by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 7, 2020 at 6:00 P.M.

President Trump and Melania are bringing us a better world.

The Deep State’s ‘conspiracy theory’ label for those reporting the truth about crimes against humanity is being destroyed because of the safe environment The White House is creating for Patriot truth-tellers and independent media operations.

Today, notorious fake news outlet CNN (begrudgingly) reported Dutch police discover secret torture site in shipping containers.

In 2019, the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force released a limited amount of investigative footage of shipyard activities and containers gathered during Joint Special Operations Command investigations with the U.S. Army.



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1 thought on “Fake News FORCED to report the truth – torture chambers in shipping containers #winning

  1. Hi Timothy,

    My name is Coreen LaMark. I wrote a comment about thanking Trump a few weeks ago. This is not a public comment but a letter to you and wasn’t sure how to do that so tried this way. First off I just want to say I appreciate everything you are doing. The sacrifice you have made for children, humans, the planet, freedom and truth is immeasurable. I am the farthest thing from a political person. In my previous opinion all people were evil if they were allowed to be elected with only money and control being their true agenda. I am an acupuncturist, certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher. I recently picked up dowsing and it brought me to you. Through dowsing, I picked up a few months ago that this COVID19 was not contagious, and that is why they are spraying it in the air, to authenticate the fabrication of highly contagious. Pretty much everyone thought I lost my mind. I then went on a rabbit hole mission every night after family was in bed to find out if I am crazy or just every one else is brain washed. That is where I found twitter adrenochrome. Prior I had never been on twitter. It brought me to your page. I would scan twitter, see some news, then go to you and you were always current bringing the truth narrative. I check what % is accurate and you and Gene are mostly at 100%. David Wiclox and David Ike 70%. I found now 2 channels who say it’s being sprayed and David Wilcox and Deborah Tavares both speak indirectly to it. I also heard Gene C say they are putting hydroxychloroquine in the chem trails so I think it must mean the white hats figured it out too! It also seems is not as strong as they had hoped. The areas that have 5g are worse since they aggravate the naobot poison(covid.) They are focusing on 10 main areas in CA and all over the world of course where it lines up with furthering the narrative of the scamdemic.

    I tried to get the mask sign you posted for my door and the print house didn’t do it. Our Mayor Renette Senum is totally aware of all of this and spoke out and questioned Gavin Newscum 😉 mainstream narrative. She was asked to resign. She did yesterday I think but she is not stopping and not giving up. I wanted to connect you to her work. I also wanted to reach out. My office mate (another acupuncturist) is trying to contact our board of supervisors and give them certified letters informing them they are breaking law, giving medical advice and there fore need to be liable for the heath side affects of prescribed masks. My friends 4yo became unresponsive after 20 min in a mask. His question is where do we find help with constitutional lawyers? Any suggestions?

    I have great protocols that help neutralize this poison naturally and AmpCoil (sound and magnet frequency) came out with Virus 2020 journey which works great for people. I have 3 of these devices.

    I am trying to educate and wake up the masses. Thank you for giving me a place to send them with your sight.

    Below I have included a few links

    Most important video yet (4 min) Ha ha because we still need to laugh.

    Imani Mamalution and Reinette Senum(former mayor of Nevada City, CA) 55min

    Sasha Stone, Charlene Bollinger, Mayor Reinette Senum, Sheiff Mack, Captain Rodgers 65min. Questioning the mainstream narrative.

    Sasha Stone & Dr. Zach Bush 55min Dr.Bush explains how viruses are not contagious, masks are bad for our health. Best explanation yet.

    Deborah Tavares 90min (Global Reset into Lock Down) brilliant woman, knows her stuff. is her site

    Thomas Cowan MD. 10 min

    Doctor on mask dangers 16min

    Great site with lots of videos, whistle blowers, doctors, researchers etc.

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