Clinton Global ‘Fixer Attorneys’ named in Minnesota court filing – Executive Orders on international trafficking cited

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 30, 2018 at December 30, 2018 at 4:07 P.M. CST

Seven Minnesota attorneys have been named for engaging in serious corruption connected to Clinton Global.

In a court filing to the 9th Minnesota District Court today, Timothy Holmseth detailed a decade long plot by a group of attorneys that conspired with operatives of Clinton Global to protect an international child sex trade operation being run by CIA cartel operatives.

The attorneys named are:

  • Fixer Attorney #1 – Ronald Galstad
  • Fixer Attorney #2 – Kip Fontaine
  • Fixer Attorney #3 – Michael LaCoursiere 
  • Fixer Attorney #4 – Bruce Ringstrom
  • Fixer Attorney #5 – Gretchen Handy
  • Fixer Attorney #6 – Greg Widseth
  • Fixer Attorney #7 – Kristine Kolar

The document, which is seen below with redactions, has been submitted to the Polk County Court and served to Ronald Galstad, Gretchen Handy, Greg Widseth, Kristine Kolar, Kip Fontaine, and East Grand Forks Manager David Murphy.

* * * * *

Timothy Charles Holmseth

320 17th Street N.W.

Unit # 17

East Grand Forks, MN


701.740.6165 (cell)

In Re: Motion to Appoint New Counsel / 60-CR-18-343 et al.

December 30, 2018

Polk County Court

816 Marin Ave

#210, Crookston, MN



Dear Court,

I apologize in advance if this communication is not the proper process or the way it is taught in law school.

I am contacting the court directly because I have made two unsuccessful attempts at asking my attorney, Gretchen Handy, to please explain to me the process of terminating her.

Ms. Handy advised me I must terminate her if I don’t want her to be my lawyer but she refuses to explain the process.

Below is an email thread that shows my discussion with Ms. Handy regarding these matters.





* * * * *

From: Timothy Charles Holmseth <>

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 7:38:15 AM

To: Handy, Gretchen

Subject: Motion to Dismiss


Please report any suspicious attachments, links, or requests for sensitive information to


I have conferred with my will-be appellate attorney regarding the Florida domestic violence order being enforced by Minnesota.

The Motion to Dismiss you filed addresses Florida’s lack of jurisdiction and my First Amendment right to speech. I am asking you also challenge the Florida order in and that it violated my 5th Amendment right to Due Process and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Thank you,

Timothy Charles Holmseth

* * * * *

—–Original Message—–

From: Handy, Gretchen []

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 8:55 AM

To: Timothy Charles Holmseth

Subject: Re: Motion to Dismiss

I will only be making the arguments contained in the motion I filed with the court. If you disagree with that, you will need to fire me and represent yourself or hire private counsel.


* * * * *

—–Original Message—–

From: Timothy Charles Holmseth []

Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 9:17 AM

To: ‘Handy, Gretchen’

Cc: ‘Fontaine, Kip O.’; ‘Kolar, Kristine’

Subject: RE: Motion to Dismiss / Flagged Case


In Re: Flagged Case

I am in receipt of the Brief and Exhibits you sent dated November 26, 2018.

Per my email to you on November 14, 2018 (email thread below) I requested you also argue that my right to Due Process and Right to Keep and Bear Arms was violated. I have been advised by my will-be appellate attorney Steven S. Biss that these arguments must be preserved for appeal.

You stated you were not going to make those arguments and I would need to fire you and obtain my own counsel if that is what I want.

While it took you (an inexplicable) eight months to change your mind about making a Motion to Dismiss based upon the First Amendment, I would note you told the Judge in court on November 1, 2018 that you had been instructed by your supervisor to make the dismissal motion.

That was the second time you stated you had obtained instructions/clearance/approval from Attorney Kip Fontaine to make a Motion to Dismiss, because, in August, before a court hearing, you told me Mr. Fontaine had told you that you could make a Motion to Dismiss based upon lack of jurisdiction.

Unless Mr. Fontaine gives you permission for every motion you make as a public defender for the State of Minnesota, it would seem my case has been flagged with a special status of which I am not aware.

I am contacting you for the purpose of copying Mr. Fontaine and Attorney Kristine Kolar so they are aware I have requested you argue my Due Process and the Second Amendment were violated, as well.

Through this letter they are advised thereof.

If the State of Minnesota still refuses to argue on my behalf that my Due Process and Right to Keep and Bear Arms was violated, please advise me the procedure I must follow to terminate you.

Also – I received a response from your secretary and she advised me there is presently no hearing date scheduled so please keep me appraised to any changes thereof.


Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: Chief Public Defender Kristine Kolar, Supervising Attorney Kip Fontaine

* * * * *

I have received no guidance from Ms. Handy on how to proceed legally. Likewise, I have received no response whatsoever from Ms. Handy’s supervisor Kip Fontaine or Kristine Kolar.





  1. This case and its history is actually a tragic story about fixer attorneys. Fixer attorneys are corrupt lawyers that make problems go away for very, very bad people such as pedophiles by doing unethical and illegal things during the judicial process.


  1. This case involves seven fixer attorneys.


    • Fixer Attorney #1 – Ronald Galstad
    • Fixer Attorney #2 – Kip Fontaine
    • Fixer Attorney #3 – Michael LaCoursiere
    • Fixer Attorney #4 – Bruce Ringstrom
    • Fixer Attorney #5 – Gretchen Handy
    • Fixer Attorney #6 – Greg Widseth
    • Fixer Attorney #7 – Kristine Kolar


  1. On November 14, 2018 I requested Ms. Handy please file dismissal motions asserting my 5th Amendment and 2nd Amendment rights were violated. I told Ms. Handy my will-be ‘appellate attorney’ Steven S. Biss advised me all rights violations must be challenged at the trial court level so they are preserved for appeal. He told me I “must” make sure it happens.


  1. On November 14, 2018 Ms. Handy replied and said, “I will only be making the arguments contained in the motion I filed with the court. If you disagree with that, you will need to fire me and represent yourself or hire private counsel.”


  1. My request for Ms. Handy to challenge the Florida order and argue that it violates my 2nd and 5th Amendment protections is a reasonable request that is not unlawful or unethical. In fact – it is the legal action that is obvious to other attorneys that are not part of the Minnesota Public Defender’s Office (MPDO). Attorney Steven Biss is a Princeton University graduate and I am justified in my confidence regarding his legal advice.


  1. Ms. Handy is engaging in bizarre behavior and self destructive decision making. However, it will only appear strange if one does not understand the true facts and circumstances of these extended matters between the State of Minnesota, the State of Florida, the State of Indiana, and Timothy Charles Holmseth.


  1. This case involves government officials, law enforcement, judicial officers, and operative of Clinton Global.


  1. Attorney Handy is presently engaged in an active conspiracy against me with (but not limited to) the prosecutor, Ronald I. Galstad.


  1. Galstad and Handy are fixer attorneys.


  1. Attorney Handy steadfastly refuses to ambitiously protect my constitutional rights. Rather, and to the contrary, Ms. Handy is actually ambitiously protecting Ms. Galstad whereby she seeks to protect him from suffering consequences for crimes and misconduct he has engaged in during his maniacal quest to deprive me of life, liberty, and property over the course of nearly a decade.


  1. Mr. Galstad’s bizarre behavior and self destructive decision making process only appears strange until one understands the true facts and circumstances behind his actions.


  1. When facts, circumstances, and records are assessed, the conspiracy makes sense.


  1. Mr. Galstad is desperately attempting to avoid disbarment and criminal prosecution for crimes and misconduct he has committed, which includes conspiring with child sex traffickers, baby sellers, and child pornographers.


  1. The before-mentioned information and evidence regarding child sex traffickers was obtained by me beginning in 2009 when I began interviewing key figures in a national profile kidnapping case.


  1. I am a former member of the mainstream media and have received first place awards from the North Dakota Newspaper Association for my reporting and column writing.


  1. In 2009, in my capacity as an independent journalist and publisher, I stumbled upon members of organized crime involved in a child kidnapping in Florida.


  1. I learned an REDACTED from Florida named REDACTED REDACTED was involved with HaLeigh’s disappearance and possessed naked pictures of HaLeigh that were not turned over to law enforcement.


  1. I began assisting the Minneapolis FBI in the summer of 2009. I was interviewed by Special Agent A.J. Eilerman in February of 2010.


  1. I learned years later that Lt. Rodney Hajicek had been secretly emailing CNN journalist Art Harris and discussing how I could be “stopped”. They were concerned I was assisting the FBI. Hajicek’s emails did not show up in my public records requests because he was using his private Gmail account. Hajicek then conspired with Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth to have Widseth keep hard copies of the emails and FBI report I authored – cloaking the existence of the files while a plan was made to try to take me out.


  1. Hajicek and Widseth hiding sensitive emails and FBI records pertaining to a child kidnapping is very much akin to the concept of using a ‘Secret Private Server’.


  1. Mr. Galstad is presently attempting to avoid answering to the allegations set forth in my MOTION TO DISQUALIFY PROSECUTOR AND APPOINT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR filed on October 23, 2018.


