PROJECT QUANTUM: Wisconsin Governor at War with the People

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 10, 2020 at 11:48 A.M.

Hey Wisconsin!

How do you like walking around on the land of Wisconsin while you are subjected to the Law of the Sea?

Look at the photo (below) of your Treasonous Governor as he stands beneath flags declaring war on you.


Wisconsin is holding a U.S. Marine as a Prisoner of War on their ‘Foreign Vessel  in Dry Dock’ classified as “Cargo”.

Do think that’s bullshit?

It’s not.

Pierce County Sheriff Nancy Hove illegally intercepted U.S. Mail sent to Field McConnell from Postmaster Russel-Jay: Gould that contained a Canteen Treaty which would have allowed Gould to navigate Field (Cargo) off the foreign ship. READ/VIEW TREATY

Hove intercepted the Treaty because she KNEW WHAT IT WAS! She scanned it and gave McConnell access to it on a computer screen so he couldn’t sign it.

A SPIRE, on the flag-pole (anywhere you see it) lets you know that you are in a military court-martial venue and is declaring a state of war [Martial-Law] against the people. Every State Governor’s Office in The United States has a SPIRE on the flag-pole, denoting that they are at war with their people; and have been since November 2, 1999.

The United States of America ceased to be in 1999 after its third and final bankruptcy.


The Title 4 American flag was secured by Russell-Jay: Gould.

Russell-Jay: Gould with his American Flag

“The flag was claimed by my partner David-Wynn: Miller and myself,” Gould said.

“The United States was coming out of Bankruptcy, so we filed on the flag, and then they had to vacate the guidelines which was the Constitution of the United States and the Articles and the Bill of Rights,” Gould said.

“What that means is the federal government had to physically vacate the District of Columbia, and the Trustee for that was the President of the United States. But, because the guidelines were null and void, which were the guidelines to elect a Trustee, which was the President, they can then vacate the District of Columbia, which was the 2000 election – the ‘Florid Chads,” Gould said.

“They vacated the Trusteeship which means the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights went bye-bye. They are no longer. So you can’t go into court and use those concepts because they will laugh at you and lock you up,” Gould said.

“On August 12, 1999 we filed copyrights on Title 4, 101.9 dimension flags. Title 4 Section one, two, and three, in quantum grammar, on mechanics of how the flag would be. We filed that at the United Nations and we filed it with the United States Postal Service – the reason why we filed it with the United States Postal Service is because the Post Offices worldwide authorize each country’s government – each country’s banking system each country’s military,” Gould said.

The yellow fringe flag around the American flag signifies it has been captured by a private corporation in a shipping war under the jurisdiction of Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Sea, identified as advertised by the yellow rope fringe encircling it.

Call your respective State Governor today and demand that flag with a Spire be removed and notify the Governor you stand with Russel-Jay: Gould. 

Read President Trump’s Executive Order:

Executive Order on Establishing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee

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