Law Enforcement v. Police (PUBLIC SAFETY STATEMENT)

A gavel sits on top of the constitution of the united states.

by Lisa C. Melbourne on August 28, 2020 at 4:46 P.M.

Our source connected to the White House submitted the following For Immediate Release.

1. Law enforcement is our County Sheriff and the Militia. They enforce our constitution and our treaties and protect and defend the people from invasion of any foreign or domestic enemy that attempts to deprive the people of their rights of life, liberty, and happiness, and property. They are a dejure officer of we the people. They follow “the rule of law”.

2. Police are policy enforcement revenue collection agents with NO duty to protect the people. Police work for private for profit governmental services corporations such as… CITY OF _________ or COUNTY OF ____________ or STATE OF _____________ they are defacto and operate as USC title 18 section 241 & 242 describes as Actors operating under the “color of law” to deprive one of rights. “To tax the poor which shall not otherwise be taxed”.

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