Florida Governor DeSantis contacted regarding phantom case against Field McConnell – E-Clause LLC faces increased scrutiny

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 6, 2020 at 9:09 A.M.

The kidnapping of U.S. Marine Field McConnell is becoming a growing hideous spectacle.

Kathy Micale, a friend and supporter of Field McConnell, recently contacted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis regarding the phantom case brought against McConnell.

Members of a task force assisting McConnell searched the Florida court system for the criminal case number that was hand-written on the mysterious looking (unlawful) warrant used to kidnap McConnell off the street in front of radio station studio on November 4, 2019 in Plum City, Wisconsin – – – the case number did not exist in the Florida court system.

McConnell remains falsely imprisoned with no bail set.


Chris Hallett, E-Clause LLC, Florida, authorized Kirk Pendergrass, Idaho, to travel to Wisconsin and act as an agent of E-Clause for McConnell. E-Clause says they are authorized by Congress to do loss prevention for the government of the United States.

McConnell, 70, a highly intelligent former U.S. Marine and pilot with no criminal record, has been incarcerated for over two months with no bond (as required by the U.S. Constitution) and has spoken out from his prison cell over the telephone and expressed his dismay that no legal action has been initiated to secure his release.

It appears McConnell firmly believed Pendergrass (E-Clause) was going to assist him, and file documents on his behalf, such as Pendergrass did in the case of McConnell’s friend Timothy Charles Holmseth (this reporter) who was kidnapped in Minnesota after publishing information regarding Jeffrey Epstein, and a child trafficking and black-market baby sales operation through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC that he (Holmseth) learned from Hillary Clinton-associate and Caring Institute liaison Wayanne Kruger.

McConnell was kidnapped shortly after he began reporting on the international child trafficking operation regarding Ukraine and Epstein.

Pendergrass moved into McConnell’s Plum City, Wisconsin home and took over McConnell’s popular You Tube show studio. During live shows Pendergrass took live calls from McConnell and represented to the public that he (E-Clause) was ‘representing’ McConnell.

Pendergrass recently made an abrupt departure from Wisconsin in the middle of the night with no notice to McConnell; leaving McConnell’s two dogs he was feeding.

It now appears E-Clause is taking the ‘we never said that’ position regarding any actual legal representation of McConnell. It appears E-Clause is taking the position they were only in Wisconsin to audit the Court. However, Pendergrass did not attend McConnell’s most recent court hearing. Rather, he simply stayed out at McConnell’s rural home.

I (Timothy Holmseth) factually know and can prove both Hallett and Pendergrass, behind the scenes, discussed legal actions they purported to be working on for McConnell in state and/or federal court (e.g. Writ of Habeas Corpus).

Hallett and Pendergrass are receiving significant public backlash online for their sophomoric antics on Kirk’s Law Corner where the two men giggle and laugh and play Star Wars sound effects while McConnell languishes in prison (McConnell having committed no crime whatsoever). Hallett and Pendergrass are requesting donations and selling E-Clause fan products.

I (Timothy Holmseth) am investigating evidence that seems to prove Hallett and Pendergrass lied to me about the status of my case file (and jeopardized my safety).

Preliminary evidence seems to indicate Hallett and Pendergrass are running a scheme akin to pay-to-play wherein they claim to have ‘inside contacts’ in Congress and/or the DOJ and purport things are happening ‘behind the scenes’ – but they never produce any documents to prove it.

Below is Kathy Micale’s letter to Florida Governor DeSantis published with Micale’s permission.

From: Kathy Micale <KMicale@aol.com>
Date: January 1, 2020 at 12:58:38 PM EST
To: “desantis.opengov@eog.myflorida.com <desantis.opengov@eog.myflorida.com>” <desantis.opengov@eog.myflorida.com>
Subject: FW:  Lt Col Field McConnell, USMC

Dear Gov DeSantis,

I am trying to locate the 3 felony warrants against Field McConnell who has been held in the Pierce County jail in Ellsworth, WI since 11/4/2019.

I have attached the response I received from the Pierce County Sheriff’s office.

They claim Field continues to be held awaiting your signature to extradite him to Broward County 17th Circuit.

I can find no record on his case in Broward Counties records. The only case, that is marked “Disposed” is listed but all records are sealed.

The case was filed —————— against Field McConnell in the 17th Circuit and heard by Judge Michael Kaplan.

I just attempted to find the Case # which was there yesterday Case # DVCExxxxxxxxxxx, but now seems to have been removed.

I hope you will help me in regard to this strange development.


Kathy Micale

Queens, NY

From: Steve Albarado
Sent: Wednesday, January 1, 2020 10:44 AM
To: kmicale@aol.com
Cc: Nancy Hove
Subject: Mr. Field McConnell

Good morning Kathy and Happy New Year,

Mr. McConnell is being held on three felony warrants out of Florida.  Mr. McConnell did not waive extradition so we are simply waiting for the Governor to sign the appropriate documents so Mr. McConnell can be transported to Florida to face the charges that have been brought against him.  This process can take weeks to a few months.  For safety and security, we do not release when the transport will commence.  The hold up is Florida, not Pierce County, WI.  Pierce County, WI has no charges on him, we are simply holding him on the warrants from Broward County, FL.

Regarding “sealed” or “disposed” files, I have no knowledge of that, that is a question that needs to be taken up with Broward County, Florida.


Steven Albarado
Pierce County Sheriff’s Department
Chief Deputy
555 West Overlook Drive ~ PO Box 9
Ellsworth, WI  54011
715-273-6806  Office

715-273-3409  Fax

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  1. Wouldn’t think Pierce county, WI. would verify the arrest warrant with a case# that dont exist in Broward County, Florida. Pierce county, WI knows all about this made up crap, you kidding me. There’s corruption at both locations , I wasn’t born yesterday ! There’s docs on the internet showing everything if you look for it. Dont kid yourself , Pierce county knows whats going on , give me a break.

  2. Pierce County, WI says they are waiting for Gov. Ron Desantis to sign the docs, REALLY, how can you sign a doc that dont exist with a case# thats written and no where in the system in the whole state of Florida. And when you ask Broward County for info, they have no idea. Sounds logical to me.

  3. What a load of crap.. The thought that they can do this to an average citizen based on freedom of speech is disgusting. We should all be outraged..

  4. Dear Thimothy
    I hope Mr. President lock me email and i have
    I wrote to him from Mr. F. Mc Conell and the story ..

    God bless from Germany and verry verry thanks

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