  1. Ms. Handy is aiding and abetting Mr. Galstad’s efforts to avoid being investigated for misconduct, by (Ms. Handy) refusing to address the allegations against Mr. Galstad set forth in my Motion to Disqualify.


  1. During the November 1, 2018 court hearing (when I sat traumatized after being arrested upon arrival at the courthouse and forced to sit through a court hearing in ankle shackles and handcuffs but expected to think, process information, and make decisions) Ms. Handy told the court ‘If I am going to be Mr. Holmseth’s lawyer then I need to be the one filing the motions’. This statement by Ms. Handy shows her strong focus on controlling the situation without my input.


  1. During the November 1, 2018 court hearing Ms. Handy made a strange comment to the court when she noted she filed a Motion To Dismiss in my case with the permission of her supervisor. It would seem impractical, if not unethical, the supervisor of the Minnesota Public Defender’s Office, Mr. Fontaine, is intimately involved in all of the cases assigned to his assistant public defenders, to the point attorneys must receive permission from him to file motions. Yet, on two separate occasions Ms. Handy noted she had received permission from her “supervisor” to file a dismissal motion in my case. That creates the question in my mind, “Is Kip Fontaine my lawyer?”


  1. During the November 1, 2018 court hearing Ms. Handy advised the court she had filed a MOTION TO DISMISS wherein she argued the Florida order violates my 1st Amendment protections to freedom of speech.


  1. However, it sticks out like a sore thumb that Ms. Handy did not file the MOTION TO DISMISS until October 24, 2018, which is the DAY AFTER I filed a motion to have her removed and to be appointed new counsel. It’s also the DAY AFTER I filed my MOTION TO DISQUALIFY PROSECUTOR AND APPOINT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR.


  1. Ms. Handy had been my lawyer for eight months before she abruptly filed a dismissal motion arguing First Amendment. She was apparently so much in a hurry when she did it she named the wrong County on the Motion.


  1. Equally astonishing is the fact Mr. Galstad told the court on August 30, 2018 that he did not believe I was mentally competent, which generated an order by the court that I submit to a psychological evaluation. I submitted to the evaluation on September 21, 2018 and passed with flying colors. Ms. Handy received a copy of the evaluation results on September 24, 2018. However, she did not send me a copy for almost a month.


  1. Evidence that something is legally amiss with Ms. Handy, Mr. Galstad, and Mr. Fontaine, is further demonstrated by the fact that two other attorneys with the MPDO working under Mr. Fontaine, them being Michael LaCoursiere and Bruce Ringstrom, each represented me on alleged violations of this exact same Florida order in 2011-2012.


  1. Mr. LaCoursiere and Mr. Ringstrom followed the exact same course of action that Ms. Handy has taken, with the exception that Mr. LaCoursiere and Mr. Ringstrom NEVER did file any motion to dismiss, rather, both attorneys engaged in serious acts of behind closed doors intimidation, threats, conspiracy, and misconduct to force me into agreements with Mr. Galstad against my will.


  1. Mr. Galstad is attempting to avoid being legally exposed and subjected to prosecution for the fact he possessed a plethora of evidence that the missing child HaLeigh Cummings was photographed for sexual purposes, and, that he, Mr. Galstad, participated in a conspiracy with the East Grand Forks Police Department to protect persons that created the child porn and committed sex crimes against children.


  1. Mr. Galstad is attempting to avoid legally answering my MOTION TO DISQUALIFY PROSECUTOR AND APPOINT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR because his crimes and misconduct are so documented, established, and obvious that he won’t be able to dance around it.


  1. In 2012, Mr. Galstad engaged in a conspiracy to seize my computer hard-drive and storages devices with Sgt. Aeisso Schrage and others. Mr. Galstad knows Mr. Schrage filed a bad faith affidavit for a search warrant wherein he created the false appearance I was a drug dealer.


  1. Leading up to the seizure of my computer Mr. Galstad, Mr. Schrage, and other co-conspirators were secretly communicating with the so-called REDACTED, REDACTED REDACTED. REDACTED, as well as an Indiana PI named Tina Church, to seize my computer because REDACTED REDACTED and Ms. Church believed child rape pornography of HaLeigh Cummings had been mailed to me and I could be arrested and put away for a very long time if I was caught with it on my computer.


