UPDATE! Clinton Global child sex cover-up in Minnesota leads to MIKE PENCE!

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 31, 2018 at 6:34 P.M. CST

Yesterday, I published Clinton Global ‘Fixer Attorneys’ named in Minnesota court filing – Executive Orders on international trafficking cited

The article is comprised of a court filing I made to the 9th Minnesota District Court wherein a decade long plot by a group of attorneys that conspired with operatives of Clinton Global to protect an international child sex trade operation being run by CIA cartel operatives is detailed.

The seven attorneys conspired to violate the constitutional rights of Timothy Holmseth.

While a serious violation of Timothy Holmseth’s First Amendment occurred to suppress information about CIA sex trafficking Holmseth obtained; the battleground issue that has the Minnesota attorneys in a panic is the violation of Holmseth’s Due Process.


The Due Process violations are going to lead to Vice President Mike Pence.

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7 thoughts on “UPDATE! Clinton Global child sex cover-up in Minnesota leads to MIKE PENCE!

  1. I don’t know all of what Hillary has done but what I do know she’s hosting pure evil spirits which has led to a murder indictment I believe she and many of the cabal,judges, police, lawyers, John Doe and the court is seeking the death penalty these are crimes committed in Nevada and Oregon. So Bengazi should take the shackles off of peoples mind so they can see her for what she is and how far shes possesed,TREASON. TREASON for Traitor 44 as well. WWG1WGA.

  2. I’m not sure who to trust I do W A N T to talk to someone about a incident that could pertain to this.

  3. Just saw you for the first time in an interview on spiritandtorah which is also a new site I recently found. I believe you really know what your talking about and that you are a truth speaker! Then I heard you say “Craig Sawyer” in a way that discredits him and V4CR, I SAT RIGHT UP!! I have been donating money to his organization in complete belief that they are saving children!! How do I know if what you said is the real truth about him? The wind was just let out of my sails?

  4. Please stay safe. Mike and his wife are determined to be president . I’ve seen the scheming between Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. God help the USA if He succeeds. The more they harass you, the more you are credible. If you were not a threat to them; they’d leave you alone. You are not alone . Patriots are behind you praying you can get your truth out.

  5. I seen they tried to paint Tim as a criminial by using records from 80’s and 90’s. What a joke! Another thing videos keep missing or block by looking in tim case on the internet. Unbelievable. But true. I do think mike the pedophile is involed. Like i say? Never trust satan’s disciples as pagan catholics. They are the mother load of child molesters and found out? The pagan catholics have been molesting children for centuries and since 60 A.D. I new CIA are murderers and doing sick experiments on innocent people or children. It’s sick! Right now these sick pedophiles are going in sleeping mode. My belief scum Jeff Sessions in the past and the evil CIA agents or scum FBI are covering up there tracks. But the reason why satanic hillary have not beeen arrested as pointing the reason why? Because she has enough evidence to show mike the pedophile, some republicans and the Demotards are major child molesters. It makes sense as why Satanic Hillary have not been arrested for her major crimes …

  6. Asked Tim to contacted freedom watch or judicial watch to have a lawer. This is criminal against Tim.

  7. I would like to watch your video, but the verbage goes by so fast that one can’t read it.

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