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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on July 17, 2022 – USA

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth – War Correspondent – on July 17, 2022, at 5:43 A.M. – USA


Yesterday’s report featured statements by David Lester Straight promoting the “Galactic Federation” and quickly caught the attention of Jessie Marie Czebotar, the System defector who is named by Droel Law Firm (TX-MN) in a U.S. Court case in Minnesota filed by former Minnesota judge Randi Lynn Erickson. Czebotar is the alleged source cited by Droel Law that she eye-witnessed U.S. Presidents, billionaires, Supreme Court justices, and others, torture, rape, murder, and eat children during Satanic rituals she was forced to attend as a child. Czebotar’s statements were turned over to CID at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Office of the Texas Governor, and other law enforcement.

Yesterday’s report featured text messages sent from Straight to Erickson that showed Straight is a key figure in the plans of the Galactic Federation. That PLAN of the Galactic Federation is the scheme called ‘DARK TO LIGHT’ that was set forth in a worldwide PSYOP called “Q”.

Czebotar took to Twitter and said, “Thank you Tim for sharing their plan”. Besides Straight, Czebotar wanted to know who the other players are. Czebotar said, “Who are the Galactic players? Who serves on the Federation?”.

The answers to Czebotar’s questions about the Galactic Federation are sprinkled throughout years of information I acquired when I set to infiltrate a human trafficking operation called “THE CIA FINDERS” – that eventually led to a PSYOP called “Q”.

I will touch on some of what I learned.


Videos show Straight discussed “Q” with students of his Law seminars. Straight showed his students a medallion that was given to him by Admiral Mike Mullen, who Straight said, thanked him for all the good work his task force (Pentagon Pedophile Task Force for which I sometimes report) was doing for President Trump.

Straight’s oily suggestion that Mullen gave him a medallion on behalf of Trump, appears to slyly support other claims made by Straight; claims that connect Straight to Trump. Straight claimed to be with the U.S. “Secret Service” (because, he said, he protected George Bush) and said he viewed videos of VP Pence raping a child. He said he was appointed to three Presidential Commissions by Donald J. Trump for “Judicial Corruption” “Human Trafficking” and “Space Force”.

There is no official records to support Straight’s wild public claims of being Secret Service, law enforcement, U.S. veteran, and being directly connected to Trump.

Straight’s work for the Galactic Federation has been very slippery in nature.


Straight told his students John F. Kennedy Jr. who died in a plane crash in 1999, is actually alive and is serving as the Vice President of the United States. Straight described who makes up the Q Team, which he said, included nuclear capable pilots.

Straight’s narrative of Q and THE [evil] PLAN of DARK TO LIGHT is accented in many high quality production videos that began to saturate the Web and social media after Q began posting. The videos reveal to the public that an evil cabal (the DARK side) has ruled the world for thousands of years. The videos feature photos of the little boy “John John” John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s hearse and slyly suggesting “John John” is returning (the LIGHT side) to avenge his father’s assassination.

The videos, much like Straight’s Law seminars, and the entire Q PSYOP, actually tells you the truth about a secret evil establishment (e.g., Luciferian Brotherhood) of Satanic pedophiles and cannibals that rule the world from behind the scenes in a System that’s been around since Babylon. The information and truth is so refreshing and enlightening that it doesn’t even dawn on the average man/woman that the people being presented as the GOOD GUYS (e.g., Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, David Straight) are actually the BAD GUYS who are pretending to be the GOOD GUYS. The perpetrators of this PSYOP are selling umbrellas during a rain storm. They have the only lemonade stand in the 100 degree heat. They have Pardon power in a maximum security prison. They are giving bacon double cheeseburgers to people who haven’t eat anything for days.

The “Q” PSYOP included a character called “Juan O’Savin” whose voice was published, while his face remained hidden, as it was slyly suggested the voice you were hearing was that of “JFK Jr”.

In 2019, I appeared in-person as a guest on the ABEL DANGER program with retired pilot Field W. McConnell at his studio in Plum City, Wisconsin. McConnell often brought Juan O’Savin on as a guest. McConnell kept photos of JFK Jr. that were taped to a stick so you could it hold it up in front of your face and look like JFK Jr. On one occasion I ‘played along’ and held the photo up to my face.