  1. Before seizing my computer in December of 2012, Mr. LaCoursiere coerced me into accepting an Alford Plea, which I repeatedly told him I did not want to do. I told him I wanted a jury trial. I asked him if the REDACTED REDACTED (REDACTED REDACTED) was present to testify and he lied to me and said “yes” REDACTED in the building. REDACTED wasn’t. REDACTED was never in Minnesota. He then told me he was Mr. Galstad’s daughter’s god-father. He let me know he was going to throw the case if it went to jury trial.


  1. After securing the Alford plea, the conspirators continued the conspiracy when Mr. Galstad proactively asked the court to keep Mr. LaCoursiere assigned to me until a Compliance Review Hearing was held to assure I removed everything from my website. Mr. Galstad needed Mr. LaCoursiere to remain as my attorney because they already planned to accuse me of violating the terms of the plea, whereupon the plan was to have me adjudicated guilty on all counts. Their plan failed however, when Judge Yon refused to hold an ‘ambush’ Evidentiary Hearing on the day of the Compliance Review hearing.


  1. The search and seizure (of my computer) part of the plan went into effect following the failed attempt to have me ambushed and adjudicated guilty. On December 14, 2012 Mr. LaCoursiere telephoned me at home and started asking me questions and acting weird. He abruptly told me he had to get of the phone. After I hung up I sat down in my chair. About a minute later there was a very loud bang on my door and someone yelled ‘POLICE – OPEN UP – WE HAVE A WARRANT!’


  1. The reason Mr. LaCoursiere called me and talked to me on the phone while the police were standing quietly outside the door with their warrant, was because Mr. Schrage wanted to be able to lie in his Police Report, which he did, wherein he attributed a completely made up statement to me that he claimed he heard me say when I was talking on the telephone to my attorney about my case. I got set-up by my own lawyer. Luckily I taped the call and proved I never said what Mr. Schrage attributed to me in his false police report.


  1. After Mr. LaCoursiere set me up, I requested a new attorney from the MPDO. I was then assigned Mr. Ringstrom.


  1. I attempted to have Mr. Ringstrom file motions in defense of my constitutional rights. However, he followed the same path as Mr. LaCoursiere. He told me if I continued debating him about my rights he was going to file a Motion to the court that he did not believe I was mentally competent to aid in my own defense. I was basically forced to agree to drop my BAR complaint against Mr. Galstad and remove articles I published about local leaders from the Web in exchange for having the charges dropped.


  1. The reason REDACTED REDACTED and Ms. Church knew about the child pornography was because they were part of the child trafficking operation that took the photographs of HaLeigh. REDACTED REDACTED’s REDACTED REDACTED, Donald Knop, advised me during a recorded conversation (that is on the record in Polk County, Minnesota court file number FA-06-146) that REDACTED REDACTED held the photographs, then handed them back to Mr. Knop, and told him to go make copies.


  1. I possess a screenshot from REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED’s official Twitter account for her REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED wherein REDACTED publically states REDACTED is “REDACTED REDACTED” for a website at I also possess a screenshot of an article published on wherein the author of the article admits there are photographs of HaLeigh naked.


  1. Mr. Galstad was set aback when he learned the East Grand Forks police and Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force did a cursory search of my hard-drive and realized I did NOT have the photos they were looking for.


  1. Then, KNOWING I WAS INNOCENT, Mr. Galstad consciously LIED to Honorable Tamara Yon in open court on January 4, 2018 and told her he was working with the Minnesota BCA crime lab to have my hard-drive forensically examined. He was still pushing the idea there was something on my computer that could be found using high tech forensics.


  1. Mr. Galstad’s position that he and the police were working with the BCA was supported by the fact my property was plastered with BCA evidence stickers.


  1. However, emails from BCA Superintendent Andrew Evans show the BCA didn’t have slightest idea what I was talking about when I wrote and asked for ‘Chain Of Possession’ records from the BCA. Mr. Evans states the BCA had no knowledge of the case involving me whatsoever; was never asked to search my computer; and never gave anybody permission to put BCA evidence stickers on my property.


  1. Every single action taken by Mr. Galstad against me is an act of malicious prosecution to cover up his own crimes and the crimes of others.


  1. Ms. Handy was assigned to my case on March 8, 2018. When I began meeting and conferring with Ms. Handy, I immediately advised her my trial attorney, Steven S. Biss, told me the court order from Broward County, Florida that I am accused of ‘violating’ violates my constitutional rights and, according to Attorney Biss, should have never even existed.


