by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on December 27, 2020 at 11:08 P.M.

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Our country is INFECTED with CIA/FBI operatives connected to a group originally called PATCON. If you knew what to look for you would find these Satanic operatives orbiting around every ‘lone assassin’ and/or ‘lone gunman’ and/or ‘lone nut’.

Many have been identified by JSOC.

Stop believing the man they put at the microphone after every mass event who acts like he’s telling you the truth – it’s bullshit.

Did Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election? No. But, Mainstream fake news told you on election night in 2016 there was no way Donald Trump could win and claimed the odds Clinton would win were upwards of 90%.

Corporate mainstream media LIED then – and they are lying now about the NASHVILLE BOMBING being caused by ONE MAN.

It takes many demonic scumbags to set these things up.

Whenever there is a mass event such as the NASHVILLE BOMBING, the American People are immediately drawn into an illusion which is presented to the People as reality by that same fake news media that tried to make you believe Clinton was going to win.

The slow drip of fake news invariably inundates the public consciousness (YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND) with false information, and eventually leads to a ‘person of interest’ (a.k.a. ‘the patsy’). Then, eventually, an explanation by ‘authorities’ is given via fake news, but, in reality, it’s bullshit (just like Hillary Clinton was going to win was bullshit).

When the American public was lied to by the mainstream media that falsely reported President Donald J. Trump had engaged in some kind of diabolical collusion with Russia, the whole story was propped up and supported by a criminally fabricated ‘dossier’ along with a parade of false witnesses that led our country through a ridiculous Impeachment process, before it was finally revealed that the whole story was complete bullshit.

When President Trump’s National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn was charged with a so-called ‘crime’ – his ‘crime’ was [allegedly] LYING to the FBI. Under the U.S. Constitution there is no such thing as a crime for one man allegedly lying to another man. Under the U.S. Constitution a man breaks the Law if he commits Treason, Murder, Assault, Battery, Theft etc. There’s no such thing as breaking the Law for one man allegedly lying to another man. The FBI was used against a National Security Advisor as a weapon of war. As the matter played out over time the DOJ dropped the charges because it became clear that Flynn had always been innocent and the charges against him were all bullshit.

If you find it hard to see the nature of the Satanic deception that is being described here, be patient, and know, that you are essentially staring a WHERE’S WALDO maze. If you keep looking you eventually will SEE IT! You will eventually see WALDO.

They are THAT GOOD at faking you out and hiding the truth.

You have heard the names Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper, etc. etc. etc. However, in this video you will hear names of some of their operatives that lurk in the shadows and actually do the CIA’s dirty work.

Criminals like James Comey and John Brennan don’t personally go out to set up scenarios, create paper trails, falsely implicate innocent people, threaten and murder witnesses, make voice-changer calls, plan CPS abductions of witnesses’ children, leak false stories into the media, and terrorize the People of the world.

No, they have Satanic low-life’s who do it for them. They secretly employ demonic freaks who terrorize people on a daily basis because it’s part of their religion. They simply love being evil and are willingly to work for little more than pre-paid cash cards and access to children they are allowed to rape and torture.

The origins of this brood of vipers can be traced back to an FBI operation called PATCON.