UPDATE: You Tube reinstates George Floyd video on The High Command channel-no federal lawsuit will be filed

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 16, 2020 at 9:36 P.M.

Today, I reported DEVELOPING: You Tube challenged after removing video for “Hate Speech” that shows two different George Floyds (hair and no hair) at crime scene


The video has been reinstated and no lawsuit will be filed in U.S. District Court.




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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: You Tube reinstates George Floyd video on The High Command channel-no federal lawsuit will be filed

  1. Thank you for helping our children! Please get them all and thank you for your work! May God bless you!

  2. THANKS for posting this Timothy
    So here is what we have so far….

    1: Hair on/ Hair off

    2: Tatts on/ Tatts Off

    3: Attorney for the REAL George Floyd says he DIED 3 YEARS ago !!

    4: The supposed “brother” of “george floyd” calls him GREG before a crowd of onlookers, BEFORE he changed it to george ( Video )
    Some think that this guy who is calling himself “the brother” who wears a hoodie all the way up to his neck to HIDE something(?), probably has the tattoos.

    5: Cop with crooked badge (“45″ degree angle) is OLDER than the guy they have in custody in orange jumpsuit.

    6: Physical characteristics like AGE, Widows peak on arresting cop is LONGER than the guy in custody and OTHER physical attributes

    7: pic of GOLD casket…then of a SILVER one (i don’t believe this is due to lighting)

    8: Both the cop/”floyd” work FOR the same club owner

    9: Cop PURPOSELY pinned his badge on a “45” degree angle.
    They have pins on the backs that are straight and wide and CAN’t get jarred in a scuffle. Therefore he would have HAD TO pin his crooked ON PURPOSE…WHY?
    Actor? Sending a direct message for Potus #45 (“This ones for you”!)

    10: Club owner (also in on it) comes out of the closet to say the cop had worked for her as security for “17” years. (Signalling “Q”)

    11: The only incidence that is NOT on video or heard on radio is A RUMOR – which is that the Night club where both “floyd” and cop worked was used for TRAFFICKING and that “IT” along with the local Police department where EVIDENCE had been filed/stored on the trafficking were slated to burn to the ground by orders of the corrupt MAYOR –
    who was also involved in all the trafficking and HOAX scheme to start civil UNrest

    12: When “the” cop/actor or all 4 cops get released later on due to no serious convictions….
    then this all starts back up again if the devil has his way
    BUT GOD!!!

  3. RETRACTION: Apparently you can OMIT #4 from my Comment Above this one.
    The so called “brother” of “G. floyd” who is seen in a video calling ‘george floyd’ – GREG… before he changes it to “george” they say is Stephen Jackson.
    who calls “floyd” “his twin”.
    They were NOT brothers but FRIENDS

  4. I have another point to make here…..
    Chauvin that was arrested is not the same Chauvin that was kneeling on the fake body.
    Please put those officers side by side both facing the same way.
    Their ears are totally different and the arrested Chauvin’s ears are set lower down his head than the Chauvin in the video. Plus the profile of noses are different also.
    Malone UK

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