  1. Attorney Biss told me the Florida order violates my First Amendment right to freedom of speech. He also told me the order violates my Fifth Amendment right to Due Process. He told me ‘Tim, there is just no way you talking to REDACTED REDACTED on the telephone or writing about REDACTED gives rise to Florida having Personal Jurisdiction’ over you. Mr. Biss said ‘the whole thing’ violates Due Process. My Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms was also violated by the Florida court order wherein it demands I turn over all my firearms and permits to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. The fact my Due Process was violated is supported by a plethora of evidence that I have never been able to introduce because I am being represented by ‘Fixer Attorneys’ that are acting on orders to make sure I am convicted. For example: I was telephoned and told I would be murdered and thrown into a swamp if I attended the hearing in Florida in 2011. I reported the death threat to Lt. Hajicek and he made no report (because he is a co-conspirator). The EGFPD and Polk County Attorney strategically hid emails that exonerated me and showed I was working with the Minneapolis FBI on matters regarding my REDACTED (REDACTED REDACTED). Moreover – the Florida court placed a domestic violence protection order against me regarding a person I had never personally met (REDACTED REDACTED), AND, I had never been charged with ANY CRIME regarding REDACTED REDACTED in any state of the union, ever. In fact, in 2009 REDACTED REDACTED called the EGFPD on me and complained. The police report says the complaint was ‘civil in nature’.


  1. When I met with Ms. Handy I told her the court order in Florida was obtained by an REDACTED from Florida named REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED. I told Ms. Handy I have never met REDACTED REDACTED in person. I told Ms. Handy I’ve never been to Florida. I told Ms. Handy REDACTED REDACTED telephoned and emailed me expressing that REDACTED had information for me to publish about the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.


  1. In 2009, REDACTED REDACTED (inexplicably) Cc’d me on her internal REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED to READCTED REDACTED Crystal Sheffield (HaLeigh Cummings’ mother), alongside Cc’s to (now defunct) Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler (Scott Rothstein was arrested on RICO charges for operating the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of Florida – $1.2 Billion).


  1. REDACTED REDACTED flooded my inbox with emails wherein REDACTED gave me information about the HaLeigh Cummings case that REDACTED wanted me to publish. REDACTED repeatedly asked me to call REDACTED.


  1. I have REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED recordings (that are in Polk County Court File FA-06-146) created by REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and REDACTED private investigator William Staubs wherein REDACTED essentially is heard using REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and connections with police and Florida DCF to judicially kidnap a child from a HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case witness named Kristine Prevatt (who was not REDACTED REDACTED).


  1. Ronald Galstad has a horrible reputation as being a sleazy Fixer Attorney who has no real values. Ronald Galstad was the city attorney for East Grand Forks, Minnesota during a huge bank loan scheme known as ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’. He was such a horrible and corrupt attorney that a half of a million dollars of government loan money vanished on his watch and he had to be replaced by another attorney for the matter because he couldn’t be trusted and appears to be constantly stealing and lying.


  • Sample: East Grand Forks spends almost $70,000 in legal fees over Boardwalk loan dispute By John Hageman on Aug 7, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. The city of East Grand Forks spent nearly $70,000 in legal costs over the past two-plus years in an attempt to recover a long-unpaid economic development loan. The dispute over the $510,000 Boardwalk Enterprises loan, first approved in 1999, was resolved in late June. The city received $250,000 as part of the settlement, but there were no provisions in that agreement that covered its legal costs, City Administrator David Murphy said. The city spent $68,704.96 in legal costs since May 2014, just after the existence of the unpaid loan was made public, according to a spreadsheet Murphy provided to the Herald.


  1. I possess evidence Mr. Galstad is operatively connected to CIA international cartel operatives who are trafficking babies, children, guns, and narcotics. I possess evidence Mr. Galstad is operatively connected to CIA international cartel operatives trafficking children for the purpose of organ harvesting, blood, Adrenochrome production, and ritual blood sacrifice.


  1. I possess evidence Mr. Galstad is operatively connected to CIA international cartel operatives who are engaged in State and Federal election rigging.


  1. I have evidence I am being illegally targeted by international CIA cartel operatives seeking to avoid prosecution under:


  • Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking NATIONAL SECURITY & DEFENSE Issued on: February 9, 2017


  • Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption LAW & JUSTICE Issued on: December 21, 2017


  • 2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States LAW & JUSTICE Issued on: March 1, 2018 (Takes Effect January 1, 2019)


I reiterate both my Motions dated October 23, 2018 for appointment of new counsel and disqualification of prosecutor.


Very Respectfully Submitted,

Timothy Charles Holmseth


Cc: Gretchen Handy, Ronald Galstad, David Murphy


Attached: jpgs of emails from REDACTED REDACTED to Timothy Holmseth, Press Release Lawsuit Clinton Foundation, Three Presidential Executive Orders

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