Fake ‘child abuse’ story about Trump – Deep State desperately trying to get ahead of crimes against humanity revelations that are coming

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 7, 2020 at 11:47 A.M.

In the wake of the Ghislaine Maxwell arrest…Deep State scum bags know their crimes against children and humanity are coming out and they are trying to get ahead of it.

In the most recent pathetic attempt to make President Trump appear to have [non-existent] mental problems due to [non-existent] ‘child abuse’ from his father, the tabloid rag Daily Mail published a review of an extremely shitty book released by Trump’s loser niece.

The latest book of lies (such as that of the shitty book written by John Bolton and his mustache) is a total joke and nothing can stop what’s coming.


Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest signaled that the DOJ and U.S. Military are snatching up Luciferian cabal members that have been kidnapping children, trafficking children, torturing children, raping children, organ harvesting from children, cannibalizing children, and producing adrenochrome with children.

That’s the reason Trump is now being attacked with headlines using the words ‘child abuse’. It’s because the Deep State freaks are trying to develop a reason Trump might be obsessed with child abuse – while they declare the obsession to be a mere trauma based delusion.

But it’s way too late for their bullshit to work.

Candidate Donald Trump’s commitment to end crimes against children and human trafficking was/is commonly known.

When Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Clinton immediately deployed her former bodyguard, CIA black operator Craig Sawyer, in an effort to seize the ‘abuse’ narrative by forming Vets For Child Rescue with the help of foreign agent Alex Jones.

Total failure.

Sawyer soon became exposed after the public learned from a staff member he was running a huge donation scam for big money; was not rescuing any children, but, was making trips to Thailand etc. (business as usual for Sawyer).

Trump’s steady commitment to end child trafficking and abuse and restore families can be seen by Executive Orders and statements from The White House.

The following are only a few.

On December 21, 2017 The White House issued his Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

On June 20, 2018 The White House issued Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation

On June 24, 2020 The White House released Executive Order on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children

On June 24, 2020 The White House released First Lady Melania Trump Supports the Signing of the Executive Order on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children

On January 31, 2020 The White House issued Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States

On June 24, 2020 The White House issued Executive Order on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children


President Trump knows how the largest human trafficking operation in the world is being run.

Here’s what’s coming…


About Timothy Holmseth 887 Articles
Timothy Charles Holmseth is an award winning news reporter and investigative journalist. He is an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. He captured rogue CIA and FBI child traffickers on tape discussing their operations. He has been targeted for a decade. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF. There is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump.


  1. I am in tears
    Thank you Tim, My dear President & Melania, and to all the men & women in service to our country who have been doing all you can to save each little life. Knowing what you saw, my heart is overwhelmed. But the joy of knowing the number you have saved overcomes.

    The Lord chose to wait 35 years to answer this little gals prayers for just one person to hear, believe, and help to get them all out…thank you for doing so with all your hearts.

    “Therefore, I endure all things for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain their salvation in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.” 2 Timothy 2:10

  2. Tim,
    I have articles on this and I needed to get them organized however,for now, I’m sending you a few links to FB page. Mea Culpa but I had all my family in town and they exhausted me.
    I have sent you things before but this needs to be addressed ASAP. Please get this to POTUS and brass!! I’m a former cop and an instinctiv one. There is more going on and a lot of sloppy work. I am a mother and wife of a 23 year military vet. There’s more but enough about me.
    May the Lord keep you safe and I am praying for everyone’s safety




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