fight she would go to bigger items…they had a special way of stretching the body parts but doing it so infant or toddler thought it was normal or a game.  I also observed them put the infants or toddlers on the laps of old men who would sit there with their penis inserted into the infant or toddlers vagina or anus…the child was expected to sit there and just behave…These techniques are used with the high end sex slaves or the hierarchy children used specifically for sex magik,” Czebotar said. 




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6 thoughts on “Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor explains the ‘enema scene’ from the movie Sybil

  1. God, no more! God, the earth cries to the heavens for vengeance. Please put an end to this Luciferian rule..so long have they gotten FAT off of our children! Justice is coming and I pray I am alive for it! Glory to You O God, glory to You!

  2. Dear Lord Jesus I’m so sad and upset right now reading the disgusting horrific things that are done to precious innocent children! My dear friend Jessie has been through almost anything imaginable and yet here she is standing on your promises and on your word and on your protection and sharing far and wide to rescue the children! Please Jesus let this be the final generation that allows this to happen and let the entire storm take over all of the evil Illuminati pedovores in your mighty name of Jesus Amen! Bring Legions of angels to help!

  3. When she says “ the queen mother of darkness’s” who is she referring to does anyone know? Thx

  4. I suggest you go to david zublicks channel on YouTube and watch his videos where he interviews Jesse czebotar I think there are 5 or 6 of them. They explain everything you ever want to know about the mother of darkness and alot lot more

  5. Timothy Hollseth. Thank you for everything you do to get the true word out about where all the children are really going and for all the work you do to help rescue them. My prayers are with you as you risk your life everyday working to stop this evil being done to our kids.

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