In the summer of 2019 McConnell telephoned my friend, Judge Randi Erickson, and told her Juan O’Savin would like to talk to me during a live stream hosted by McConnell. During the show when I talked to O’Savin, O’Savin told an intriguing story of a man who was attacked by a massive Boa Constrictor. O’Savin explained how the man fought the snake by biting away at the snakes neck, and finally, after a long grueling battle, killed the snake. O’Savin told me I was the man fighting that snake and said I was taking down the cabal. He said, “you’re my hero”.

At one point – O’Savin’s friend Roseanne Barr promoted the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.


In 2019, Straight told me he was one of the 144,000, and said he was protecting [Secret Service] a woman from California named Marcella Crandall. He told me Crandall was “Mary Magdalene” from the Bible and carried the Jesus DNA strand. Straight told me he traveled 60 miles behind enemy lines to obtain the blood of Christ. Straight said he was working with U.S. Special Forces at Coronado military base along with Sgt. Robert Horton. Horton produced a video series called “War Castles”. Straight claimed he was using Crandall to identify child trafficking operations. He told me he assisted U.S. Marines in the extraction of 2,100 kids, and 400 kids, respectively, who had been held captive in cages underground in California. Straight said the kids were being held until an ‘order’ came in for kids (the way you order pizza). Mainstream news reports revealed the kids were real, but had been trafficked by the Biden Administration and Department of Homeland Security (who, of course, blamed it on Trump).

In 2019, shortly after McConnell was arrested [kidnapped] in Wisconsin through a judicial abduction scheme run through an out-of-state ‘Family Court’ (a tactic commonly used by the interstate trafficking cartels [THE CIA FINDERS] when they need to imprison an innocent man/woman (without any jurisdiction – who has not committed any crime whatsoever), I spoke to Sgt. Horton during a conference call with Erickson. When I spoke and identified myself as “Timothy Holmseth”, Horton paused and said, “THE Timothy Holmseth?” ‘The “legendary” Timothy Holmseth’?

One by one – in prayer that never ceased – with my Savior Jesus standing by me – I infiltrated the PLAN.

McConnell was well-known to each of the key figures that I slowly connected to the PLAN called DARK TO LIGHT that was being pushed to the public by Q.

Straight told Erickson he believed McConnell’s wife, Denise McConnell, was a “spy” for British Intelligence – MI6. Straight said the people surrounding McConnell were suspicious and used fake names called “Agent _____” etc. etc.


In 2021, Straight told me he was traveling to Washington DC to meet up with “Lin Wood”. Straight said he was working with “Q” and had met up with General Michael Flynn in Scottsdale, Arizona. Straight said he was going to swear-in a crowd, and serve indictments on Congress and Pence for Capital Felony Treason. He said they were going to try them and “hang them”.

On January 4, 2021, Attorney Lin Wood (who was working with Gen. Michael Flynn, Attorney Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, and a group of Navy SEALS) launched what appeared to be a well-planned and strategic Tweet storm wherein he announced he had key codes to videos of world leaders raping and murdering little kids. Wood began the Storm with a Tweet to President Trump (and Wood’s million viewers) with a MEMO I authored and sent to AG Jeff Sessions wherein I warned Trump about Pence and an international human harvesting operation being operated by an FBI agent using the alias “John Regan” to traffic babies and kids through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.


In 2021, after January 6, Straight took all the evidence of crimes against humanity and human trafficking he acquired while impersonating a federal agent and fled to Texas with his newest fake wife Bonnie Thomas. He created business cards calling himself a Colonel for the Republic of Texas, Texas Rangers. Bonnie Straight calls herself “Counsel General” for Republic of Texas. They call their headquarters an Embassy that is connected to the United Nations. Bonnie Straight has been going online telling the public she is the only legitimate government in Texas. She is telling people they can come and hide on Republic of Texas land. Bonnie Straight is offering ‘Common Law’ court hearings the way Amway distributors used to sell Amway.

Essentially, David Straight has formed his own government where he is offering to hide and protect State Nationals. He is trying to create a refuge for pedophiles, murderers, and war criminals who are all going to be arrested.

The Q PSYOP and the Galactic Federation is comprised of ‘characters’ like a Disney movie.

More to come…